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Caning In A Co-ed Boardingschool

Some years ago a Christian Chartered Accountant friend asked me to become a “caretaker” Headmaster of a small co-ed boarding school just outside Ware in Hertfordshire. I was very diffident about this because although my parents and most near relatives were teachers I was certainly not of an academic nature.

However seemingly the matter was urgent because the current Headmaster who had been there for 16 years suffered a severe heart attack and could no longer work.

My friend promised that the appointment would be for just one term as they had a short list of possible permanent replacements. Therefore I arranged to visit the school and was shown round by a 17 year old girl and a 16 year old boy. I was very impressed by their courteous demeanour and that of all the other children I met but I was not impressed by the school itself though, it’s facilities were generally poor, the science laboratory was just a joke, there was no Gym, the dorms were very basic and although the school was set in extensive grounds (it was formally a large country house) there were no real sports facilities. However all the children who ranged in age from 8 to 18 were obviously very happy and well cared for, many of the older ones asked about the health of Mr Tomkins and said they hoped he would come back to see them sometime.

The Oaks was a small school having less than 100 pupils and within a few weeks of my starting I realised it was just not finically viable and needed to have at least 120 pupils to survive.

I was prepared to stay for 1 term and maybe 2, in fact I actually left 8 years later!

Having the huge responsibility was a real challenge and my first task was to increase the numbers. The Oaks was a special school set up in about 1920 for the children of senior Foreign Office staff posted overseas and children whose parents were Army and Navy officers also serving overseas.. The old records showed that in 1925 there were 150 pupils and this remained fairly static (except between 1939 and 1945 when it was taken over by the Army). The fall off in numbers commenced in the 1950s when of course there were less personnel serving overseas and downward trend continued. I spent much time publicising the school and when I eventually left there were 140 pupils.

Our school was never a place of great academic achievement, the parents wanted their children to be happy, learn to show respect to teachers, themselves and indeed anyone in authority. It was also mandatory that they had a very good grounding in English History and grew up with a healthy respect for the Monarchy.

Most of the parents were educated in Public Schools where the same basic educational requirements were paramount and of course where bad behaviour resulted in Corporal Punishment. The parents of our boys and girls expected and indeed demanded that if their offspring behaved badly they would acquire very sore bottoms. It was always my responsibility to pronounce sentence and in fact carry out the actual caning of the boys, the girls were punished by Matron who had been at the school for over 20 years and she also had the job of putting the 8 – 10 year old boys and girls across her knee and smacking them on their bare bottoms if they were naughty. She was “mother” too for the little ones.

During my 8 years at the school we built a new science lab, converted an outbuilding into a very acceptable gymnasium and even (with the help of relatives) created an outside heated swimming pool. Eventually there were 2 football pitches as well as areas for hockey etc..

Sadly the school has now become an upmarket country club but our beloved swimming pool is still used..

I hated having to cane boys on their bare bottoms (I firmly believe it should always be on the bare bottom), obviously the 11 year olds usually got just 3 strokes with a thin cane, as they got older the cane got thicker and from the age of 12 it was always “6 of the best” for both boys and girls.

I have never cold caned, the 11 year olds ended up across my knee getting their bottoms warmed up by a spanking before I caned them and the older boys were warmed up by a very thin whippy cane. Matron adopted exactly the same system.

When I had to cane I always tried to get the “culprit” to admit that he deserved and needed the caning before it actually happened, Matron did the same with the girls.

It was always our aim to get the children to accept responsibility which is why the 6th formers were prefects and they were responsible for maintaining discipline in the school. If they were all in 100% agreement they could give up to 3 strokes of the cane to other pupils but boys were allowed to keep their pants on and girls their knickers. Of course girls were punished by girls and boys by boys. Theoretically they could appeal to me against the caning but in all my 8 years only one person ever did so.

Both Matron and I caned hard, it usually took up to a week for the marks to fade, probably Matron had to cane slightly more frequently than me and it was very unusual for the cane to be used more than once a week The prefects caned in their study, Matron in her lounge and for me it was always “drop your trousers and pants followed by the dreaded words bend over my desk” which of course was in my study. Irrespective of age virtually all the children cried when caned, I found this very difficult but from personal experience I knew it really did hurt! Neither Matron nor I sent a child back to their class until they had partially recovered but usually we timed it so they could go straight to bed. We always checked them the following day and it was not unusual for them to thank us for caring enough to cane them.

Contrary to some other folks charged with inflicting Corporal Punishment at school we strongly recommended that children punished in school should not be punished again at home. This was particularly relevant as a few of our “new” children were not boarders.

