When Did It Stop?

I was spanked from about three to eighteen, when I went to a uni in a different country. I escaped.

Being a teen and getting spanked was awful. So...embarrassing, it was often in public, for things like moaning, flirting, anything.

If I got detentions, I got the switch or belt. I got the switch for kissing, for losing my virginity, for anything to do with boys really, for backchat, moaning, anything.

It was the worst punishment ever, and I hated them so much for it at the time.
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Your Mum and Dad love you so much want to keep you a well behave teen age girl and that was their way for punishing you by give you a spanking.

i was spanked from 4 till i was 16 but most of my spankings was for a medical problem i had and at 16 i managed to conceal it and the spankings stopped i still have the problems today and i have issues and feel the need to be spanked when i have a bad day

For me, Age 15 was my last one and they only for that year. I had a few at 14, More than a few more at 13, Trigonometry may be required to graph ages 12 &11 (honestly can't remember how many..but it was many), Can count on my fingers for age 10, Probably a little more than a typical amount for age 9, 8 and under, not angelic by any stretch (shocking i know!)... but 2-3 a YEAR is a safe estimate.<br />
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How exactly did mom check for "virginity" or know when you've kissed a boy? On second thought -- I don't want to know.