Spanked By A Old Bitty

I am still in High School and live in a small rural town in the upper midwest. Most of my peers were spanked or are still spanked. I never was spanked by my mom. I got a spanking from a friends mom one time 2 years ago and that was it. Then late last year I got busted at a kegger party, My mom was really upset and tried to spank me. I laughed it was very comical. Mom then calls this elderly lady who owns the cafe in town, she is in her mid 60's. She came over and started to threaten me with her hairbrush. I thought it was a joke until she quickly grabbed me by the ear and sat on a chair. My mom pulled my jeans and panties down and soon I was over her knee getting spanked with her hairbrush. It hurt like hell.

A couple weeks later my mom caught me sneaking out of the house late at night, but I just went anyways. I did this a couple of times and then mom was angry and drove me to this lady’s house Soon my butt was bare and the old biddy was spanking me with her hairbrush as her granddaughter and her friend watched everything. It was so humiliating and very painful.

After that my mom threatens to call her anytime I act up. The old biddy calls to make sure everything is ok. Today mom saw a test I got back on Monday and freaked out because I was failing. I kind of told her a few things I shouldn't have. Now I have to wait until the old biddy comes over her tonight. I feel if my mom can't spank me that should end it right there. This old biddy has no right to spank me.
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That is odd your mom has some one else do the punishing.
My mom had no problem in correcting my sis or me and she has even spanked my friends.
Your mom is the one who needs the spanking for having some one else do her job when it is her job to correct ya.

OMG I am sorry Jill. I talk to your friends on chat and I know who you are I'm sorry you have to deal with that again. And you are right CitizenHutch in most of the world that would be assault but I have heard about their small Minnesota town and believe me it's like living in the 1950s there from what they describe.

Whoa! Sorry to hear that Jill! I have been led to believe that all counties, states, have laws against Battery and Aggrevated Assault. Get a lawyer!!! If your local law enforcement won't protect you, they can be held responsible. As will the bitty!!

Don't use a local Lawyer though!

Ha ha local law enforcement that's a joke, they have one cop in their town period.

How do you know

Because I talk to your two friends almost every day on Yahoo messenger and they have told me all about your town.

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You're over 18, Its called "Assault"!! You could send Mom and Biddy to jail!