Not Doing Chores - A Memory

I got quite a few spankings growing up. One particularly embarrassing spanking happened when I was 14. It was a Friday afternoon, I was supposed to be sleeping over at a friend’s house that night. As 14 year olds are, I was only focused on getting over to my friend’s house and having fun. I had neglected to complete the chores I knew I needed to finish to be able to go. I only had to clean up my room and take my clothes to the laundry room, and a few other small things. I should have done them Thursday so it wouldn’t have a bunch of stuff to do before my plans on Friday, but I didn’t.
When I got home from school on Friday afternoon my mom started in on me saying I needed to get my chores done. I had an attitude, but in my mom’s defense she gave me a number of chances and several warnings. I was stomping around getting things done, rushing. I told my mom I was done and asked if I could go to my friend’s house. Mom went around and checked everything I had done, and she told me I didn’t finish cleaning up my room and I still had clothes on my closet floor. This was a while ago, so I don’t remember all of the details, but I know I sassed my mom and we had a fight. She told me that she was done with my attitude and that I couldn’t go to my friend’s house and she was going to spank me. I had been excited about the sleepover all week, so I got pretty upset. Mom told me to call my friend and tell her I wouldn’t be coming over, and then to go to my room. I complained and begged, but moms mind was made up. So tearfully I called my friend and told her I was in trouble and that I couldn’t sleep over. Mom rushed me off of the phone and I went up to my room.
I lay on my bed, crying and waiting. Mom came upstairs a while later, carrying the hairbrush. She pulled out my desk chair, and started scolding me. She told me I could have avoided all of this if I had just done my chores and hadn’t been such a smart mouth. She told me to take off my jeans and to get over her knee. I whimpered and tried to change her mind, but eventually I took off my jeans and went over her knee. She started with the hairbrush right away, but over my panties. Before the spanking was over she pulled down my panties and spanked my bare butt. After an agonizing few minutes I was bawling and mom finally stopped. She left me in my room to cry for a little while. Eventually I put on PJs since I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for the evening, and it would hurt less than my jeans. When mom came back she told me again why I got spanked, and how I could have avoided it. She told me to finish my chores and that I wasn’t allowed to watch TV for the rest of the night.
My friend never found out I got spanked, but having to call her, knowing I was about to get spanked was one of the more embarrassing moments of my life.
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I've spanked my children as well when they haven't completed their chores and do not have a valid reason. And they get an especially sound spanking if they sass as well, and sometimes even a mouthsoaping, depending on how bad their sassing is.


giving excuses to my mum just gave her an excuses to get the belt out there was never any talking back or i will do it later it was NOW

i not good understand english why mom so angry and strike you

How embarassing that was. I to remember a time when my sister had a friend to spend the night and I would not quit bugging them after several warnings from my parents to stop. I do not remember what i said or did, my mom heard or saw it. Before I knew it, I was bare bottom over her knee getting a spanking with the ping pong paddle. I then had to stand in the corner for a half hour showing my red bare bottom.
So I know what you went threw.

P.S. Could you please add me as a friend.

Do you think it did you a lot of good to be spanked. I have never understood why some people start the spanking over the clothed bottom and then pull them down. I was alway spanked bare bottom and i feel it is the only way to spank

This story brought back many memories of having the exact same thing happening to me. Plans made that I had to break because I sassed my Mom and she determined that being grounded and sent to my room with a blistered butt were the order of the day instead :(

It wasn't ever fun to get a spanking for being a smart mouth, or sassing a parent. I know how much it drived my mom crazy and once she made up her mind to spank me I was in for a pretty sound spanking. Did you ever have to make a pre-spanking phone call to cancell plans like I did?

hi brightey,
when i had to cancel plans mom also made me tell them i was going to get a bare bottom spanking over her knee and then go to bed at 7 pm. i was usually crying during the phone call. most of the time my mom was listening to my call on the other phone and sometimes she would say something very embarrassing to my friend on the phone

B, I felt sorry reading your memory but I guess u learned a lesson. Not doing my chores right/on time has gotten me spanked also. ANd like Lninwa a few times I was "in for it" before going with friends ...MOM would call them and with me listening tell my friends I couldn't come over until after she gave me a spanking. Sometimes after that I didn't even want to go be with friends and when i did I felt pretty darned embarrassed!

I had to make that phone call on more than one occasion and it was no fun. One time in High School I made the mistake of telling my friend that I was cancelling on that I couldn't come over because my Mom was being a B**** and she heard me so I got my mouth soaped and my butt blistered on top of being grounded :(

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