Spanked By My Landlady

When I first left home to attend university I lodged with a kindly older couple in their early 60's, Mr and Mrs Sargent. I say 'kindly' because that's what they were most of the time but they also believed in old-fashioned discipline and physical chastisement. They were known to give spankings to youthful students who broke the rules, and Mrs Sargent in particular could occasionally lash-out if something upset her.

In my first few months living there I had avoided trouble, and this was despite having broken rules a number of times, especially the ban on allowing girls to spend the night. I had sneaked my girlfriend into my room several times, and I had begun to wonder if the Sargents really were as strict as I had been led to believe. Then one day everything changed...

One afternoon I was taking a shower downstairs. The shower cubicle was located in a little cubby-hole just off the main passage way. Just as I was emerging from the shower I saw the Sargents' pet dog Mollie spread out across the hallway, resting her head on the ground completely oblivious to her surroundings. Mollie was adorable but she had an annoying habit of lying out in inconvenient places, like doorways and hallways, making it difficult to pass by. That day I was feeling a little mischievous so, after wrapping a towel around my waist and still dripping wet, I flicked my fingers in her direction causing a little spray of water to land on her. Mollie immediately sprung to her feet and looked down the hallway, in completely the opposite direction. I waited for a few moments until she had settled back down on the floor, then repeated the trick, causing her once again to leap to her feet. At the time I found this hilarious and started to laugh. This was a big mistake because, unbeknown to me, Mrs Sargent had emerged into the hallway from the kitchen just behind me. She'd seen what I was doing and she wasn't amused. In fact she was furious and shouted "DON'T TORMENT MY DOG!!" Suddenly she raised her walking stick into the air and smacked it, hard, against my bare back. It stung like crazy - I had no idea she was so strong! I let out a yelp of pain and was almost bent over double. Then she raised her stick high into the air once again and again slammed it down hard against my back. The sound of her wooden stick smacking against my wet skin echoed down the hallway and again I cried out in pain. I was crouching down on the ground, almost on my hands and knees, waiting for the next blow. Mrs Sargent brandished her stick over me once more, then halted and slowly brought it to rest down by her side. She waited for me to get back up then said in a quiet, menacing voice, "Dry yourself off and come and see me in my living room RIGHT NOW! It's about time we had a little chat."

Feeling shocked by what had just happened I quickly towelled myself down and, still with only a towel wrapped around my waist, I knocked on the living room door and went inside. Mr Sargent was sitting in an armchair watching TV, and Mrs Sargent was perched on the edge of her sofa waiting for me. She directed me to stand in front of her and then began to speak. She told me that she had been intending to speak to me for some time and that this was as good a time as any. "As you know, my husband and me have some clear rules," she continued. She then began to list the things I had been doing over the past few months that had "disappointed" them, especially about having my girlfriend round to spend the night. I was stunned that she knew about it as I thought I had been clever and careful. "We made it perfectly clear to you that girls were not to spend the night. Those are the rules in this house and we will not tolerate being taken for fools. You were told what would happen, and now it's time to show you..."

Mrs Sargent then told me to remove the towel from my waist, completely indifferent to my nakedness. As she liked to say, she had "seen it all before." Then she grabbed hold of one of her husband's leather slippers and led me away to the opposite side of the room. She told me to raise my arms above my head and bend forwards, using the wall to support the weight of my upper-body with my hands. As I stood bent over like this, Mrs Sargent walked around to the side of me and raised the slipper into the air. In a single movement she then brought it down hard and fast against my bare buttocks, the loud snapping sound of the leather against my skin startling the dog and causing Mr Sargent to look round briefly at what was happening. I winced against the sting of the pain and bit down on my lower lip. Again she lifted the slipper up high and smacked it down sharply on the same spot. Then she did it again for a third time. And then she stopped. "I think that's enough for today," she said.

As I picked up my towel I felt the need to apologize for my behaviour in breaking the Sargents' rules. I was sorry for being disrespectful, and I was sorry for teasing poor Mollie. There was still a red mark on my back from where Mrs Sargent had hit me with her stick and she now touched the spot tenderly with her hand. "I'm sorry I hit you before," she said somberly, "but I don't like people playing silly devils around here." I said that I understood and that I wouldn't do it again. She nodded, patted me gently on the shoulder and let me go.
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Jan 12, 2013