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The Dreaded Skirt Up Spanking Preparation

One of the most horrible ways to get the lecture before a spanking is while holding your skirt up high with panties already down. This is a yahoo messenger conversation I had where two women describe what it was like to do "Skirt Ups" as teenagers.
Maria has joined the conference.
Ann has joined the conference.

Po: Hey. Maria meet Ann.
Maria: Hi Ann
Ann: Hi.
Po: All hairbrush girls here.
Ann: Ouch.
Maria: And how!
Po: But you two are veterans of the dreaded "skirt up."
Ann: Mum was always a "skirts up" spanker.
Maria: Not to mention panties down.
Ann: My sister and I could never understand why she couldn't deliver the lecture with our skirts still in place.
Po: You both spent a lot of time helping me get your stories - thank you.
Maria: My honor.
Ann: Yes, Mum seemed to believe that we only started to listen once she had pulled our panties down.
Maria: I was about to say the same thing! It certainly seemed to emphasize what was about to happen!
Ann: Impossible to feel anything other than truly sorry for the mistakes you'd made as you stood there with your panties at your knees.
Maria: Or to feel any extra eyes boring into your bared backside.
Ann: Total loss of status.
Po: Maria and her sisters held their skirts up a long time.
Maria: And those panties flopping so uselessly at your knees!
Ann: What did your mother say Maria when she wanted you to lift them up? We have a saying in this country "Neither use nor ornament" and that always described my feelings as my panties sagged there at my knees.
Maria: Basically just “Get your skirts up out of the way, you're about to get your bottom warmed”, or words to that effect.
Ann: Yes that expression "bottom warmed" almost as if it was going to be a pleasant experience. We had to hold them up.
Maria: She expected us to hold them up.
Maria: Right, pleasantly warm, LOL.
Ann: Yes Mum would remind us "Up! Right up!"
Po: What did you girls think with your bushes on display? Did you think about that?
Ann: Utter devastation.
Maria: How could you not?
Ann: All your pride was being systematically destroyed.
Maria: Especially in Cohasset, but that was a special case. It wasn’t so bad in front of my sisters
Ann: As we grew older we just begged Mum to let us keep our panties on.
Maria: But you knew there wasn't a chance.
Po: Ann only saw her sister "skirt up" if she was to be next.
Ann: She never even discussed the point, just reached out and pulled them down.
Po: Interesting you two are around the same age and were doing "skirt up" and hairbrush on the other side of the world at the same time.
Ann: The hairbrush was very much the instrument of choice for mothers with teenage girls here at that time.
Maria: Ann, I haven't had a chance to read your interviews. Were you ever spanked in front of anybody? Except your sister?
Ann: No, although if our brother was at home he would hear the proceedings.
Po: So he got to hear his sisters squealing under the hairbrush.
Ann: It was impossible NOT to squeal as that hairbrush got going.
Maria: Have you had a chance to read my files?
Ann: I looked at them yes.
Maria: So you're at a bit of an advantage. Did your mother use anything other than the brush?
Ann: Not once we were teens - in pre-teen years she used just her hand.
Maria: And when was your last spanking?
Ann: At age 20. Made the mistake of telling myself I was too old for curfews. When was your last, Maria?
Maria: The BIG one, at Cohasset -- but I've had lots since then, from boy friends, and from my husband.
Ann: OK.
Maria: I had one just last Sunday, I fact but that’s off topic.
Ann: OK, Look I have to go - work time here.
Po: OK glad you could meet each other.
Maria: I'd love to chat again when you have time.
Ann: Sure.
Maria: Take care.
Ann: Bye.
Po: Bye.
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I didn't have a skirt to pull up of course but had to have my underwear down and yes there's no more pride once your bottom is bare and your boy parts are in the wind

I think it's a good way of preparing a spanking for a young girl.

Being male, having never worn a skirt. Though my best friend while growing up was a female. There was one time as teens, when I was over at her house when she did get spanked while wearing a skirt. This was the first time that I had seen it, but she did say that it happened all the time. That when she was wearing a skirt, that she would have to stand there with her skirt raised up to reveal everything with her panties around her ankles to endure the 10-15 minute lecture. And that after being spanked, that she would also have to do corner time in the same manner.

This one time that I saw it, she had gotten caught wearing a thong. This being a time when thongs were not at all popular and normal attire.

Afterwards we did talk and she said that it was so damn humiliating and she did hate it so much.

She didn't mind so much having to stand in the corner or against the wall with her bare and red *** on display, either with a skirt or without. But that she hated so much more standing there being lectured while wearing a skirt pulled up. For she had to hook it over the waistband and stand with her hands on top of her head. And that this was generally the only time that she was lectured.

So yeah,, I can comprehend how it can be embarrassing and humiliating for a girl to have to go through this.

How old was she when you saw her like that? What was she spanked with?

This was about a month before she turned 15. As to the instrument? Both her and I were always spanked with either a hairbrush or a wooden kitchen spoon.

Most of the time when we were spanked, it was done while naked from the waist down OTK. And it was nothing at all for either of us to be spanked in front of the other, for we did grow up together.

Po's chat interviews are always accurate and interesting and I have known her for almost 7 years, no way a fake.

So.Fake.You made it up.Duh.You're brain dead if you can't see that...

Well aren't you a little genius. Perhaps you could ask Maria, she is a member here if she was part of this conference.


You, young lady, know neither me nor Po. I have known Po for several years now, and she has never been less than totally straightforward with me The transcript she has printed here is, to the best of recollection, totally accurate. If you were my daughter, for making groundless accusations you have no grounds for even suspecting to be true, I would let you experience first-hand a blistering "Skirt Up, Panties Down" scolding, then treat you to an even more blistering session with my ebony hairbrush -- so next time you commented, you would at least have some first-hand experience on the matter.

