How Should Teenage Girls Get Spanked?

Hey all,

I am a teen girl, 15 years old and I still get spanked a lot. My parents feel it's the best for me. I get spanked bare mostly, but when I'm lucky I can keep my pants on. I am writing a paper about corporal punishment and different opinions. So I'd like to know how teenage girls (12-18 years old) need to get spanked.

Do you think teenage girls need them, and so, how should it be done? I am asking for a place where it has to happen, which implements, how long, should there be any cornertime? Or do you think teenage girls shouldn't get spanked? If so, which punishments are good then?

I'd like to hear your opinions, and I may use them in my paper. I don't use any names, so be honest and clear please :)

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Each girl, teenage or even older, must be spanked very often.
Bare bottom spanking is the best, in daiper or wheelbarrow position.
The girl must be spanked by both oh her parents, mo and dad.

I am an 18 year old girl and I still get spanked as does my sister who is 17 and my brother who is 16. Our mother uses a strap that she has had for years. We all started getting the strap when we were 9 or 10 and its usually over either panties or a bare butt.

Spanking is a good way of teaching a girl to behave, and a hard spanking is a good way of punishment if she doesn't behave.

I think it is okay to give a teenager a spanking maybe even on the bare bottom. But a teenager at most should only have to be spanked every once in a while. If you are spanked a lot are you repeating the same misbehaviors. If so it seems to me spanking isn't working and your parents should use a different punishment other than spanking.

I am a firm believer in corporal punishment partuicularly of teenagers. I spank my 16yo daughter when she has done something serious. Like staying over at afriends house without bothering to let us know. It is akwyas administered in the privacy of her room on her bare bottom. Both her mother and I are present. She is told to ***** naked below the waist. She then goes over my knee and is soundly spanked with my hand or for more serious offences a paddle. After about 25 to 50 strokes she is made to stand in the corner of her bedropom hands on her head for as long as I feel appropriate. She then joins us in the lounge when she is ready. It is painful and humiliating but then it is forgotten. I treat my wife in the same way.

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I was spanked on my bare buttocks and it was sometimes with a switch and it was sometimes with a belt and let me tell you having a switch on your buttocks hurts a lot

I am also a parent who spanks. I spank as a last resort and it only bare if its a bad situation. I have pulled back on the barebottom part since my daughter is now 15. My wife usually performs those. It would have to be really bad for her to get a barebottomed spanking from me. I will but only if its a must and my wife is not around. I hate spanking but feel its a must.

Different approaches for different kids. Yes, spanking is an effective tool when used correctly - mostly as backup for other techniques, but also to deal with specific behaviors.

As to how, well, that also depends. Is it a quick pop for talking back or other transactional discipline? Nothing special. Get caught drinking and smoking? That would be the full-blown ritual, which in my house involves them being ******** nude and the application of the belt. As to corner time, yes, use it liberally, followed by lots of discussion. Time to think is a good thing, but you need to process with them too.

Some of these posts make me want to vomit ypu people are going to have some messed up kids. Some of these even constitute sexual abuse.

I read a post here from a mother who made special spanking panties for their daughters punishments. They were for her modesty, sheer nylon and tight. If anyone can recall it I would dearly love to read it again for some tips in making same...

First lay over knee panties down 30 licks and 12 licks on the butt hole and stand in the corner with panties all the way down with a15 minute lecture.

smacks on the bumhole are so mean i get the every spanking :(

How so you get spanked on your bum hole??

How? And by your parents. Seems a little taboo

I was spanked till I was 14 bare bottom, by my dad. I never felt weird getting spanked by him because there was nothing weird about it. It was when I misbehaved or disobeyed. Disobeying got you 20 spanks and misbehaving earned you 10. Normally with a leather belt but before the age of 10 it was with a switch that I hand picked from a tree.

I don't feel like any child should be hit bare on their butt, but that is just my opinion, I feel like the hand is most effective. But at your age I don't think you should get hit bare on the butt. I think at your age you should be getting punishments like taking away any electronics you have or demoting your privileges because you would care more about those things then a 2-minute punishment with a 30 second after effect

Hand on panties often doesn't hurt enough to deter. I get spankings from my bf (not sexualised) but I will rebel again if they don't hurt a lot

Teenage girls (11+) most definitely should be spanked, but spanked expertly, by the same person, ideally a male. This is because although pain is one element shaming and embarrassment is vital. Removal of relevant garments with a feeling of formality is good, even though I often rehearse positions I intend the girl to be in, with her still in panties, thong or other underwear. When we start, she will be told which to take off, and she may protest accordingly. I inspect these, and ask her if she has 'done' anything since her last shower or bath. A 'yes' answer indicates an appropriate remedy may be needed. Now we are all set to begin ...