Shortly after I started as Headmaster John and Juliet became head boy and head girl, they were both 17 years old and effectively “halfway” between teachers and children. They cared for the little children who sometimes were homesick and were always available to any children of any age who needed help about anything which they felt unable to discuss with either teachers or Matron. John and Juliet were respected by teachers and children alike which is why the following event was so traumatic for everybody concerned.

One of the first things I did was to set up the “Prefect’s Study” where they could in fact study, deal with erring children and generally relax, maybe play their own music. The study was furnished with 2 armchairs and a settee (donated by parents) and there was a kettle, toaster etc. It was a privilege to have access to this “private” study, only prefects were allowed in (unless younger children were summoned by a prefect because of bad behaviour) and there was an unwritten rule that it was never occupied by just 1 girl and 1 boy). Often 6th formers had spare lesson periods for study and on one such occasion I needed to talk with John and Juliet about an event we were helping with in the village.

I went to the Prefect’s study and was horrified to find Juliet sitting on the settee with her blouse and bra undone. John’s trouser zip was down and as I entered the room he speedily pulled his hand away from Juliet’s left breast.

The only good thing about this was the fact that it was me that found them, not another teacher or even worse one of the younger children who would have been very distressed to see their “idols” behaving in that way.

I marched both of them straight back to my study and pointed out that I was bound to report them to the Governors who most probably would demand their expulsion. This would have been a disaster because although they both had University places provisionally offered they were subject to final school reports. I spoke to each of them separately John said he had undone Juliet’s blouse and bra and his own trouser zip, in fact he was totally to blame for everything.. On the other hand Juliet said that although she had not touched John’s trousers she had undone her blouse and bra, she added that she then put John’s hand on her breasts Clearly they were trying to protect each other by taking all the blame themselves. The question now was how to proceed, for some time it had been obvious to me that they were in love but they had both put their entire future at risk because of a foolish lapse.

I was minded to give John a very severe caning on his bare bottom, possibly 18 strokes in 2 doses a few days apart and to conveniently forget to record this in the punishment book and therefore the end of term report. The problem was Juliet, I would be taking a tremendous risk if I even thought of caning this 17 year old young women on her bare bottom. I could not ask Matron to do this because she would put it into her punishment book, subsequently it would therefore be on her end of term report.

Then I had an idea, one of the school Governors was a fairly fierce retired Vice Admiral who was Juliet’s Uncle, he was her guardian and she stayed with him for most of the school holidays. I decided to telephone him because I knew he was 100% in favour of Corporal Punishment and I seemed to remember hearing that he was not averse to caning Juliet when she needed it. It was my intention to punish John myself and ask the Vice Admiral to come to the school and cane Juliet. I discussed this with Juliet who confirmed that during the last summer holiday he had caned her not once but twice, when pushed further she admitted that on both occasions he gave her “6 of the best”, one “dose” on her bare bottom. She said that her Uncle caned far harder than Matron.

I rang Uncle Charles to suggest he came up from Portsmouth to deal with his niece, he replied “sorry old man but can’t do that, fell off my horse and have broken my arm” .He went on to say “don’t see the problem though, just do it yourself, I am now Chairman of the Governors as well as being Juliet’s guardian”. I was still pondering this when the phone rang, it was the Vice Admiral back he said “have just remembered that tomorrow the girl will be 18 get her to sign a consent form and I will write and instruct you what to do. Since it looked as though I was going to have to deal with Juliet myself I decided I would quiz “Uncle Charlie” about what actually happened when he caned her.

Seemingly on the first Saturday of the Summer holidays she asked him if she could go out that evening with friends, he knew them and gave permission but said she must be back by about 10 pm as they were going riding (he had given her a horse and she was a very good horsewoman) at 8 am the next day. He waited up until midnight but she was still not back, he was becoming very angry, went to bed but stayed awake until she returned at about 12 30am. She crept upstairs and as she reached the landing he shouted “come here girl”. She came into his bedroom and started to say how sorry she was, he stopped her and said “you will be when you go to bed tomorrow night”. She told me she knew that she would be going to bed with a sore bottom. I asked the Vice Admiral why he did not immediately cane her and he explained he tried to never administer Corporal Punishment when he was angry and also he knew that if he did cane her then she would not be able to ride in the morning, he had already arranged that they would go to a friend’s house for breakfast. He told me that they had their ride, breakfast and later a long walk on the Downs but Juliet was very subdued. She told me she could not bear the “waiting”, she knew she would be caned but not when. They spent the evening in the lounge, he was reading and she listened to music on headphones. At about 9 pm he suggested she should go to bed “as they were out riding again early on Sunday morning.”.

