Laura Got A Naked Spanking!

At a slumber party in 1975 my friends and I were all about to enter our Senior year in high school. During the chat the subject of spanking came up, and just about all us girls revealed what we thought was a big secret. We were still getting spanked by our parents! The spankings were all administered in various states of dress or undress--on the jeans, with skirt up, across the panties, or directly on the girl's bare behind. My sisters and I got it by the last method. Our skirts were raised, panties skinned down, and hairbrushed on the bare skin until we could no longer sit! The girls at the slumber party thought that was pretty bad, until one friend, a pretty flaxen-haired girl named Laura, revealed that she and her sister always had to ***** bare naked for their spankings, which were given with a thick leather belt. That sounded just awful! After a while the subject was closed, so I didn't get to ask Laura any further questions about her parents' method of discipline.
I wondered about the necessity of having to ***** totally to the skin to receive a punishment that targeted one certain place of the anatomy. I came to realize the reason--complete degradation! I remember seeing Midnight Cowboy (after the initial X rating had been changed when it won the Oscar), and in one sequence the boy was spanked and given a large enema by either his mom or his grandma--I can't recall which. But I can recall that he was ******** completely nude while he lay over the woman's knee to get his bottom slapped. There are other references to naked spankings in the movies, for example A Raisin in the Sun, in which the boy is told by his mom to "get ready for your beating now"--implicating that he had to ***** down. When Singapore caning made the news after the Michael Fay case in 1994, it was revealed that the prisoner was forced to ***** completely nude before being bent over a wooden trestle to get what was probably the most serious "spanking" ever--complete with a doctor in attendance!
Being naked for a spanking removes all sense of dignity--or whatever is left of it after knowing that you are about to get your heinie tanned like a school kid! It is a feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. I know I felt totally unprotected when I had to stand there awaiting my hairbrush spanking with my skirts pinned up and my panties around my knees, but with the rest of my clothes left intact except for around the target zone. A totally nude spanking must make the intended victim feel so much worse!
One afternoon I went over to Laura's house to hang out in her room and chat. She lived close by in a farmhouse with her parents and younger sister. She had a nice bedroom that was festooned with stuffed animals, with a rather large teddy bear sitting on her light blue bedspread between her two pillows.
"Your bed looks comfortable," I remarked.
"Thanks," said Laura. "It is pretty comfortable for sleeping in--but not for getting spanked on!"
"Oh," I replied, "is that where they put you for it?"
"Yeah, that's the place!" Laura said with a little laugh. "Tammy gets it in her own room, but if we get whipped together it's always right here on my bed."
"You, said you had to get totally naked, right?" I asked with some hesitancy.
"Yeah," said Laura. "Mom tells me to get into my birthday suit. Everything off including my socks and my bra!" She thought for a moment. "Didn't you say you got spanked on the bare?"
"Well yeah," I admitted. "But only with my underpants down to my knees."
Laura's parents were at work, so we were alone in the house. This was all right because at seventeen we could be left unsupervised without the worry of burning down the house--hopefully.
"You want to see the belt?" Laura asked me suddenly.
"Well--okay, sure," I agreed.
Laura walked across the hall to her parents' bedroom and opened a dresser drawer, then returned to her own room carrying what looked like a curled-up ***** of black leather.
"This is it," she announced. "Ever go to the County Fair up in Whitney Point?"
"Sure," I said.
"They have this guy who makes leather goods at this booth. My dad got this there a few years ago." Laura unrolled the belt and revealed it to be a wide thick piece of tooled handiwork. It had no buckle, but was equipped with four snaps at the base end where a buckle could be attached. Decorations of western themes, such as six-guns and cowboy hats, had been hand-stamped into the leather. Overall, it was a beautiful piece of work. But I could only imagine how it would feel across my butt cheeks!
"Mom soaks the strap in water before she uses it on us," Laura explained. "That way it hurts like all get out!"
"I can only guess!" I replied, never having felt a leather strap, but having many experiences with Mom's wooden hairbrush.
Laura removed her teddy bear from the bed and folded down her bedspread.
"I have to ***** down to the bare buff and put my pillows down like this." She piled the pillows up into a mound down toward the middle of the bed. "Then I have to lie down on the pillows so my bare butt is poking up. Then Mom folds the strap in half and starts whacking me with it. Drops of water go flying everywhere!" she laughed.
"How many does she give you?" I asked curiously.
"The usual dose is five," Laura said. "If we do something really serious it's ten. And she lays it on hard, too."
She held up the edge of her down-folded bedspread. "It hurts so much that I stick this in my mouth and bite on it."
"Does she make you stand in the corner too?" I asked.
"Oh God, no!" Laura chuckled. "Do you have to do that?"
"Yeah," I said, "for an hour." Then I asked, "What happens next?"
"I dry my eyes, put on my clothes, and sulk on my bed for a while."
I admitted, "I have to leave my undies off for the night because it hurts so much!"
Laura said, "The belt feels like it's stripping the hide right off me! But it just makes these big welts across my butt.." Then she thought, "I'd better put this away before I get caught and have to feel it for going in my Mom's dresser!"
Laura returned the strap to its rightful place, then returned to her room.
"Well," she said, "now you know how I get it." She laughed again. "You gotta show me your hairbrush sometime!"
I agreed, "Next time you come over I'll show it to you. My Mom keeps it in the bathroom."
I sometimes still wonder how it would be to have to stand there naked for a spanking. When I was spanked my sisters always gathered together in the bathroom to watch the punishment. I was always so ashamed to have them see my bare rear end and watch it turn red. How would I feel to have not only that, but my front and my boobs exposed to their gaze as well? It must be terrible! As bad as my punishments were, I bet they would not hold a candle to a naked spanking!
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Another great story!

