It Was Not My Fault

We were at D+T (Design and Technology) and this Two guys were brats! Both of them were bull S***ters. They would lie though their teeth. One time I got spanked with a vice grip My bottom was extremely sore the one guy was making me angry so I pushed him and he threw the welding shield on the ground and the glass broke. The teacher asked who broke this glass he pointed to me and I broke it. When I tired to explain the story the The Design and Technology teacher grabbed both of us and locked the workshop door. He Shouted saying THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE YOU GUYS ARE MISS BEHAVING. The next thing I saw him grabbing a vice grip and pushing us against the table spanking us. I was almost in tears with the pain. As the day went my bottom wasn't as sore.

The other time was when we were late for Design and Technology. The one guy said I made him late and The Teacher grabbed a plank and spanked us in front of the kids but he gave me more shots for making the other guy late for class although that was not true as he was somewhere else and met me on the way for Design and Technology and put the blame on me.
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31-35, M
Jan 13, 2013