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I Think She Enjoyed It

well ever since i was like 13 my mom or my aunt would make me get naked before spanking aunt held and pulled my towel off me the first time letting all my sisters ,grandma and my sisters friends see my naked body.she saw my penis was really small .and told my mom you can spank him and hurt his ego my mom spanked my butt till it was bright sisters and their friends laughed .my mom came around the front of my and saw what the girls were laughing at..since then she made me get naked before spanking me.she would always say when i was being bad .stop or everyone will see that tiny inch of a penis she spanked me till i was 16 but imagine being a 15 yr old with the body of a 11 yr old being seen naked it brought lots of laughs and my mom didnt care where she did it at a store in church ata home it was all the same to her humiliation became my punishment as a teen
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I can not think k of a family member or friend that didn't see me spanked in all my glory growing up

I was over at my cousins house one day and my cousins mainly all older girls 22-27 at the time would spank me butt naked for enjoyment sometimes 2 or 3 of them would babysit me when I was 14 and sometimes they just told me to get naked as one of the would spank me while the other ones laughed I was hurt and embarrassed I wasn't doing anything wrong it would just be me watching tv while 2 of my cousins babysitting just said take your clothes off and I asked why they said off I took them off they told hands on the wall I bent over and they rubbed my butt and spanked me afterwards I was not allowed to put my clothes on and I would hav to walk around butt naked my advice is to not think much of being naked my cousins as I said are mostly older girls and most is them forced me to get naked at family gatherings while my 2 sisters all my cousins watched and laughed

after seeing me spanked by my mom. my baby sitter a male would bring his sister with him when he watched me and spank me bare in front of her

sick stupid fantasies.....
grow up......

I assure you this is no fantasy. I'm not here to fantastisize. I'm here to share my life experiences m Whith others who have similar experiences.I would not waste my time.Shareing information to somehow get off on it. I stand by what I have shared and promise it was and is part of my life experiences.What ever the reason for your attack on my caracter Go else wear I don't appreciate your calling me a liar.When I do not deserve your B S and nithetther does anyone else.

I used to be bad on purpose just so my mom would put me over her knee and spank me !!

I also was whipped totally naked in front of my sisters, her friends, aunt, my sisters girlfriends, mom would put me over her knee and lash me with the belt, on my butt, legs and back...then make me stand in the corner of the kitchen with my hands on my head until she said so...still nude

I find this story to be true to real life

I think she enjoyed it too! If your own mother strips you naked like that and make fun of your little ****, then she enjoyed it very much! I speak from experience, of course!

YES i Agree

Were you spanked totally naked, or just pants off? Good that mom didn't tease you about the size of your penis. How did you learn she wanted you stiff? Would it just happen for you, or did mom make you fondle your penis in front of her? I haven't heard this method before but it seems to have been effective for you.

My aunt used to spank me naked and she spanks me even now.<br />
Last month she spanked me and made me stand naked infront of mom and sister, its embarrassing

Fun experience! ;)

i Love the way you Look in your photo StrictJanet68 . your so Beautiful

I've shared those stories here in ep

i was spank naked by mom in fornt of my autn sisters na brothers an if mom had frinds over i was spank in forn tof them<br />
i have small penis also<br />
mom allways use brush for my spanking an some tiems as she pull dnw my panties she would have my sis get the hairbrush an thy watch

i was always Smacked on my bare bottom from when i was very young by my Mum and extended family .

it seems back then it was common for moms to spank children in frnt of others all the time bare botom it was they did not care or part of humilation,mom allways you get it now an if bad enough you get it later also she corrected on the spot not later not next day an for sure never took me to anohter room for my spanking

my step dad caught me jacking off with my mothers panties. I was licking the crotch of her panties, and he said if iliked licking her panties after he ****** her, i could suck his **** and get his *** fresh from him, instead of waiting until he ****** my mother and to lick up his ***. After that first time, my stepdad would make me suck his **** when my mother was at work. He would always make me wear her panties while i sucked his ****. He would *** to my room after he ****** my mother, and make me lick his and my mothers *** off of his ****. I now love to wear panties and suck ****.

You took it a bit far on that one.....

i agree with u lottifan she shouldve done it in private

i don't think you should have been humiliated in public that way.<br />
it should have been done in private

yeah she always used her hand and yes meaty thighs she would do it anywhere my family ran a church so yes she did it in there to

love that story esp cuz your mom spanked you as a teen! Did she use just her hand? My mom used to make me even get over her knee --- cuz she knew it was more embarrassing for me and always used to threaten a spanking in front of my friends.

love that story esp cuz your mom spanked you as a teen! Did she use just her hand? My mom used to make me even get over her knee --- cuz she knew it was more embarrassing for me and always used to threaten a spanking in front of my friends.

I got disciplined on my 13th birthday. Had broken some school rule and been sent home. My mother ******** me naked and used a belt on my legs, *** and hips. Had me bawling like a baby.

Did I understand correctly? She always ******** you naked for spanking and she also did it in public, at the store or church???

i might not have been so embarrassed if i wasnt such a late bloomer .but my mom anytime i started acting up she would say to me if you dont stop everyone will see your tiny pee-pee or sometimes she call it incher

It never happened to me, but i sure fantasize about it a lot.