Did you want to try the belt on Laura?

Good lord no! I leave the wet belt to Laura's mom, who I'm sure did a very handy job of it.

So did Laura visited you and you showed her your mom hairbrush?

I don't think I did. The hairbrush was kept in the bathroom closet along with the enema set and the clothespins, so I really didn't want her to know I got an enema after the spanking.

In our house they were both kept together because they were always used together!

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Being publicly spanked as an adult is a bit more embarassing.

As a girl raised with bare bottom hairbrushings much like Pam describes, I can relate. But there have been times me or my sisters were made to be naked for spankings and Pam is right, it's VERY difficult to stand there with bush and boobs and buns on display, dreading Mom's brush or Dad's belt....!

I remember getting spanked in or right out of the tub a couple times by Mom but I was only five or six at the time. Having to ***** totally at the age of 16 would have been pretty weird, although I guess it's not that huge of a deal if only mom and sister saw. I was pretty self conscious at that age though and really didn't like anyone seeing me naked, even my sister or Mom. On the other hand, at that age a typical session with belt for me consisted of around 20 licks, and a bad one could be 30 or 40. Given the choice between 5 nude or 20 bare butt I think I would have gladly taken off the rest of my clothes.

I held that strap in my hands, and I would not have wanted even five lashes with that thing, especially wet down! Over the years I have come across many instances where the kid had to ***** down to his or her birthday suit for a spanking, so it's not so uncommon as to be called weird. And as I observed, it adds to the total humiliation of the spankee. I felt embarrassed enough to have my skirts pinned up and panties pulled down in front of my sisters without having to get naked for it! My sentences were usually fifty or sixty with the hairbrush, and they seemed never-ending. Laura told me that five to ten lashes were so painful that she had to chew on her comforter for relief.

Cute memory. I would have loved to have seen both you and Laura getting spanked, the hairbrush blistering your hiney and the strap making crisp welts across Laura's hiney

Yeah, I bet you would have! But as you know our spankings--and my school paddling--were relatively private, with no boys allowed!

That had to have given you butterflies tho - imagining the scene.

And I thought the hairbrush on my bare was bad! I can't imagine getting a wet strap of that size while totally naked. I probably would have been scared out of my mind, even though the average whipping was five lashes.

but - I bet you would have watched her getting it with the strap.

To be honest, I never liked watching anyone get spanked. I was made to watch the tannings of my two sisters and I always felt sorry for them. I even watched the boy down the road get spanked on his bare, and I didn't enjoy that either. So the idea of watching my friend Laura ***** naked and get hard lashes with a think wet strap would have been easy for me to pass up!

At least she was in her room. Imagine if it was in the living room. Read this guys story.<br />
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Yeah, I noticed that Laura was only whipped by her mom, but she and her sister Tammy were sometimes whipped together totally nude.

The exposure, and shame, is a key part of making a point with the discipline. I have talked with many who were punished in front of siblings or family members, even woman in front of their kids..