Yes I was spanked in my teens it wasn't t exciting or a turn on for me. I won't give details but if u want to ask me anything just contact me.
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did you cry?

please give details i want to jerkoff to it

who spank more papa or mom was it on bare bum with hands or belt

was it really painfull and shame

Hang in there the best you can. I was spanked till the left home in my 20's. It was no fun. Hope you don't have to go that long.

how do you feel now about your spankings

so wonderful - thank u 4 sharing

was your mum did the spanking and was it on the bare

Yes dad stopped when I was younger and was bare

Glad it's over for you… Or is it?

Yea its over, how about you. Is it over for you.

Yes last time was one I was when I was 16 1/2.

Glad to hear you don't get them anymore Po.

Sorry to see that your were spanked in your teens. You are not alone thou. Many teens including me were/are spanked in their teen years. How were you spanked. In my teen years I was always made to lay across my bed and got my bare bottom paddled.