Paddled In School

So I was at school and I forgot doing my homework for history class.. Since my school is very strict with making homework they've got the rule: Forgot your homework 3 times? That means 12 with the paddle. I am on a rural school, not that much pupils and not a lot of teachers. They use corporal punishment.

So I was sitting and watching my teacher explaining about some history stuff, when he suddenly said: And now I'll check your homework for today. I was like, homework?? Gosh..

I knew that this would be the third time that I don't have my homework. I freaked out so in a split second I decided to show my homework from the day before which is, of course, very stupid. So my teacher walked by and stopped to look.

"Jacy, why are you showing me your homework from yesterday"?
"Because that's the last thing I did, sir".
"You know that means, miss Lettins", "Go to the principal"

I stood up and walked out of the classroom very fastly, to give my class the idea I had to go to the toilet. I became very nervous and every step to the office was a hard one. I knocked on the door.

"Come in"

I walked into the office and I saw my principal sitting behind his desk.

"Why are you here, young lady"?
"Because it was the third time I forgot my homework, sir"
"Tell me, young lady, why is that bad"?
"Because I have to study, sir"

"You know our rules, miss Lettins, you will get paddled" "Bend over my desk, hands on the desk, and wait there"

I bent over and waited. My principal left the office and came back with a female teacher who had to be there to supervise. My principal took the paddle off the wall and took position behind me. I felt the cold wood on my jeans-covered bottom. My principal told me that I would get 12 licks with the paddle. Then he started. The first one fell down very hard on my bottom. I had to count. Every swat felt like a hard burning stone falling on my bum. When he was done I was sobbing loudly. He told me to calm down and get back to class. I first walked to the toilets, there I managed to look to my bum, which was very red and sore. A few minutes later I returned to class and I sat down, which was a hell of course. Luckily most classmates didn't notice me.

So I am 15 years old and this happened last week. What are your thoughts? If you wanna chat:
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you are lucky I would make sure you got bare bottomed spanked be the female teacher and it would off been 20 but you would off had to do more then forgetting home work to get a spanking off any. maybe just make you stay after school to do all the home work you missed and yard work. but did you like getting spanked

Can't really judge a paddling without knowing the size, weight, and wood of the paddle, and how forceful the swats were given. Nobody ever got anywhere near 12 where I went to school. I think about 5 was the maximum allowed. But the swats were hard to very hard. Paddling was mostly for behavior issues. If you didn't do homework, it just effected the grade you got in the class.

In our school the paddle was used very even-handedly, and not for any little offense. If you forgot your homework you usually got detention. My paddling was for a major offense, and even then the principal really wanted to give me six days of detention before I asked to be paddled instead. He reluctantly gave me the swats, but for a guy who didn't want to paddle me he sure sent me to the moon! It's all there in my story "I Volunteered For a Paddling." You know what they say: Never volunteer.

When I was 17 I got six swats for smoking and cutting class. They were actually two paddlings, three spanks for each offense. I asked to take them all at once, and I couldn't make it past the third spank without yowling like a baby. I can't imagine getting twelve for failing to complete homework! I was raised in a rural area too, but I attended a town school where apparently there was some mercy shown to a girl's bottom!

12 is the maximum I have ever heard of for a single offence, and usually that is considered extremely severe by public school standards. Reserved for the MOST SERIOUS offences. The only known worse in modern history is the one the US Supreme Court heard that got it all in the news and such to start with. From Florida of course. The boy got over 25 from a sadistic insane vice principal. Usually anything from 5 on leaves some pretty significant bruising for days, though with some all it takes is 2 to 3 to bruise.... I have had 3 sets of 5 each in public school once and was black and blue for over a week. I won't detail what can happen in a Church run school as the liberals start screaming about abuse and christians are evil, or the "BS its a fantasy crap" etc.... For that kind of details, hit me with a msg etc....

I am glad you got 12 and hope it was enough to focus your mind about getting your homework and other things too. Pain is a girl's best teacher and friend sometimes too.

Wow 12 is a lot for school. I thought they usually give like 6 at most. I was once supposed to be paddled at school but I was an exchange student and that saved me. But not for long. I got it probably much worse at home afterwards.