Detention For Kissing At School

I was 15, and I had a boyfriend for the first time. We were always holding hands at school, and more than a few times one of us was late to class from walking the other to where they had to be. 

One Tuesday my boyfriend was walking me to class, and the bell had just rang.  He gave me a big hug, and we quickly kissed each other on the lips.  Well my teacher was about to close the door, and she saw.  She stepped out into the hallway and started questioning me/us.  She asked if this was why I kept getting to class late, and telling us that kissing and holding hands in school is against the rules.  She made my boyfriend wait and gave him a detention slip.  At my school, detention was on Monday and Wednesdays because those were the days that there were late buses.  If you got detention you had to stay with the teacher who you got in trouble with.  She told us to stop holding hands and kissing and that she would see him the following day at 3pm (we got out of school at 2:45).  I was told to come into the classroom and she would give me my slip before the end of class. 

I was already nervous and upset.  I had gotten detention before, but not for something like this.  My boyfriend didn't know that I still got spanked and I wasn't about to let on that I did!  The day dragged on, and finally it was the end of the day.  I told my boyfriend I probably wasn't going to be able to talk to him on the phone that night, and he understood.  We agreed to meet in the morning as we always did at our lockers. 

Whenever you got detention you had to have your parents sign the slip so that they knew where you were, and in case there was some conflict (like a doctors appointment or other commitment that wasn't school related.  If you had something school related you also had to get your coach or the teacher of the club to sign the slip). 

I got home and my dad wasn't home, so I handed the slip to mom.  She looked at it, and looked at me.  'Kissing?! IN SCHOOL?! Being late for class?!  You are in big trouble!'.  Of course I was thinking, 'uh, no **** dummy', but I did not say that.  She sent me to my room and told me to work on my homework and wait there until she decided what to do.  A few hours went by and dad got home.  My little sister came and got me for dinner.  Things were pretty normal.  Towards the end of dinner my parents told my sisters that I was in trouble and we needed to talk, so would they clean up from dinner.  

My parents and I went into the living room and I got lectured.  A lot.  They were not pleased.  They knew I had a boyfriend, but didn't want me kissing and I was not allowed to be alone with him so they thought it wasn't happening.  Of course this was all innocent teen stuff, but my parents didn't see it that way.  

My sisters had gone upstairs after cleaning up, so when my parents finally stopped lecturing me and told me I was getting a spanking for getting in trouble at school I was pretty upset, but there was no changing their minds.  Mom told me to go put on my pjs and she would be up to deal with me in a little bit and then I was going right to bed.  

She finally came upstairs carrying the hairbrush.  I was already crying and was just sitting on my bed waiting.  She shut my door and pulled the desk chair into the middle of the room.  I had to take my own pants and panties down and bend over her knees.  My mom told me again how I shouldn't be doing that at all, let alone in school and that she wanted me to think about this spanking the whole time I was in detention tomorrow and how if I ever did something like this again that the spanking I was about to get would seem like a joke.  When she started it wasn't so bad.  It stung, but it wasn't so bad.  But she kept going, and going and going.  When she finally stopped I felt like my butt and legs were on fire.  I jumped up crying and rubbing my butt.  My pants and panties had been kicked away. Mom gave me a big hug and told me that I was forgiven and to get into bed. 

The next morning my butt was still a little sore.  I hugged my boyfriend when we met up, but I didn't hold his hand and I didn't kiss him.  We had detention later and sitting there wasn't terrible, my butt wasn't really that sore anymore, but it wasn't a fun hour and 15 minutes either.  We sat quietly waiting until we could leave.  A few weeks later we broke up.  It bothered him that I wouldn't break the rules to be able to hold hands and kiss.  At the time I hated my parents.  But they helped me to realize that if he was going to act like that, then I probably didn't really want to be with him anyways.  They were right.  And that was the only time I got detention for kissing and holding hands in the hallways at school. 
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I had a boyfriend when I was in high school. My high school didn't allow holding hands. But there wasn't any spanking punishment for doing it. One time my boyfriend and I were walking down the hall holding hands and this women gym teacher did a Karate chop to break it up. She smiled like a dink. I didn't even know thee was a rule against it. She was an animal. But that didn't keep us from doing thinks. During lunch break we would sneak down the Industrial Arts wing, which was basically empty during lunch. There we would hug and cuddle and kiss and he would work his hands down my panties to squeeze my behind. It really made me hot. I had to go through the afternoon classes in a sweat. But I loved fooling around with a slight chance of getting caught. A couple of times my boyfriend would pull my panties down and swat my fanny in playful fun.

One of the bad things about holding hands and kissing is that there could be a chance the couple could get a creeper watching. Or one of them could have came out of a relationship and the one who got left could be bitter enough to spread rumors or fight the new couple. Schools dont like that problem.

All very good points. I mean I understand the rule now, but at the time it was a pain. It also wasn't a normally strictly enforced rule. Plenty of kids got away with it, but if you combined kissing/holding hands with being late, or getting in any other kind of trouble then someone would say something. It all makes sense, but even rules that make sense can be stupid!

That's a tough age. You're old enough to have a boyfriend, but still get spankings at home. I can see why you didn't want your bf to know, but if I'd been him and knew, I would have understood why you needed to obey school rules.

It was tough. I wondered after we broke up if he would have been understanding if he knew that my parents spanked me that day. Really though, I am glad things worked out that way. I wasn't about to tell him, and I don't think I should have had to either. Still do wonder though!

It's completely terrible having to feel the hair brush over an innocent kiss but yes the part about him trying to pressure you means he was not the right boy.

It was pretty awful. I know they would have preferred if I wasn't kissing boys -- but more than anything I think it was that it was going on in school and that I got in trouble for it. I think it was also the getting to class late part. Either way, you are right. It did suck.