The Slumber Party

When girls get together for a sleepover at a friend's house, it goes without saying that they don't sleep. They eat munchies, talk and giggle all night, and when the sun comes up they finally conk out. I had my share of slumber parties when I was a teenager, and I miss those days.
When I was sixteen I was invited to my friend Faith's house with five other girls, all seven of us stuffed into Faith's room, equipped with sleeping bags and pillows. Faith's mom had provided sheet pizza and diet soda, together with a variety of flavored potato chips. Faith even had a television in her room, but our area only had three channels and they all went off the air after midnight. And of course, neither videotapes nor DVD's had been invented yet. This was the summer of 1975 and we were all headed for our Senior year of high school.
We sometimes got carried away with our chatter, and when that happened Faith's mom would knock at the door before opening it with a friendly warning. "Ladies, keep it down, please. It's late."
"OK. Mom," said Faith--and after a few minutes the noise and giggles would resume.
"Hey, keep it down!" warned Laura. "Your mom is gonna come up here and spank you."
"Naw, she won't," said Faith. "She's never spanked me in my life."
Joan looked at Faith in disbelief. "You never got a spankin'?"
"No," Faith admitted.
"Wow," said Rachel. "Your house must be like heaven!"
The other girls, including me, chorused "Yeah!"
"You mean," Faith asked, "you guys get spanked still?"
"Oh sure!" Joan said. "My mom uses the back of her hairbrush."
"So does my mom," I admitted. "Right on the bare!"
Faith asked, "You mean she takes your undies down?"
"She sure does!" I said. "Then she swats me right on the skin."
"My mom leaves my undies on," said Joan. "But it hurts just the same. She always says she's gonna burn my bloomers," Joan added with a laugh. The rest of us laughed too.
"Well," Faith asked, "how does she do it? I mean, does she put you over her lap or something?"
"Well yeah!" said Joan. "She puts me right over her knee and pulls my dress up. Then she paddles my underpants with her hairbrush."
"That's how I get it too," I said. "My mom takes me to the bathroom and pins up my skirt and pulls my panties down. Then she puts me over her lap and spanks me good. She even makes me count the spanks!"
"My dad spanks me," Sharon said. "He has this retarded stick. He makes me bend over my bed and he pulls up my skirt. Then he wallops me on the panties with the stick."
"You show your undies to your dad?" Faith gasped.
"Well sure!" Sharon replied. "That's how I get spanked. It's only my dad. He's seen my underwear. No big deal."
"My mom uses a strap," Laura said. "She makes me take my clothes off and stretch out on the bed with my butt raised up on pillows. Then she uses this big strap on me."
"You have to get naked?" I asked.
"Yeah," said Laura. "Everything off."
"But," I continued, "does anybody else see you?"
"Not usually," Laura said. "She takes me to my room and shuts the door. But if my sister is gonna get whipped too, my mom makes us both take our clothes off. And that strap really hurts. She dips it in water first so it really burns!"
"That's awful!" said Faith.
Cynthia got up and went for a square of pizza from the box on Faith's vanity bench. "Oh, I give my dad the championship when it comes to spanking!" she admitted.
"What does he do?" asked Laura.
"Well," said Cynthia, "he has this thing, you know like half a coat hanger. It's like a big wooden coat hanger broken in the middle so one side looks kind of like a little paddle. He makes me pull my underpants down and go over his lap. And boy, does he hit hard!"
Faith said, "I can't believe all you guys get spanked like little kids! Aren't you too big for that?"
"Doesn't Mr. Donaldo still paddle kids in school?" Cynthia reminded her. "I hear some of them are eighteen!"
"I never got the paddle," Faith said. "Did any of you guys?"
"No," we all said. I did not know that my experience with the principal's paddle was still nearly a year away.
"How about you, Barbara?" Faith asked. "Do you get spanked too?"
Barbara acted as if she were reluctant to share. "Yeah, I do," she admitted. "My mom uses a ping pong paddle from the rec room. She makes me pull sown my jeans and bend over this footstool thing, down on my knees. Then she paddles me with it. Sometimes she hits the back of my legs with it too."
"So does my mom," I said. "That really hurts!"
"Why don't your mom and dad spank you?" Cynthia asked Faith.
"They say they don't believe in it," Faith said. "They say there are other ways to correct a kid when she's naughty."
"Well like what?"
"Oh, I don't know," Faith sighed. "Like getting grounded in my room with the TV unplugged, or maybe not even having something like this sleepover. I think that would hurt worse than any spanking."
"Then," Laura laughed, "you haven't felt my mom's wet belt on your bare butt!"
Finally we all looked at Rachel, who hadn't really contributed to the conversation.
"How about you, Rachel?" I asked. "Do you get spanked?"
"Yeah, I do," Rachel admitted with the air of a girl who seemed reluctant to talk about it. "My dad cuts a switch and whips me with it sometimes."
"On your bare?" I asked.
"No, usually I have jeans on, or a skirt and he doesn't lift it up. He sends me to the garage and makes me bend over his workbench. It's not too bad, but it can really sting once he gets going!"
"That's how my mom used to get it," I said, "except it was on her bare. But that was in the olden days, when everybody got whipped in one way or another."
"Well," Faith concluded, "it seems to be alive and well nowadays too, with all you guys telling me you still get it!"
"What if," Cynthia asked Faith, "what if you did something like really bad and you asked your mom and dad to spank you? Do you think they would?"
"Oh I doubt it," Faith said. "It's just something they don't believe in."
"Maybe they ought to talk to our parents," said Cynthia.
"A lot of good that would do!" Rachel said.
"Besides," I warned the other girls, "none of these stories are supposed to get out of this room! I don't want any boys finding out that we get tanned with our pants down! They would never let us hear the end of it."
"Can we talk about something else now?" suggested Laura. "Like maybe boys?"
And so the conversation shifted to another lively topic.
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This brings back memories for me. Spanking was discussed at some of my slumber parties too.

