Just Cause I Was Peitie, Skinny, And Short.

I have been spanked when I was 13. All my friend got slapped across the face or grounded. But since I was tiny and was shorter than an 11 yr. old, I got spanked. My dad was picking me up from school and was soo mad. He was all like, "TAYLOR YOUR BUTT WILL BE SPANKED UNTIL IT BLEEDS" it never bled. He yanked me down on to my bed and started lecturing me. Then with no force he turned me so my head was in the pillows and I was on my stomach. He pulled my pants down. He took off his belt. Oh geez, that meant he was really serious. "Daddy. No!!" I cried. "Shut up Taylor. Hon, you need to learn a lesson." "Daddy, I'll never get suspended again and never kiss Jackson and then pull his pants down and let all the girls rub and slap it!" "Honey, that was raping your exboyfriend. You will pay the price." I heard the belt whistle through the air and on to my legs. Legs and Belt = serious. I cried. He pulled me on to his lap when he sat down on the bed. Since I was a girl I loved to brush my blond hair with this huge brush. He took it and started slapping my bare butt. When the lesson was through (it took 15 min. of spanking time) he soothed me and rubbed it with cream. Everyday I was suspended I got a spanking like this. And belive me I never got suspended again!!!
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Proper punishment would be having her pantsed in front of a room full of boys.

why would you do that to your ex boyfriend at school and why are mostly teen girls spanked

sorry you got it. But you earned it I have had the belt and a few times the apple tree switch
not fun and you live with it for a week but paddle spoon horse slapper hurt even more and lasted a long time. My mother had every right when I earned it and I thank her even today

Using a belt or a strap is wrong. They cause bruising and welts and that to me is child abuse. The back of a hairbrush or a paddle will cause pain but not cause bruising or welts. The redness and pain will fade on a couple of hours.

He only hit me with a belt on my legs 2 times. Yet, I agree that hurts like ****. My butt was like a purple cherry! :)