15-year Old Girl Has Her Panties Lowered For Spanking By Stepdad In Front Of Younger Boys

--- By Becky Romero ---

(I'm now 27, so there's no reason for you to feel apprehensive about discussing it. What I relate to below happened to me over 12 years ago. Comments are welcome, particularly from parents who have no qualms over giving bare bottom spankings to teens, as to the unequal treatment my younger brother and I received that day.)

Imagine being a 15-year old girl, wearing a midriff-baring cropped t-shirt and bra, trembling with your pants at your ankles and only a pair of thin cotton panties shielding your most private area from the four pairs of male eyes a few yards away belonging to your younger brother, two of his friends and your 10-year old cousin.

Then imagine those panties in the process of being pulled down by your stepdad as prelude to a spanking and you have an idea of what it would have felt like to be me one afternoon in October 2000.

As I have said elsewhere on EP, I still feel guilty for not doing enough during my teen years to protect my younger brother from the abusive and frequent spankings our stepdad gave him.

I firmly believe I should have and could have helped my younger brother. Anything I could have done to take responsibility and gotten spanked for in his place would have meant one less spanking he would have received.

I remember one time I got into a brief argument with my stepdad who was about to spank Matt. When he threatened to spank me if I didn't watch my mouth and shut up, I quickly backed down and Matt got spanked. That's about the closest I ever came to trying to take some blame and I'm ashamed of myself for not having been more forceful.

Here's just one example:

Not long after I turned 15, a little less than two years before those spankings I feared so much and managed to avoid started for me, my 12-year old brother had two of his friends in the neighborhood over to play. One of the boys, Dennis, was a 11-year old kid who I occasionally babysat. The other boy, Patrick, who I believe was 12 at the time, lived across the street from us. Our 10-year old cousin Jerry was also there and we were all playing in our backyard.

It all started with a crash.

A baseball that my brother had threw broke and entered the window and went into the room where our stepdad was watching TV and he was soon outside demanding all of us to come inside, threatening my brother and I with a spanking.

I was terrified when he called me over first, perhaps because earlier when he saw us outside one of my throws came precariously close to that same window.

"One of you is getting spanked. Becky, get over here. NOW!"

He told me to get my pants down because he was going to teach my "bare butt a lesson."

All four boys were in the room and not going anywhere. Nor were they asked to. It was immediately clear that if I was to be spanked, they'd be watching.

At first I babbled incoherenty, my eyes welling with tears, standing parlayzed by fear facing the boys after my stepdad demanded for me to turn around, but ignoring his demand to pull down my pants.

It wasn't the first time I faced the threat of an imminent bare bottom spanking from him, fate intervening each time on my behalf. But it appeared that this time my luck had run out.

My stepdad then reached around me. My pants were soon unbuttoned and then unzipped for me.

As goosebumps covered me and my face blushed with the boys looking at me, my pants were soon roughly pulled down to my ankles to a few snickers from a couple of the boys.

Not one to waste any time, my stepdad then quickly slipped his fingers inside the waistband of my panties, which had already betrayed me and had lowered themselves enough to expose the top of my mound when my pants came down.

As my brother looked cautiously relieved that I, not him, was the one about to be spanked, the other three boys grinned at me in anticipation, their eyes riveted on my panties and the mysterious area to them that was about to be fully revealed.

At that point, I desperately wanted to avoid eye contact with the boys and yet found I couldn't avoid it, as if somehow I was hoping against hope to see them look away at the last moment.

Then, somehow, just as I started to feel the inevitable tug at my panties, I am ashamed to say that I disgracefully managed to blurt out and plead that I shouldn't be spanked, that my brother had made the errant throw that had broken the window.

Though a few more giggles ensued, my stepdad stopped the downward motion of his fingers and - although much more of my mound and large wisps of my pubic hair were now exposed - my panties were staying up, barely, for the moment at least.

My brother, with a fear of dread on his face, was then asked who broke the window. I didn't move a muscle, my stepdad saying if he didn't answer in three seconds, he'd be spanked ''next.''