Naked below the waist, dressed above the waist. A good hand spanking followed by the paddle fro less serious offences and the cane for when they are really bad. Followed by about half an hours corner time with pants still down.

Tied spread eagle. Open handed slaps to your belly, your crotch and your nipples. Just hard enough to sting.

Laying on the bed on your stomach. Legs spread, lashes to your butt cheeks then angle to strike between your legs. Yea, there.

i know that and its mean !!

You need to be spanked, yes. I believe that all you need is a paddle, along with some baby oil. As you ay nude on the bed face down your father or mothers hand spreads baby oil over your bum, any talking, moaning, or blocking will result in 5 extra spanks with his belt. Or her hairbrush. Trust me, they add up. After your bottom is nice and shiny from the oil, you are sat up. Your father lectures you, while you are nude. After the lecture your legs are tied far apart and your hands are tied to ur back. The paddle spanks your bare bum, 20 swats. After if you earned more spankings, your father should bend you over the bed and tell you to open your butt cheeks, 5 or 10 or 15 or however many you earned, is administered onto th inside of your buttcrack. Afterwards it on a wooden stool bent over in the living room holding your butt cheeks open.

thats nearly what my parents do :(


I would like to hear your spankg experience

Why do I get the feeling that you were jacking off as you wrote that?

Seriously, guy "After your bottom is nice and shiny from the oil"

Hide your ******* power level.

I am a girl. I have never "jacked off" and I did not write this comment, my friend (whom also gets spanked/whipped/whatever you'd like to call it) wrote this when she was... Just a "tad" bit tipsy. I had no idea this was on here til about, well, when you posted it. Other times it was my friend. Apologies...

1. I was unaware females were incapable of ************. Thank you for enlightening me. Or were you simply trying to debate semantics?

2. A "tad" tipsy. Clearly. Thus the reason your friend failed to hide their power level. Since you are one of the only people who has actually responded to me I'll ask you the same question I've asked others here.

All you people circulating these teen/adult spanking stories... You're getting an erotic thrill out of it, yes? I wound up here while trying to find discussions of the legitimacy of spanking children, and instead I find **** like "His hungry eyes devouring my naked teen body." and "When your bum is nice and shiny"

Girls are capable of doing that but I have never been one to do it. I'm not getting an erotic thrill out of it I find spanking very harsh but it gets the message through to the person being spanked. I put part of this comment on here about all the way down to paddle, so not a lot but then my friend and I were having a sleepover and I left to go to the bathroom and apparently my drunk friend stumbled upstairs, we were previously at a party, and she apparently typed a bunch of crap in and sent it. I had forgotten I was saying anything by the time I got back, so I hadn't noticed it.

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A bare bottom switching with a ***** Willow switch careful de-leaved, or with a very thin, whippy garden stake. The switch stings like nothing else, but wears off within minutes of the spanking…unlike a paddle or belt.

I don't know about girls but my mom made me get naked lay on my bed and hit me with a belt for like 5 mins

When I spanked my live in gf teen age daughter , she was expected to ***** nude in my office, she must hand me the ping pong paddle, then lay across my knee. But when finished I made sure to caress her butt. Then she had to go ask her mom to forgive her, and stand naked in corner unti her mom said it was long enough

You percent that will mentally mess her up her boy friends she will pick
To odd sex acts

I get spanked with a belt and its jeans and panties down for me, I hate it it hurts and plus my dad just bought a paddle today and tomorrow I'm gonna be the first he uses it on

Best be good, then ;-). A serious question - where does a Dad go to but a paddle?

Ask your dad to try a switch instead of either belt or paddle. While the switch hurts, its sting immediately dissipated after the licking…unlike the belt or paddle, whose sting lingers.

Good luck! Tell me how it feels when he finishes

Up on all fours on the bed, pants and panties off, with the belt, as long as is required.

I always spanked my daughter over my knee and only used my hand. I let her keep her panties on util she was across my lap and then pulled them down when I started to spank her... after the spanking, I would pull them up before she stood. That way, she did could preserve a little modesty.

There is a father here he will make get striped down pantries to Spanish maid her get up and stand in the corner still bare then has to ask mom for forgiveness
That poor girl will have a messed up sex and dating

nothing wrong spanking your nude teen daughters *** if and when she deserves it and even just for fun sometimes

"and even just for fun sometimes"

So not even trying to hide the fact that you are a pervert, huh?

See people like you are the ones I like to haul to jail

if parents want real control over their teen daughters they should make them go nude around the house at all times, some parents don't think of that and some think it to lewd but if you think about it its the right thing

Pants and panties down, as you lay on the bed his hand smacks your azz cheeks. As your legs slowly spread, the hand begins smacking your very tender vagina until you climax. The other choice is to have your wrists tied above your head. A wet towel will be used to pop you on your butt and back. If you continue to be disobedient then as you hang by your wrists, the towel will be used to pop you on your belly first, breasts second then finally between your legs.

