Bare Bottom Spanking

I am a 19 year old guy and I still live at home, my dad doesn't spank me often anymore but It is still reserved for severe wrong doings. Recently, I borrowed my dads car to go see a girl, at her house I had a few drinks and was planning on staying there until I sobered up but then me and her got into a fight, so I decided to leave. Big mistake...

I got home safe, however, my dad was in the living room when I got inside the house and he smelled alcohol on my breath, he then got very angry and yelled at me for being so irresponsible and betraying his trust. He then told me to go to my room and he was going to have a talk with me. I went to my room expecting to get a strong lecture and possibly get grounded but nothing more. When he came in he sat down on the edge of my bed and told me he was extremely disappointed in me that was when I seen the ping pong paddle is his hand. He then told me that I was going to have to explain myself while over his knee. I then started complaining and saying that I am way too old and that I was an adult! I offered to accept the grounding but not the spanking. After about 5 minuted of protesting he said that if I lived under his roof I was going to have to accept the rules. I was really worried and started begging him to please not spank me but he said that It was going to happen and every second I waste of his time was going to be paid back with time over his knee. I told him okay and then I tried to lay over his knee, he then told me no son. He told me my pants need to come down for this one, I then started begging him again but he just reminded me that Its going to be much worse If I don't comply.

Trembling I lowered my jeans around my ankles and all that remained was my t-shirt and boxers. He then surprised me and grabbed my arm and tripped me over his knee. I tried to get up but he is still stronger than me he smacked my bottom hard and told me I better lie still or he will take off his belt. He then told me to explain what happened, and I tried my best to let him know how sorry I was and that I would never do something so stupid again. He said that he knew I wasn't going to do it again and once again told me to explain to him why I drove after drinking. He then picked up the paddle and began spanking me. The first swat stung so bad, he was putting a lot of force in each swat and I tried to tell my story while he was spanking me. He was lecturing me and telling me that he couldn't believe he had to put me over his knee for such a stupid reason. He then lowered my boxers to my knees and began spanking my bare bottom. It hurt so bad, he timed out each swat so that I could feel the full effect of each swat, he paid a lot of attention to my upper thighs. I then began to sob and say "dad I'm so sorry". He continued to lecture me and spank furiously. I was fighting back tears when I finally gave in and started crying out loud. I knew my younger brother could hear me from the other room and I became very embarrassed. I haven't been spanked in over a year and here I am over my dads knee getting my bare bottom spanked like a little kid. My dad then asked me if I understood why I was getting punished, and I was crying so bad I couldn't answer right away, he then landed a swat on my mid thigh and said "answer me", sobbing very loudly I said "yes dad". He then put the paddle down and gave me ten extra hard swats with his hand. The smacking sound was even louder with my dad's big hands landing on my bottom.

He then started rubbing my back and telling me that this part is over, he helped me slide my boxers back up, but he made my lay over his knee while he continued to lecture me on the importance of being a man and making the right decisions. He said that if I had been pulled over the consequence would of been much much worse then a spanking. Tears going down my face I told him I'm sorry and that I knew exactly what he was talking about. I was so close to finishing my freshman year and being able to get my own place, a DUI would have been detrimental to all that I had worked so hard to accomplish. He told me I could get up and put my jeans back on. Still sobbing I got up and did as I was told. He then told me what my grounding would entail and that if I deviated from what we agreed to I would be back over his knee but next time It will be bare bottom with the belt. Wide eyed I told him I would not break the conditions of the grounding. He then told me that I needed to go eat dinner and then get ready for bed. I nodded and walked out and met my little 15 year old brother int he hallway, he had a grin on his face and asked me how my *** felt. I punched him in the arm and told him to shut his trap.

Needless to say I learned a valuable lesson, and I now am smarter man because of my dad's mentor-ship and valuable guidance. Hopefully I wont be getting put over my dads knee anymore...
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Sounds like your dad did the right thing and you learned a valuable lesson. There are a lot of young men your age who could still benefit from a trip across daddy's knee.