He told me that 10 minutes later she came down in her pyjamas and had was carrying his cane. Apparently she just said “please do it now Uncle”, he told her to bend over the back of the settee, he pulled her trousers down and gave her 6 really hard strokes of the cane on her bare bottom. She jumped up and down, sobbed and kept crying out “oh my poor bottom”. When the punishment was finished he pulled her trousers up, took her into his arms, helped her upstairs and stayed with her until she fell asleep. They did not go riding the next morning!

He caned her again during the last week of the holidays, he had his own yacht and was Commodore of the sailing club. Some months before he had the boat re-furbished with new sails etc and was hoping that he would win the Regatta that day. Juliet loved sailing and was a very competent crew member (some of the lads in other crews reckoned she was decorative too in her very short shorts!). The race was going well, she was at the tiller and lost concentration when some of the lads on other boats were shouting and joking with her. Suddenly they were head straight at one of the boats, the other crew member of Uncle Charles’s yacht leapt across, grabbed the tiller, averted the collision and fell overboard. Hardly the sort of behaviour you would expect from the Commodore’s crew! They certainly did not win and in fact were in the last 5 to complete the course The club social that evening was great fun but Juliet said that although she joined in her mind was on other things, particularly her bottom!

They went riding next morning as usual and she hoped that her Uncle had forgotten about the disaster yesterday. After breakfast he told her to get changed from her riding habit and come back downstairs to his study. His cane was on his desk, he told her to bend over, her knickers were almost in view, he lifted her mini skirt and she felt his cane pressing her bottom. Nothing was said but she knew her Uncle had raised the cane quite high because she could see it in a mirror over his desk, there was the usual terrifying “swish” and then it landed in the middle of her bottom. She told me that somehow it seemed to hurt more than before although she had her knickers on and she remembered that her Uncle made her pull them up very tight before he started caning her. She got 2 more real stingers and was told she would get the other 3 the next day. So they were still able to ride the next morning and after the ride she got another 3. Because of my own potential involvement with her bottom I asked her Uncle why he let her keep her knickers on, his gruff reply was “no point in pulling them down my boy, they were like 2 postage stamps and transparent so I could still see what I was doing and in fact the target area was bare”

However when the letter arrived next morning the Vice Admiral specified that Juliet should be caned on her bare bottom. I summoned both of them to my office and told them what I was going to do. I told Juliet to write letter of confession which would include her promise to never behave like this again. It also had to request that I should severely cane her on her bare bottom so she could never forget her promise. Nevertheless I asked Juliet if she had a pair of thin brief knickers which she could wear when I caned her, she responded by asking whether I would be caning John on his bare bottom (which of course was the normal procedure) I confirmed I would and she demanded to be punished in exactly the same way. She also said she wanted both of them to be punished at exactly the same time. I asked her to clarify, she looked at me as though I was stupid and said “every other stroke for me and the same way for John.” How could I do this without them being able to see each others bare bottoms, suddenly I came up with a solution.

I told John to go behind my long desk, drop his trouser and BEND OVER (those words still terrify me). I told Juliet to stand in front of my desk, take her skirt off and BEND OVER.

I then told them I was going to use the lower school cane to warm their bottoms up and said that when they were ready they were to thank me for the warming, promise to never again betray the trust that had been placed in them. I told Juliet that she then had to ask that I pulled her knickers down and caned her very severely on her bare bottom so she would never forget her promise. I did the same for John and told them to hold the other side of the desk with one hand and suggested that they could just hold each other’s right hands.

I started on John’s bottom first, after a dozen or so he thanked me for warming his bottom, asked me to pull his pants down and give him the severe caning he knew he needed. I told him to pull his pants down himself and went to the front of the desk to deal with Juliet.. After about 6 whacks with the lower school cane she whispered “I know I have been very naughty, please pull my knickers down and cane me so hard that I can never forget what I did. and therefore not do anything like that again. As soon as I pulled her knickers down she started quietly sobbing and I knew I was going to find it difficult to give her the punishment she deserved and needed.. I could see she was gripping John’s hand very hard and was sort of shivering. I asked who wanted the first stroke and they both said “me”.