Since most of us were spanked as teens, spanking would have been a topic of conversation at these \"all-girl\" slumber parties. You can imagine our surprise when we learned that our friend Faith never got a spanking in her life. And of course she was surprised that everyone else did!

I'd love to hear the conversation about boys.

After a while talking about boys became pretty mundane. "This guy likes you," "That guy's such a dork," "I wouldn't go out with that other guy if you paid me." The conversations were pretty clean too, and after a while you probably would have fallen asleep listening to them!

You don't appear to BADpam - rather GOODpam (lol)

Well I try my best. You probably know that I got this stupid nickname when my school friends found out I had been paddled. Originally they wanted to call me Olga Sorebutt.

Wonderful report, Pam. Please also report on any other gatherings such as birthday parties, high school bus trips, summer camp, etc.; any time that girls got together and talked about such things as getting spanked. We're all "ears". ;>

And, hey; did any of those slumber parties get "raided" by boys/boyfriends? I have some fond memories of such raids in the summer; girls in baby dolls running around the back yard in the middle of the night with boys chasing them. Now THAT would have gotten some girls spanked had their parents known about it.

To be honest, that's pretty much the only time we talked about spankings at a get-together. As you read, none of us had been paddled at school--not yet! So we couldn't share that little adventure. Even my sister Gretchen, who was paddled about a year after I was, never really liked to talk about it. But we didn't talk too freely about home spankings except at that party, and only because somebody brought it up.
We didn't get raided by boys, like in the old college panty raid stories. We stayed in Faith's room, ate pizza and chips, and drank diet soda--and talked and giggled a lot. Faith's parents would not have let boys near the property, much less chasing us around the yard in our baby dolls! Actually most of the girls wore pajamas or nighties. Nothing too sexy.

Wonderful story, but, speaking as a boy who was in high school many years ago, we all knew that many of the girls still got spanked. After all, many of you girls had brothers. And we all shared, too.

Oh, I'm sure there were some boys who knew about it, especially those who had sisters and who came from a spanking household. But I don't know how much detail went into your reports without revealing that you guys were spanked too. One detail that I did not tell my friends, even the most intimate, was that my sisters and I received a punishment enema after every spanking. That was just too embarrassing to reveal! I write about it on EP because I can hide in anonymity and not have to tell it to anyone's face!

I did notice that you left out the enemas when you girls were discussing your spankings and punishments. Actually, I didn't know any boys who were spanked past age 12. Teenage spankings, at least among the kids I knew, was pretty much a girls only punishment. How do i know? The girls who had brothers would complain about the double standard.

That's interesting, because we had the opposite double standard in Catholic grade school. Only the boys were paddled, and girls never were. This was a very old-fashioned notion. In some homes (very few!) parents thought it was very improper to spank a girl. And I know of a couple of cases where the boys were spanked on the bare but the girls were allowed to keep their panties on.

Barbara Walters never did investigative journalism this good. ;-) Amazing story

Well thanks! Of course this happened nearly forty years ago, so I can only approximate what was said at the slumber party. But I remember enough of it to realize that I was not the only girl in town to be spanked as a teenager!

Switch on jeans ? That does not make any sense. Paddles and canes can be applied on jeans, but switch certainly would require bare skin to be felt at all.

Well that was Rachel's house, not mine! My Mom would have had the target completely bare for the switch, as it always was for the hairbrush. Maybe Rachel's dad used a heavier switch and hit hard. She didn't go into too much detail, but I do wonder about that myself.