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Mouth Washed Out, Then Pulled Out Of Bath Tub For A Hairbrush Spanking

It seemed like my grandmother loved to report to her friends when we got spanked.

My grandma visited with us frequently since she lived in the same town. Once around 9-10 years old when I was at her house her friend who came by to visit remarked about how well behaved I was. Good old gramma went on to say, as I stood there and my face got redder and redder from embarrassment:

"oh he's a good boy most of the time, but now and then his father has to give him a dose of the strap -- or his mother has to warm his hiney good and proper with the hairbrush."

The friend said "well I'll bet that doesn't happen very often" to which Gramma quickly replied:

"Well last week when I was there he rode off on his bike and went downtown and all over God's creation to places he knew darn well he wasn't supposed to go. His mother found out and when she asked him about it during supper he looked right into her face and tried to lie his way out of it to her. But it didn't work. So right after supper she sent him up to take his bath and an early to bed.

"But while he was still in the tub she went in, took a bar of Ivory soap and washed his mouth out good for lying to her. Then she took him out of the tub and got him dried off. Since he didn't have any clothes on it was a perfect time to spank him so she grabbed the hairbrush, took him down to his room and spanked his little hiney good and proper for disobeying her about riding his bike off the street. Then she put him to bed for the rest of the night"

Her friend said "I'll be he didn't like that!"

Gramma replied "You bet he didn't like it. I could tell by the way he was yelling and crying that he didn't like it. But it was for his own good!"
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He deserved it!

Yes, he did deserve it. A normal punishment dished out and enhanced by a mouth soaping for lying to his Mom. Happened to me more than once.




Great recollection. When my mother was mad bathtimes were scary moments. You knew her anger was simmering all day and once you were naked and vulnerable in the tub you were liable for a good thrashing. Our bathroom door did not lock and she had no qualms about busting in and spanking us (me and my older bro). I think it was a matter of opportunity for her -- she didn't have to waste the effort stripping us.<br />
<br />
Looking forward to hearing more from you.

I remember some "bath times" when tensions were high. All the right conditions existed for a thorough hiney warming and / or mouth soaping: bared heinies, a bar of Ivory soap, a hairbrush in the bath room, a hairbrus on mommy's dresser, and a couple of naughty boys who had been asking for a spanking all day long. Ha Ha Ha. I loved that comment which I heard now and then. I don't EVER remember asking for a spanking as a child.

Great story! I bet it had a great impact on you too! How did it feel to have your own grandma talking about you getting a naked spanking to another female? I'd imagine that must have been humiliating!

Well at the time I wish that I could just curl up and disappear into the carpet.

As far as my grandma telling another female, the gender of the listener did not register with me - the fact that she was blabbing about my spanking, and going into all the details to another person was most humiliating. My older sister did that sometimes, too! Check out my story "Quite a Spanking" if you're interested.

I didn't like my grandma telling her friend about how I got my mouth washed out with soap, either!

Wow great awesome story thanks.

Great story and image! I know the feeling of being the ob<x>ject of conversation. My Aunt frequently had her old maid friends over in the summer afternoons, and how I was doing was often commented on, especially what my Aunt and Uncle made to do to keep me being a "sweet little boy." She often talked about the last time she had to use the little paddle on me. The worst of course was the times I sassed or got into something when the friends were there. I got a dose of the paddle right there in the kitchen, on my bare bottom, with them watching. Both my bottom and my face were red from the embarrassment!