As I had just pulled Juliet’s knickers down and was at the front of the desk I picked up the upper school cane, pressed it hard against the middle of Juliet’s lovely creamy white bottom to leave a mark at which to aim, lifted the cane high in the air and brought it down very hard on her bottom. I noticed John flinch as he heard the sound of the cane landing on his girl friends bare bottom. For a few seconds there was total silence, she started sobbing pitifully and kept saying “oh my poor bottom, oh my poor bottom!”

I moved to the back of the desk, laid the cane on John’s bare bottom, measured the distance so the tip would land in the middle of his right cheek, I lifted the cane high in the air, and brought it down very hard on his bare bottom. In an instant he screamed with pain, his bottom started jumping up and down and he was shouting “no,no,no!”

I moved back to the front of the desk, measured the distance carefully and Juliet got her second swinging stroke. It landed just a little below the first one, she shouted with pain and was gripping John’s hand so tight that I could see 2 of his fingers were dead white. I moved to the back of the desk, laid the cane on John’s bottom, lifted it higher than before and for a moment I feared the cane might break as it hit his bottom. He sort of roared, leapt up and was shouting with pain as the pain really sunk in.

It was time to return to Juliet, I warned her that I was going to give her 2 very quick hard strokes and said she must stay still so the second stroke would be on her bottom and not across the top of her legs. I saw her grab John’s hand, lifted the cane high in the air and brought it down very hard on her bare bottom. She screamed with pain and was still screaming when, 10 seconds later, the cane again bit into her poor little bottom.

I moved to the back of the desk and John got the first of his 2 fast strokes, I knew it was very hard and terribly painful (which is what was needed), he screamed, his bottom was jumping up and down, he could not control it which is why his second fast stroke was almost across the tops of his legs.

It was time for Juliet to get stroke number 5, I did not and indeed could not spare her, it was very hard and very painful. By now the marks were really showing and there was no doubt about the target area .for stroke number 6. There was a problem though because she only had a small bottom and there was no “spare space”. I warned her that the next stroke would hurt even more because it would be on the same place as one of the previous ones. To my amazement she gasped out “do it very hard I deserve it”. I did, she screamed in pain and lost total control of her bottom which was jumping up and down, her whole body was quivering fom top to toe!

It was time for John to have strokes 5 and 6. His bottom was a little larger than Juliet’s, stroke number 5 had him shouting please no more, please no more. Of course this did not affect anything and I speedily landed stroke 6 which I knew was very hard. He jumped up, started rubbing his bottom. This was not permitted so I told him to bend back over the desk and I gave him 1extra stroke for moving without permission. He quickly learnt this lesson because by now he too had no uncaned area on his bottom. I made him clearly understand that this was an extra stroke and not part of his basic punishment.

I felt sorry for poor little Juliet, she was trying so hard to stay still, I asked her what she most wanted and she said “to rub my poor bottom”. I gave her permission to do this and as she did so I could see the relief she felt. That relief was short lived though because very soon I had to say “that’s enough, BEND OVER again”. She obeyed immediately, I told her to push her bottom out and speedily delivered another hard stroke. I decided that strokes 8 and 9 would be “diagonal cross” strokes, I knew these would sting a lot because each stroke would cross the other 6 and where they crossed the other strokes there would be spots of enhanced “double sting”. My father taught me this ploy and always used it with strokes 5 and 6 when he gave me “6 of the best”. I took very careful aim so the cane started at the lower edge of her left cheek and finished at the top of the right one.. Almost instantly the extra spots of “double pain” could be seen, her tears were pitiful and I found it hard to deliver stroke number 9 with sufficient force but nevertheless her reaction as this stroke landed at the bottom of her right cheek and finished at the top of the left one I was satisfied me that I had not weakened.
She was just sobbing, her tears were flowing like a waterfall and I knew she would never forget this night.

It was time to go to the back of the desk to deal with John, although I had actually given him 7 strokes it only counted as 6 because he had got 1 extra stroke for moving without permission.. As a little time was taken up giving Juliet strokes 7,8 and 9 the marks on Johns bottom became more pronounced and I could see I had been very accurate. I told him to lift his bottom and stick it out and I could see his penis was erect. He obeyed and I delivered a real stinger to his raised bottom, this made him howl like an animal in pain. It was then time for the 2 special cross strokes, exactly the same as I hade given to Juliet. The results were quite dramatic, he kept shouting “no more, no more”, he was really panting and struggling for breath. I knew that he too would never forget this night. By now Juliet had taken 9 strokes and John had actually had 10 although one did not count.