My brother could have lied, he could have accused me. Then both of us would have been spanked for sure, but at least he would have insured that I shared the same fate as he would.

He also could have simply stayed silent for a few mere seconds. Our stepdad would have then surely finished pulling down my panties as I stood there facing the boys and then spanked me before it would have been Matt's turn.

But my brother quickly admitted that it was he who broke the window.

Almost as quickly as I was told to pull up my pants, my brother was soon having his unfastened and pulled down.

I couldn't bear to watch. Free to go, I moved aside, tripping over my own pants which were still at my ankles. As I looked down to pull them up, I gasped at just how much of my mound had been exposed. Patrick noticed my horror and snickered at me as I struggled with my pants, as I had not realized I had lifted one leg out of them entirely when I tripped. Anxious to leave the room just in case my stepdad decided to spank me anyway, I stepped out of my pants entirely and ran upstairs to the giggles of each boy there except my brother, who was by now crying from the slaps to his bare bottom.

I also didn't realize that just as my panties had been partially lowered in the front, they had been partially lowered in the back as well and half of my butt crack was showing to the boys when I stooped down trying to pull up my pants. I only found out how much they had seen when I eavesdropped on my cousin and my brother outside my brother's bedroom later that night. Apparently, my pubic hair was of quite an interest to them, Jerry berating my brother that he should have kept quiet until I was bared all the way and spanked.

And that's just one time because of my cowardness that my brother got spanked.

I don't feel either of us should have been spanked for that broken window. But my brother did get spanked that day in front of his friends. And since he was so should I have been. And in the same manner, too: bare from the waist down.

Would I have been humiliated if I was spanked like that in front of my brother and the other three boys? Of course!

But I was just as every bit deserving of any punishment that my brother got as it was I who was probably standing too close to that window to catch his throws in the first place. Nor do I feel it mattered I was the girl who would have been spanked in front of boys. Being the oldest one playing outside, I should have known better but didn't have the courage to tell that to my stepdad and insist that I alone be punished.

The fact that both Dennis (the boy I babysat) and my cousin Jerry would eventually see me exposed and spanked over a year and a half later and that my brother would eventually see me frequently exposed and spanked by our stepdad when I was 16 and 17 doesn't make me feel any less guilty.

I could have done something that day to prevent a spanking that my brother DID receive and I did NOTHING.


I know that adults opposed to spanking kids would say I didn't deserve one. And again, I don't think either my brother or I did deserve a spanking that day, either.

But I can't help but wonder how parents who believe in bare bottom spankings, even for teenagers, would have handled it.

If you believe in bare bottom spankings as discipline for kids, even teenagers, I welcome your comments and opinions on how you would have handled that situation in my stepdad's place, while keeping in mind that at that point I hadn't been spanked by him (though I had some embarrassing close calls) and would have refused any ''order'' to go to my room and prepare for a spanking.

But, otherwise, I wouldn't have done anything to physically resist you (whether it be with you displacing or removing some or all of my clothing or positioning me into any sort of spanking position), except maybe to try to throw my hands back behind my butt while being spanked if it came to that. (That basically being the only resistance I offered to the spankings I later did receive from my stepdad.)

Would you have spanked me? On my pants? Pants down? Bare? In the boys' presence? What if I refused to pull down or remove my pants, panties or any other articles of clothing? And what about my initially hiding the whole truth about how I feared breaking the window and shamelessly switched places with my brother? Would that have meant further discipline at a later time, an extended spanking or some added punitive punishment and/or embarrassment in front of the boys? And what if I tried to block swats by throwing my hands behind myself?