The towel will actually be popped directly on whats inbetween your legs?

I am a girl.

Yes. Right in your tender area. Across your bellybutton, down to your lower belly and the tender area between your legs. You may see it as cruel but it will get your attention. Placed on your back, hand slaps to your belly and pubic area sometimes may be needed. Have you ever been popped with a wet towel. Get a towel fairly wet, roll it up longways and pop it against an object. It should crack like a whip. I'm glad I have your attention.

I have been spanked with a hand in that area but not with a towel... Does that hurt?

Very much. It leaves red marks but will not cut the skin. Face down/face up? Did you climax?

My dad was snooping on my phone and hr did what u said. He smacked my butt and my legs slowly spreaded and he started smacking my vagina. It hurt very much and i was crying. I didny climax but i did start shielding and stuff so my dad finally had enough took off his belt flipped me over and held my legs open and started spanking it with his belt. It hurt so hard and he figured when im really baf,he will spank me there cause it caught my attention. He promised me if i ever shielded again i would be belted there for 5 minutes straight. He also added if i was ever worse then that he would ties my hands up above my head while im completely naked and tie my legs far apart while upright and pop me on the vagina with a wet towel for 10 mins. He sometimes did it to my bum,but never there...

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a firm hand is needed - the older, the more the lesson needs to be made. 15 and up, usually completely bare, and I use a belt.

in my teen years my mother would give me a whipping with a belt. got my last
One at about 18. Was still effective as it was at 12.

I find that punishments hurt a bit less as I got older, but they still hurt, even now!

the jeans came down as i got older to keep it effective. Wow that was a completely new level of punishment, the first time i got a whipping on my panties. Ouch

O think it's wrong. Parents should be allowed to smack a small child but the premeditated spanking of older children is not necessary and teaches them that hurting others is OK.

i am a father of 4 kids 2 of each i spanked then all and up till they was 16 i would be happy to reply to any questions you have

Spankings are good for your age you go through a lot of changes and I would say spanked in jeans or shorts by hand about 20 swats. That's not to bad. That's a positive reinforcement but not to strict.
Do you have a boyfriend?

No you should not be spanked. It's a crime; child abuse. There is a difference between swatting the bottom of a young child who is to young to understand reason and sexually abusing a teenage girl for the entertainment of male family members and friends. To have a teenage girl pull down her panties even in her bedroom for a bare bottom spanking by her father is a crime but to do it in public is sadistic. Shame on your parents. God will punish them for what they have done to you but they should not escape man's justice either. If you need help email me at mjlaris at g mail dot com.


God "thinks" this is wrong.......really..... you fell off something there guy.

No, if you believe that God abuses his children that you believe in a different God than I do and are likely a criminal child abuser yourself.


There\'s a huge difference between child abuse and corporal punishment. It\'s not child abuse if spanking is done to a person over 18. If done for personal pleasure to a person over 18 without consent it is considered sexual assault, but if done with their consent or past acceptance as punishment then that becomes corporal punishment and is accepted by many as acceptable form of discipline. Also to get into the religious topic God does not accept abuse but he does accept disciplinary actions as is shown quite often in the Bible especially in the form of loss (loss of life, slavery, etc.)

It is against the law to hit a dog in all 50 states; it is against the law to hit a prisoner in all 50 states; it is against the law to hit someone in the military in all 50 states. So, we can\'t beat a dog but we can beat a child. This is simply wrong and those who do it are sadists and criminals. As for the bible, it also saysthat you can beat your wife as long at you don\'t use a stick that is longer that the distance from your elbow to the tip of your fingers. Research shows that spanking children causes them to confuse paid and love and leads to serious sexual confustion later in life and sends the message that the might makes right. There are better ways to punish a child.

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I do not think anyone should be spanked unless they like it, do you like it? I think hitting anyone dose not help,only make it worst talking about things is better, like other people have writtin they are other ways

I was spanked up to my 18yrs. Mum obviously thought I needed it, I thought about it differently, of course. Now I think she was just fair to me

i think spank must be exceptionnal never with belt only with hands and speak with child is better than strike sorry

i gave my girls and boys the same bare over the knee more or less depending on what they had done i never spanked in front of others i always did it in there bed room

I'd go with "grounding" and removal of privileges instead. I appreciate that these days, it's hard to completely remove tv / internet / Ipads / Smartphones etc. from a young person's life, but no one ever said maintaining discipline was easy.

DD relationships can be a beautiful thing, but I think they have to be mutually consensual. Just my 2 cents.

In this case, then they are a great thing.

I could not agree with Kayleeann more. Maybe loss of phone, loss of ipod, being grounded, etc.