I came back to the front of the table, reminded Juliet that she was going to get a total of 18 strokes and asked her how many more she wanted now. She gasped out “3 more hard ones please”. I granted her request, when I had finished her bottom looked like a pattern of railway lines leading into Kings Cross Station. She was totally exhausted and could not even bother to pull up her knickers when I told her to get up from the desk. She could not stand straight and sort of staggered out of the room, she was going to her dormitory but my wife saw her and suggested she stayed in our quarters that night.

I am sure John’s roar as I gave him his last 3 strokes could be heard throughout the school. He too could hardly stand when I told him to pull his trousers and pants up to stagger back to his dormitory.

The next morning after assembly I called them separately into my office and looked at both their bottoms. John was first, I told him to drop his trousers and pants and I could see I had done a good job. After he was dressed I sent him into my Secretary’s office whilst I called Juliet in. I told her to drop her knickers and lift up her skirt, again I had obviously aimed well. I could see where virtually all the strokes had landed, there was’nt one out of place. I reminded them that there were 6 more strokes to come and suggested they had better return for these sometime in the next 4 days. Since the pain of the cane is cumulative I wanted to make sure that when I gave them their last punishment it would be on a bottom that was still painful.

I confess I was somewhat surprised when, very hesitantly, Juliet said “Please Sir give us another 2 now, we want to get it over with as soon as possible”, I looked at John and he said “yes please Sir, another 2 now”

From personal experience I knew how they were feeling, as a teenager when I behaved badly I had to wait (standing in a corner of my bedroom without my pyjama trousers on) for my parents to come and spank my bottom before giving me 6 very hard strokes of the cane on my bare bottom. In one way I dreaded hearing them coming up the stairs but in another way I was glad because I too wanted to get it over with.

I knew that John and Juliet had free first and second periods in which to recover from another caning so I told Juliet to go through the interconnecting door to my Secretary’s office and wait until I called her.
I sat on a chair, told John to take his trousers off and go over my knee for a good smacking to warm his bottom up (I never cane cold). Although he still had his pants on I knew from the oohs and aughs that I was not only warming his bottom up but also re-activating the pain from last night’s caning. I probably gave him about 10 hard smacks on each cheek and 10 in the middle as well. I have no doubt that his bottom hurt more than my hand. I then told him to go to the back of my desk (where he was last night) and BEND OVER!

I called Juliet in, told her to tuck the back of her skirt into the waist band, pull her school gym knickers up tight and go across my knee. She got the same dose as John and after the first 10 hard smacks she was wriggling her bottom around and kept saying “it hurts, it’s stinging, please no more, my bottom is very hot” I told her to get the cane and then said the most terrifying 2 words in the English language BEND OVER. She obeyed instantly and without prompting said “I know I have behaved badly, please pull my knickers down and give me 2 hard strokes of the cane on my bare bottom” I was pleased she had remembered because it meant the first part of her punishment had really had the desired effect!.

There was no part of her bottom that was not carrying the marks of my caning the night before so I decided the middle of her bottom was best for the first stroke. I raised the cane high in the air and as I took aim for her poor little bruised bottom I was sorely tempted to be gentle, I could see she was trembling with fear but I knew how vitally important it was for this punishment to be unforgettable. I did not relent, I brought the cane down hard and fast, the cane cracked into her bottom, for a moment there was total silence. and then all hell broke loose. She screamed in pain, her fists were clenched as soon as I made her bend over and now she started pummelling them on the desk. Her bottom was jumping up and down and she kept lifting one leg and then the other. I sternly told her to be still and warned that if she was not she could end up with the second stroke across the top of her legs. Her self control was amazing, she instantly controlled herself and not only was perfectly still but actual pushed her bottom out to take the second stroke in the right place. I did it hard again, she started sobbing, I gently rubbed her bottom and pulled her knickers up. I sent her back into my Secretary’s office whilst I punished John.

Although his bottom was a little bigger than Juliet’s he too did not have anywhere that was not marked by my cane (of course actually he had 1 more stroke than Juliet). For John it was equally important that this punishment was “unforgettable” so I brought it down very hard indeed on the middle of his already badly marked bottom. He reacted in more or less the same way as Juliet except that he was stamping his feet up and down. I told him to be still and warned him what might happen if he was not when he got the second stroke. He did not have the same self control as Juliet and although I tried to avoid it the second stroke was across the top of his legs. It was this stroke that was the last one to fade.