This is for a serious discussion please.
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Apparently those boys wanted to see you get spanked bare

At the age of 15, you are much too old to be spanked...especially by your...STEPDAD! To me, he has no right whatsoever to be disciplining you that way. He is not your father, he is just some dude that sleeps with your mother, nothing more. I believe in spanking younger children, but only as a last resort.

horrible why your mother no go police

Have you looked up laws on sexual and physical abuse and the statue of limitations. What he did can be conscrewed as sexual abuse and I would go after him with the full force of the law

I saw in your replies that you think parents have the right to barebottom spankings they do up till a certian age . But not in your teens. That is sexual abuse no father or step dad has the right to see you naked in your teens

They do have the right in the U.S.; I just don't think it's ''right.'' The judge in my mom's divorce case ruled my stepdad was within his rights to discipline me, especially given that my younger brother had been spanked for years (our mom was biding time until we got older for fear of our stepdad getting joint custody). There was no sexual abuse and the judge ruled despite my bottom being soundly spanked, there was no evidence that the spankings were excessive (such as welting). Just a very sore, very red bottom after each time he was finished. I may not like the laws as they are currently written but there was not much I was able to do.

My real dad was killed by a drunk driver before I had turned three.

wow ,,, traumatic to say the least ! !

oh that was embarrassing anyways, I guess you have overcome it all.

sometimes fear overtakes bravery when one is put in certain circumstances

And I'm not proud of that, either. Ironically, fate did see to it that the times when my brother, his friend and our cousin evenually did see me bared and spanked, it turned out to be even more shameful for me than it would have been that day.

Your father is a sexual sadist that should be thrown in jail. Have you ever confronted him as an adult. Ever threaten to file a police report. You should.


Your brother broke the window. Why do you keep saying that you should have taken responsibility for it.

It sounds like you're making a lot more of these spankings than your brother is.

It could have just as easily have been me breaking it. In fact, I nearly did several times earlier and our stepdad saw that and yelled at us, giving us a warning that ''we'd better not break the window.''

Instead of being more careful with my own throws, I ordered my brother to switch places with me. He really didn't want to at first, but I kind of teased him a little, asking him if he was afraid he couldn't throw well. That challenged in front of his friends and our cousin and he switched places with me really to try to prove me wrong more than anything else.

Not long after that, a ball sailed just over my head and CRASH!

I should have owned up to goading him into switching places, even thought that would have meant being bared in front of the boys for a spanking.

Yes Becky I think you're right and you should have owned up to it since you had goaded him into it. It is moving to hear that you have learned better since then.

And what is it that she has "learned better since then"? To accept sexual molestation from some dude that screws her mother? Gimme a break! Oh well, look at your "name" -- "Churchward"! You sound just like one of those bible-bangers.

I agree with Marzi. Don't feel guilty. You weren't the one doing the spanking. And who in their right mind would want to take a spanking for someone else's mistakes?

He lived through it. Is he ok now?

Guilt is an unhealthy thing if you continue to dwell on it. Try telling him that you're sorry. I bet he will tell you that you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Hi, Steve,

Yes, my brother's doing OK. In fact, he's getting married this summer.

We get along great and love each other very much.

But the proper thing for me to have done that day was to have taken equal blame with him, even though it would have meant a really, really embarrassing spanking.

I'm past the guilt stage over it; it's a dozen years in the past now. And I did eventually confess to my brother that I felt guilty about it, about two years later. He "forgave" me and at the time made no bones about it that he felt I should have been spanked, too.

He admitted he kind of felt glad to see me getting spanked at 16, seeing me embarrassed, my bare butt burning red, because for many years he thought it was unfair I never got spanked and he did. (although somehow that feeling of unfairness didn't carry-over as feelings about our older brother who was hardly ever spanked at all, maybe a couple times all those years at the most)

But after a month or so of seeing me bared and spanked again and again and again, he started to feel sorry for me. Much sooner than it took for me to feel sorry for him all those years.

Maybe part of it was because he was watching me bared, spanked and humiliated and I had hardly ever watched him getting spanked, much less saw his full nudity at the time.

Maybe if I had, maybe if I had paid closer attention to his torment, it would have made me realize how horribly he was being treated.

I understand what you and others have said about guilt. But a lot of it is regret, too. Wishing things could have been different but understanding that you can't change the past.

