Mom Spankings Versus Dad Spankings

I have been punished by spanking for as long as I can remember. I have been spanked MANY times by both my mother and my father. Mom has a medical condition and no longer spanks. When I get in trouble, whether for forgotten chores, or curfew, or whatever, my father tells me to meet him in his room. I sit on the end of the bed and wait. He always stands in front of me, and looks down at me, and gives a lecture about whatever I've done wrong. Then he tells me how many smacks I've earned. I usually try to argue my way out of it, but that never works. He always spanks me on the bare butt with his belt. I hate baring myself. I get 15-25 smacks, depending on dad. I try not to cry, but I usually do anyway. I dreaded spankings from my mother worse. She didn't care where we were or who could hear or see the spanking. She did a lot of yelling when she spanked. She spanked with whatever was handy such as a belt, ruler, or a hairbrush. The worst was when she would tell me to go get the cutting board. It is made of thick wood and has a handle. She would make me bend over a chair, or bed, depending on where we were, and she would yank my panties down, and paddle me hard. She would never tell me how many smacks I was getting. She just spanked and spanked until she felt I had been punished enough. I was always crying after one of her spankings.
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It hurt worse when dad spanked me but I still rather be spanked by him than mom. It's just way more humiliating as a teenaged boy to be over the knee bare bottom spanked by my mom who's a woman, than my dad who's a man.

My Father was by far the worse always bare with the belt and almost always righton the spot athe time no matter who was there at the time friends family and don't try to get out of it you were told to take OFF your pants and underwear them told you what you did and almost always after that you had to stand in middle butt naked usally1/2 hour i think its was more about embarrassing you then any thing else

Our dad abandoned the family when I was five, so I haven't seen him in nearly fifty years, which means I have no comparison as to who spanked worse. Our Mom was the judge, jury and ultimate executioner, and if you read my story, "Gretchen and I Cross the garters," you might get an idea of how severely she tanned our hides! The average stand-up time was about seventy-two hours. So I give my Mom the award for hardest spanker!

You said that she didn't care who saw. Who did see? When you were observed was it humiliating, upsetting, embarrassing, exciting, hateful?

Those sound like awful spankings. I got it bare too to 16 1/2. Would love to chat and share experiences.<br />

did your mother beat you always

the pain how much time 2 or 3 hours one day more did you put cream or cold water on poor bottom after terrible spanking

Hi Kristina, <br />
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Your spanking experiences sound awfully similar to how I would get it. I'd be happy to chat with you if you are ever of the mind to do so. Have a great day!<br />
<br />

thats a good story please add me

My dad always used the paddle then belt bare, mom is with her hand or brush, it's a no win situation with both.

By the teenage years, spanking usually becomes a mother-daughter affair. Moms are also usually harder on daughters than are dads. They are less concerned with their daughter's embarrassment. Moms also tend to spank more furiously than do dads.

You are right about moms spanking more furiously than dads. That's how it was for me. My dad used the strap, usually I got 10-15 licks with it. But my mom was a rapid spanker with the hairbrush and you'd get 2-3 spanks per second. A spanking lasted a minute or less but with the hairbrush you could get 100+ spanks in that short period of time.

I think, a girl being bare bottom spank by mom is fine. Daddy ought to spank his daughters bare bottom too. I think,for dad his daughter ought to be age ten or less. Dad's hand is effective upon a bare bottom. A girl should recognized the difference between her dad's hand rather than a paddle,belt upon her bare bottom as far as pain level is a concern. Daddy's hand creates a stinging feeling yet his girl can sit down. A paddle or belt ... your bare bottom is really sore.

My parents spanked as hard as each other too but at least my dad usually let me keep my knickers on when I got it.

I do not agree with using a belt, strap, switch, etc. To me that is considered abuse. Using those types of implements leave welts and can easily break the skin. I was spanked with the belt and I had welts for days. A spanking with the hand, paddle, hairbrush, etc gives pain to the child and leaves their butt red but no welts.

My spankings are from dad and mom and they both make me ***** anytime anyplace.

Both of my parents spanked me hand paddle brush and after age 13 a belt if i was real bad mom's would often be in the kitchen where she had the paddle hanging no matter who was around including my and her freinds otk mostly over my jeans shorts or if real mad over my panties dad oftenhad me go to his room lay on his bed as he took off or got a belt from his closest and i always cried again never bare but biknki panties give noooo protection at all my last was age 19 from dad

Kristina - I feel for you and can relate as both parents have spanked me and my sister frequently. I also hate dropping my panties in front of my father (for the BELT) but that's usually in my room.<br />
My mother is like yours, she pulls our panties down herself and often has spanked us in front of each other or other relatives who happen to be around :-(<br />
Marzi<br />
ps i'm 19 and STILL spanked...when was your last?

As the old saying goes, You do the crime you do the time. The time here will be a spanking. How well I remember that saying.

I was spanked also by mom and dad and always bared. I hated baring in front of my dad as a teenager. I think I was 16 possibly 17 last one. The embarrassment was worse than the actual spanking to me.

I'm fortunate that mom did all of the spanking. Dad felt it inappropriate to see us with our pants off.

OH yes,yes I do!!!!

That's a big part of the deterrent and the punishment. The spanking hurts but the pain is brief and will quickly fade. But the next time you think of making the wrong choices and you know it will cause you the humiliation of having to bare yourself in front of you father you will probably not make that choice. That is the whole point of him spanking you.

My dad was like that, he always allowed me to keep my knickers on when he slippered me. Not like Debbie's dad, if we were getting the slipper or cane off him it was knickers down.

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