Why would you think it is fake. No one in your Disney world get spanked, well in my mundane world we do. When we do my jeans and panties are down as I stand there getting a lecture. The author of this story is just reporting the facts, do not attack the reporter.

I bet you made that account...Maria seems to revolve around "spanking".Strange huh?

I bet she made the other 400 accounts that revolve around spanking also. You are wrong admit it, apologize and move on.

That's right.Admit it you *****.

Disney world? Is that all you know to say? Are you a 8 year old? Yeah right it may be true,in the last century or something.Btw we all know what spanking is,a.What classic goodie good parents use to punish their kids,b.Something people use as sexual erotica/pleasure.And even if this story is true, the people in the story like Maria seem to have no real life and seem to revolve around spanking.Check out her profile.Its a obvious fake.Made courtesy by the author.Its pretty pathetic too that people go to such lengths to pretend they have a life.Seriously,It's sad.

My e-mail address is My YIM ID is wmaria1066. Contact me and let's see who has had more of a real life. But I'm not sure you really exist; anyone that stupid would have difficulty feeding themselves.

Well she is very likeable.

I have you know real people and real friends who I discuss hair products, fishing and other real world issues. I am here on EP not to chat with girls on how they do their nails. But explore inner feelings on subjects I would never discuss with my friends, well not all of them anyways.

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You've got a really telling issue in the "skirt.." Women are wearing pants more and more and skirts not so often. Submissive males, as well as ordinary Scots, Irishmen, and quite a few other cultural groups wear a "kilt," the Romans' greek Slave Boys (the most respected slaves) wore a white skirt or kilt.
I'd like to see a standard "House Boy Uniform" like that -- ordinarily the guys would wear underpants, too -- but they'd have a feeling of vulnerability like the one you described !

I remember growing up, one of my friends parents used to spank her in front of anyone, one day we were in her home, she hadn't done her chores, when her dad came in, and they had a big row, she was 14, her dad pulled her into the living room, Isat thereand watched her dad pulled her knickers down and spank her hard, her bum was red raw, andshe was crying.

As bad as it must be to have 2 hold your skirt up to be bared and lectured, I think it's worse 4 me as I must remove my skirt or jeans completely, then stand hands-on-head for a scolding and sentencing. Red-faced tearful time of exposure and helplessness...<br />
<br />

It's not so much the "Skirt Up" part that was horrible, it was the "Panties Down". And to maximize our humiliation at displaying all our most private parts to any sister not being spanked, as well as any one else who happened to be present, mom would pull our panties inside-out to our knees. Talk about feeling like a fool!

I never had a "skirt up" lecture but my friend and I were often left waiting, skirts up and knickers down, bent over the back of a sofa while her mum fetched the cane.

That sounds scary.

It wasn't scary really, we knew what was coming so just wanted it over with.

well good!<br />
but I always use to wonder what the need of spanking if it has to be done in private, if there is no humiliation, spanking or caning are the punishments that are meant to exercised infront of other or (siblings) as humiliation plays the most important part, whether a boy or girl, age no matters.

Why do I get the impression, dayzee, that you would have given me even less peace after a spanking than my sisters did lol?!

I agree 100%, dayzeedayzee. Fire in your bottom is quickly forgotten, but pain inflicted on your pride -- and the lessons meant to be taught thereby -- can be remembered for a lifetime.

Obviously I never got " the Lecture" skirt up but I did have to listen to it pants down more than once! Immensely embarassing and there felt like there was no place to hide when it happened! Especially when others (ie my sisters) were in the same room. You have collected some interesting experiences Po. Thanks for sharing.

You should seriously consider posting your interviews on a website!

Another "Skirt Up" before interview.<br />
-------------------------------------------------<br />
11/19/11<br />
Theresa: I don't mind talking about my daughter; she is the love of my life except when she is naughty, lol!<br />
Po: It seems like 13 and 14 years get the most spankings.<br />
Theresa: Well I don't know about that, I still spank for sure.<br />
Po: How? What is your procedure?<br />
Theresa: I use either hand OTK, or bend over for junior cane. Right before Christmas. I received a note about some bullying at school.<br />
Po: I don’t know about cane other than it must really hurt.<br />
Theresa: Well it's meant to hurt!<br />
Po: She has it bare?<br />
Theresa: Yes she does, but I just tell her to wait in corner first holding her skirt up.<br />
Po: Holding skirt up yikes… must focus the mind.<br />
Theresa: Well some embarrassment never harmed anyone, besides it makes her think properly.<br />
Po: What position is she caned in?<br />
Theresa: Just bending over, holding toes.<br />
Po: Yeah very British. How many?<br />
Theresa: 6 to 12, depending on offense.<br />
Po: Ouch… can she stay down?<br />
Theresa: More or less.<br />
Po: How often is she spanked or caned?<br />
Theresa: Not really often, she avoids it after being warned.<br />
Po: Yeah so it is effective.<br />
Theresa: If it wasn't effective, it would be useless.<br />
Po: Does she get raised welts like I have seen in pics?<br />
Theresa: Well there may be welts, but I don't really cane that hard, it's mostly just some sore lines for a while.<br />
Po: I see, so more like snappy strokes than full arm ones?<br />
Theresa: Yes.<br />
Po: Does she spanky dance after?<br />
Theresa: Lol yes, certainly does, jumping all over the place while rubbing.<br />
Po: Hands up under her skirt?<br />
Theresa: Yes.<br />
Po: Must be cute to watch?<br />
Theresa: Well I’m sure she doesn’t find it cute, but she still does it.<br />
Po: Well thanks for telling me about how you discipline.<br />
Theresa: No problem.

Yeah I have 1100 interviews from 46 countries over the last 6 years. Most are too long to post. I have been looking for some short ones.<br />