Thanks for the dramatic memory! No need to feel "guilty" for not taking a spanking instead of your brother - especially in front of all those grinning boys! Your stepdad only wanted to spank the "thrower" ...not "fair" perhaps but otherwise he would have to spank ALL of the kids involved....to be "fair."
No shame in begging your way out of a panties down punishment when allowed...I've done it whenever i could LOL!
And, in the end, sounds like y'all got enough spankings in front of each other to average out....

Hi, Marzi.

My stepdad never spanked other parents' kids. But he would have had no qualms about spanking both me and my brother in front of them that day. And of course my brother DID get spanked in front of them - right after I narrowly avoided getting spanked myself.

But I still can't help feeling guilty about it. In fact, even after I ran upstairs after couple of minutes I turned around and heading back down the stairs, ready to confess to my stepdad that it was my fault for standing near that window to begin with. I had nearly broke the window earlier with several bad throws and made my brother switch positions with me. Our stepdad had also scolded us earlier.

Had my brother's spanking been over with, I'm sure if I said that I would have been given one, too. Not even that the others boys happened to turn to look and giggle at me, as I was still only panty-clad from the waist down as I stood on the stairs, didn't make me run back up.

Instead, it was my brother crying out in pain and hearing that awful slapping sound of my stepdad's bare hand crashing down on my brother's bare skin over and over.

I quickly chickened out from confessing blame, turned and ran back to my room.

As far as "averaging out", no way. The summer's worth of spanking I received, often weekly or so, didn't even come close to the amount my younger brother had received for years.

I'm sorry you and your brother got humiliated like that in front of friends. That isn't right in my opinion.
I'm fine with teenagers being spanked on the bare bottom when they misbehave but I think it should be done in private.

But why bare bottomed at all? Do you really think a thin pair of panties is going to make it hurt less? Or is the increased embarrassment one of the goal/reasons for baring a girl's bottom? And if embarrassment is a goal, then why should the spanking be in private?

I just don't get the rationale of parents who think bare bottom spankings are good because of the embarrassment factor but want to keep it behind closed doors.

Please, I'm not trying to be judgemental. I do think parents have a right to spank their kids, even teens, as long as it's not abusive. I'd even concede the "bare" part. I'll even concede my stepdad had the "legal" right to remove my clothing to spank me (if only the spankings were for a justified reason and not for minor, pidly things), even right in the living room in front of everyone. I don't think it was "morally" right, but the law is the law.

He spanked you on the bare bottom just to get his "jollies" off.

Well, I don't think step-dads should be spanking teen step daughters at all. I know there are lots of good step parents out there but the potential for abuse is just too great.

Your mom should have been the one to stop things - protecting your brother is not your responsibility it is your mom's! I know that guilt is a feeling and you really can't control it but you need to try and put it behind you.

I tried to answer the "why bare" question in another response. There are real reasons beyond making it sting more.

I think your step-dad got abusive sexual pleasure out of spanking you in that manner. I can honestly tell you that spanking your own biological child, someone who you would willingly give your life for, is NOT FUN AT ALL whether it's on the bare bottom or not.

Whetstone, teenagers should not be spanked at all, forget about bare-bottom vs clothed-bottom. It's just sick to humiliate an adolescent in that way. What's wrong with you?

I tried to paste a link to my other reply but it didn't work so here is a copy and paste:

I will try to give you a full reply to the "why bare" question.

First off I have to say that I know there are some really good step-dads out there but on the whole I am against step-dads spanking, especially teenage girls on their bare bottoms.

Spanking teenagers on the bare bottom isn't about creating more sting, although it certainly is a side benefit. It is more about sending a very clear message that the teen is still a CHILD and is under the control of the PARENT and that the child is being punished. It is a "humbling" experience, not meant as embarrassment and certainly not humiliation.

There is far more to giving a good spanking than simply a stinging backside. There are mental aspects as well. Baring the backside of a teenager is more a mental punishment than a physical one.

