The Last Spanking I Got Growing Up....

This is a story about the last spanking I got from my parents I was 17.

I got busted for stealing a few minor items from a store.  At the time, I didnt think it was a big deal, I had taken just a few cheap items, and was looking to be 'brave' and have a thrill with my friends.  Really I was just a dumb teenager who wasn't thinking right.  Still, the store didn't press charges, but my dad had to come down to the store and pick me up. He paid for the items I tried to steal, and promptly took them away from me. The ride home was terrible he was yelling at me and telling me I'd never be able to hang out with my best friends again (they got away faster than I did, they had also taken things, but I was the only one left behind to handle the wrath of what we had done). As soon as we got home I was dragged into dad's office and told to take my pants and panties off. I whined and cried and tried to beg my way out of it (it had been a good 8-10 months since I had gotten spanked last, and that was by my mom, but anyways), that just got me more than a few whacks over my jeans (dad already had his belt off and ready). Finally I pulled them down and bent over the chair, knowing I wasn't getting out of it. With one hand on my back my dad gave me the worst whipping he had ever given me. I was bawling by the end of it. He whipped me for what felt like forever (looking back it wasn't as bad as I thought it was then, but it still was the worst I had gotten!), I just knew my *** was never going to recover. When he finally stopped he just shouted for me to go to my room and not to come out for the rest of the night.  He was still pretty upset with me (this is one of the few times either of my parents spanked me when they were obviously furious).
My pants and panties had been kicked clear off while I was desperately trying to squirm out away from the wrath his belt, so I just took off running like a bat out of hell holding my butt and crying all the way to my room, I slammed the door and threw myself onto the bed. I cried myself to sleep, (I was so embarrassed and angry at myself, and obviously sore as hell).  I fell asleep just as I was, on top of my bed covers.
A few hours later, my mom woke me up asking if I wanted to come down to dinner. My response was a loud 'hell no, leave me alone'. Which looking back was the 100% wrong thing to say. Mom shocked, and annoyed responded with immediately spanking my still bare butt and saying, well if your butt is still that red and I could have that kind of attitude that obviously my lesson wasn't learned. It wasn't a long hand spanking but enough to bring me to tears again, quickly. I went to bed without dinner and I was welted for days. I clearly remember waking up the next morning and my butt still being bright red. I was grounded for a month after that and the lectures and disappointment was horrible. But you can bet I have never done anything like that since!!!

Side note: I had told this to someone in a private message, and they asked about this, so I will note, I was able to hang out with my friends again.  While my dad was spanking me I confessed that the whole idea to take something from the store was my idea, which is one of the reasons why my dad was still so upset at the end of the spanking, but either way, I was able to continue to see my friends. 
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You know, as an adult you encounter all sorts of things that you wish could be resolved with a simple spanking, but of course, they can't....

I guess I was a goody two shoes; the worst I ever did was steal like a few bucks from my mom's purse once, back-talk my (drunken) dad, and maybe steal a few sips of beer. I never stole anything from anyone, and only once or twice forged my parents names on my music lessons practice sheets..... Okay what I did do: said naughty words, back-talked sassy, and acted snotty, a time or two... to my mom

wow. That is pretty impressive. I was no where near a goody two shoes... I caused more than my fair share of trouble.

My last (as in final) spanking was in spring of 2011, about 4 months before my 19th birthday.

haha, this was my final spanking from my parents as well. But wow, almost 19?! That must have been super embarrassing!

As you can imagine, yes it was.

:-( I am so thankful my dad never used his belt on my bare ***, this had to hurt 100 times worse. I still can't believe there are girls on here that got spanked this late in their teens. I was a freshman in highschool, that was the end of my spankings. The first time my dad ever used his belt on me was when I got caught trying to steal a candy bar.

That was the first spanking I had gotten in a while when this happened. So it was pretty rare, but I did deserve it. I knew better, just had a lapse in judgement. And paid for it. My parents almost always spanked on a bare butt. Must be something about stealing and getting the belt!

Oh believe me, I had many 'lapses' in judgment, sometimes my lack of common sense got the best of me. Once my dad started using the belt though that was the only way I was spanked with from there on out.

lol -- I had a few myself, so I understand you there! My dad didn't use the belt too frequently. The most common thing I got was a hairbrush spanking.

A lot of people on here have hairbrush stories. I can say that is something I never felt. Wooden spoon from my mom from time to time but for the most part when I was in a lot of trouble it was my dad who administered the spankings. I have some stories on my page should you ever want to read.

I have to head off to a class right now, but I will certainly check out your stories as soon as possible! :)

:-) Have a good day :-)

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sorry i not like strike pêoples but stolen is very bad

Wow that was an old fashioned licking for sure. Thanks for telling about it. Had my butt clenched the whole time.<br />

indeed it was... and I understand the feeling, sometimes when I think about it I can still feel my rear on fire!

I remember getting the belt from my dad. We always called it "the strap" even though it was just his belt and it wasn't a spanking, but rather a "lickin" with the strap.<br />
<br />
My dad never gave me a lickin when I was a teenager, but he gave me a few good ones when I was 8-11 years old. He would take down my pants and undies and then tuck my head and shoulders under his left arm and then whip my bare hiney with the strap. It seemed to last forever but in reality we got between 10-15 licks and it was all over, except for the crying! LOL <br />
<br />
There were two instances where he gave both me and my brother the strap together. Everyone in the neighborhood could hear us yelling and crying.

My dad called it 'strap too'

My dad called it the belt. He would ask 'do you need a belt spankin?'. So never called it a strap. Sometimes he would call belt spankings 'a whippin'. But I got the belt for the first time at 11. And it was the implement I feared the most for sure. Nothing compares to a spanking with a belt!

yes i have had an interest in spanking for years and seen many . the sights and sounds are something i will remember