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Father's Belt

When I was 15 I was out with my boyfriend and another couple. We were up to no good drinking in a vacant home in our neighborhood. We'd been there a few hours and were pretty tipsy and we were apparently making too much noise. Unfortunately, the police were called and came to the house to investigate. We were all put in the back seat of the police car and driven home. My very strict father answered the door. After hearing what the police had to say he ordered me up to my room. I started to protest but saw the look in his eyes and did as I was told. Moments later he came into my room and without a word sat down on my bed. He pulled me to him and unhooked my belt. I started to cry as he pulled the belt out of the loops with a whoosh. He pulled my jeans down and pulled me over his knee. His hands quickly yanked my panties down and again without a word began spanking me so hard! He continued to use his belt on my bare bottom for almost 5 minutes. My bottom was a glowing dark red by the time he was done. I was told to stand in the corner while he decided the rest of my punishment. I cried quietly trying hard to not rub my bottom. He came back in and told me how disappointed he was in me and that this was not over. I would receive an old fashioned bare bottom spanking every night for a week. I don't think there was a day I could sit comfortably for two weeks.
debdd debdd 41-45, F 48 Responses Dec 29, 2011

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too much pain


drinking is very bad


That was a hard punishment. Did you learn your lesson?


You stopped getting drunk with your friends and go naughty or you learned how to avoid your dad find out?

I stopped getting caught.

That's good, I like winners :)

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You deserve it....... and you deserve it whole your life

I bet you *** was very sore after that , when was the last time you got spanked ?


Who was it that spanked you , did they put you over the knee ?

An older genteman friend. Yes, he put me over his knee.

I presume he took your panties down and spanked you on the bare bottom ?

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Good thing you didn't burn the vacant house down, your dad might have spanked you harder.


Your lucky he didn't whip you in front of your boyfriend!

I think firm discipline with strict punishment for only the extreme offences (such as the one above!) within a loving environment is a good way to grow up. We don't forget those lessons! I was spanked as a boy and as they say, It did not do me any harm. Oh and if you were within reach I would love to spank you now!

Bend me over!

Hey! I'm in s florida but will be in Chicago briefly at the end of the month. Where are you young lady ?

Unfortunately I am on the west coast.

I suppose you had some form of punishment coming, but we believe physical abuse is unnecessary, inhumane, and unproductive. I'm sorry you had that experience

I needed it.

<p>You were a lucky girl to have a father who loved you enough to teach you good behavior and keep you from becoming a teen single mother.</p>

You are absolutely right!!

Sounds like a fair punishment. Could have been worse!

Yes, it could have been.

I bet Daddy enjoyed it, especially when you were 20!

There's always one twerp who has to take it to the gutter.

how did you made to seatin class room all this week with your sore bum

i try to send message but possibility why


how much time suffered the pain

Every night before bed for a week. I had to sleep on my tummy for a week!

I know this is kinda a weird question but did he ever hug you after a spanking?

Did you ever get spanked with anything besides a belt?

Yes, I was normally spanked bare bottom, otk with antique hair brush.

I know what that feels like. I loved to hate the hairbrush growing up also.

Oh yes!! Every time I see a hairbrush like mine I'm instantly turned on, excited &amp; ashamed at the same time.

you are not alone my daughter when she was 15 she was tall and looked 18 she did a fake id and got alcohol from a shop and had a party with her friends and the same as you the police was called and they brought her home she did not sit down right for days when i finished with her bum

You are a good father!

well i have 4 kids and done my best with them they all have been over my knee at some point

You raised them right! I was a bit of a wild child &amp; I needed to be spanked. I still do.

you are lucky to have some one to keep you under control i miss my spankings and i am looking for some one to take on the roll

I really need a good spanking!

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Yes - that is when the mind really is mixed - when after the belt and you find that your body betrays the mind. Such a find for your father - two girls enjoying each other and using the belt.. Did your girlfriend get punished as well.. A whole week eh? how intense..

That was a lot hitting you (pardon the pun) at one time. The actual discipline and the shame of the exposure at that age. Were there ever any more sessions like that as you got older?

It was intense but it became strangely erotic. I was punished one more time that severely. My dad came into my room to check on me &amp; my girlfriend who was over for a sleep over. Well, I was sucking madly on her nipples when my father came in. Immediately bent over as I heard my fathers belt slide quickly from his pants. I was spanked every night for a week.

Did you realize what was happening as you were spanked that first night?

What do you mean by did I know? I'm sorry I don't understand your question.

Wow, I guess you learned your lesson after a week of the belt?

You'd think wouldn't you? Lol! I'm sorry I wasn't clear. It was a week of being spanked by hand. With one exception, I got in trouble for talking back to my Mom. I earned a bare bottomed trip over his lap with my antique hairbrush.

That must hurt?

Oh yes.

Everynight for a week? I would think it would hurt even more each day because your backside would be sore as anything, yikes! I was 14 when I raided my dads bar in our finished basement with my cousin. I was too tipsy the night we were caught, but the next morning after a lecture I got spanked with the belt, only that day, never did my dad give me spankings for multiple days, your poor bum!

I deserved every lick I got!

I don't think you earned one every night, first one, yah, but I think every night was a lot in my opinion. But that is just me. I would say your bum must have been beyond sore, ouch.

such a naughty girl ,,,you needed that ,,! !!

Yes, I did!

she beat again in church on bum

Yes, even took my panties down.

and the pain after one hor 2 hour or more

I couldn't sit down comfortably for a few days. I remember sitting in church the morning after a firm spanking the night before &amp; my bottom stinging terribly. I squirmed around quite a bit until my mother leaned over &amp; told me to be still or she'd take me into the church office for a spanking.

normally pain how ├╣much time with hair brush to bum

2 to
5 minutes which was plenty!!

did he beat you so bad many time

No, that was severe. Typically, otk, bare bottom &amp; spanked with brush. It was effective!!