Have you ever heard expressions like, "You are getting too big for your britches" or "I'm going to take you down a peg or two" or "you need to put back in your place"? They are all related to the same concept.

I hope this helps.

PS - I think spankings should always be given in private.

Hi, Whetstone,

Thanks for your comments.

Yes, I think he wanted to - and certainly succeeded - in knocking the ''proverbial'' chip off my shoulder.

I can't deny and must admit that you are right about your ''It is more about sending a very clear message that the teen is still a CHILD and is under the control of the PARENT and that the child is being punished.''

I don't think my stepdad was that analytical (anal-retentive to be sure, but analytical? no) about it, but those spankings certainly didn't make me feel as though I was a 16-year old teenage girl being spanked. They made me feel I was a little girl, yes a child, whose modesty being denied her was of no consideration whatsoever.

Even more so, being bared in front of my younger brother and other kids younger than me, including boys I babysat, gave me a feeling of inferiority. It was almost as if they were the older teenagers now and I was nothing but a crying little bare girl to their eyes.

At first I was feeling outraged that I, at 16, was being treated like that. But with each spanking, I felt less angry and more ashamed. I sure didn't feel like I was 16 (and 17) when I was bared. He sure didn't give me any looks to indicate that either.

In fact, if anything, the manner of how he acted and looked at me was no different in the sense of how when I was 7-years old and in first grade he pulled off my blouse and jumper in front of his sister-in-law at his brother's after school one day (so she could change the diaper I was wearing for having been wetting myself for several weeks at school).

Standing nude then as a little girl was how I started to feel with each subsequent spanking. He'd say it, too, belittling me in front of my younger brother, his new-found girlfriend or whoever else was present.

One time when I was spanked in front of my younger brother and younger male cousin and I begged and pleaded not to be bared in front of them, he even asked my cousin, "Was Becky listening and behaving like a young lady or like little girl?''

You can imagine my shame when my cousin said, "like a little girl."

Then came his reply: ''That's right. So Becky, if you want to act like a little girl then you're going to be spanked like one.''

And if by humbling you mean a feeling of intense shame, then certainly that's the way I felt. But the spankings were still also intensely embarrassing and humiliating. How could they NOT be?

As for spankings in private, that wasn't in the cards for us and frankly, at 16 and the way I was, I wouldn't have listened to an order to "go to my room" anyway. Especially if I got the sense that there would be no spanking so long as I didn't comply. But, again, wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Having not gotten my spankings in private, I don't really get that anyway. I realize different parents have different goals when they choose to spank their kids bare. There doesn't seem to be a consensus. Some do it for the pain, others for as you said for the humbling, others do it specifically to use the added embarrassment as a punishment.

It's that last group I don't get when they say such spankings should be in private. If embarrassment is one of the goals to be achieved with those spankings, why then in private?

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sad stories, but neither your brother nor you should be embarrased in front of friends, and there are ways to punish beside spanking, perhaps you stedad was mean and should have been reported

Welcome back Becky, I have two daughters and both received a swat on the butt a time or two, I think it hurt me more than them.

Spank them in front of their friends and mixed company? No way.

I think by the time kids become teenagers it's alittle too late for spankings. All kids need alittle correction from time to time.

But in my opinion what your stepdad did was child abuse.

i am so sorry you had to go through the humiliation of being spanked in front of others i am a step dad and i have 2 girls and 2 boys i spanked all of them but i always gave the there dignity of being spanked in private when the girls got bigger i spanked with there mother present not all step dads are bad all my kids have grown up and we are all close as a family

I appreciate the comments. I do want to be clear that the issue of him being my "step"dad at the time when threatening me with that spank wasn't the problem. There are plenty of great step-parents and plenty of lousy birth parents. Also, I know he had a "legal" right to spank me. I don't think I deserved the ones I eventually got and the humiliation that went along with them.

But that day when I was 15, I wish I was spanked instead of my younger brother - even though it would have been in front of everyone. I never stuck up for him when he was being treated far worse than me.