I looked at their bottoms the following morning, the last 2 strokes were very evident but the earlier ones had merged into a single large bruised area.. They were both very quiet all day and I noticed that neither of them went swimming that evening although it was very hot. I imagine they would have loved to feel cool water on their hot sore bottoms and although John’s swimming trunks would probably have concealed the marks of my cane he would have had major difficulties with other boys seeing him in the shower.
As for Juliet, as she was a 6th former she would have been allowed to wear a Bikini instead of regulation girls school swimming costume and her Bikini knickers would certainly not cover the marks made by my cane!

They both got their last 4 strokes 2 days later, they shuddered, wriggled, cried out in pain but not once did they ask me to stop. I did not spare them, they were in as much agony as I was when as a 16 year old I got 24 strokes of the cane on my bare bottom in the course of 7 days.. My severe caning changed my life and the caning I gave to John and Juliet changed theirs too Just before the end of this narrative you will learn how effective their severe caning really was!.

Very wisely John and Juliet decided to go to different Universities, they felt it was sensible to have some time apart and mix with other youngsters of their own age and in a different environment. Juliet went to Leicester where she trained as a P.E. teacher and John went to Cambridge where he did very well and gained in 3 separate science degrees.. At the conclusion of their period at university they became engaged and we were delighted that they wanted to use our hall for the engagement party.

Exactly 18 months later they used the hall again, this time for their Wedding Reception. Juliet had 4 bridesmaids 2 from the upper school and 2 little girls from the lower school. The 5th and 6th formers hosted the reception and provided all the catering etc. The other children decorated the hall very beautifully. The only “blot” on the horizon was the fact that all service personnel had leave cancelled because of an international crisis in the Far East. This meant that Juliet’s Dad could not be present to give her away during their marriage in St Mary’s Church in Ware. The obvious alternative was her Uncle Charles who had been her guardian throughout her time at The Oaks. Sadly this was not possible because the Vice Admiral now had bad health and in fact died 6 months after the wedding.

I was overjoyed to be asked to act as a “substitute Father” and I promised to be very discreet in my speech at the wedding. I spent some time with them both in the weeks leading up to the wedding and in a private “man to man” talk with John he confessed he was worried about the wedding night, he feared he might not be able to “do it right”. I am sure I was of help. Some weeks after their wedding I spent sometime chatting with Juliet and I gathered that the wedding night was a brilliant success and the best day of her life.

In the car on the way to the Church Juliet voiced some similar fears and she also had discussions with my wife to whom she was effectively closer than to her mum who she seldom saw. As a result of these “private” talks we found that she would be going to John as a Virgin Bride and this thrilled us. Juliet referred to this again in the car and said that although they were often tempted and certainly had opportunities for pre-marital sex it never actually happened. Juliet said that they never forgot the caning they got as 6th formers at school and it was this caning that kept her as a Virgin. Some months later John said exactly the same thing.

I know that sore bottoms can result in super sex but I also know that the threat of getting a sore bottom can sometimes ensure that sex happens at the right time and right place.

It was my pleasure to organise that the School Governors paid for John and Juliet to spend their wedding night in one of the Bridal Suites at the sumptuous Fanhams Hall Hotel on the outskirts of Ware.

At their wedding Juliet said she wanted the words “and obey” to be included in their wedding service and so this happened. She told me that although their life together would always be one of mutual respect she wanted John to take major decisions and be “the boss”. She actually said that she would always respect John’s wishes and expect to be punished if she disobeyed him. I asked her what she meant about “being punished”, she looked me straight in the eye and said “I think that is a stupid question Sir, I hope it never happens but if I do disobey John I expect him to cane me like you did at school”. I had not realised that she hoped John would in one way emulate my behaviour towards her.

This surprising conversation took place some weeks before the Wedding and I still had the cane I used to punish them many years earlier. It was of an unusual light colour, most canes in use at the time being dark. I spoke with the manager of Fanham Hall Hotel and asked for access to the Bridal suite on the morning of the Wedding. As we were paying the bill this request caused no problem, the suite was “made up” when I arrived and I easily slipped “their” cane into the bed!

When they returned from honeymoon Juliet thanked me for the present of the “actual” cane. I asked if it had been used yet and she again gave me the sort of look that again suggested I was stupid. She told me that she found it first and she confessed to John that she had spent a lot more money than they had agreed on for some of the wedding preparations. That night John gave her the first of many canings she received (and probably still does) during their marriage.

I was very happy when Juliet phoned about 6 months later and asked if she could come and see at school. I suggested she came to the staff room for afternoon tea but I became worried when she said she really wanted to see me privately. I quizzed her but she just said she needed my help in “sorting out a problem”. I could not imagine anything could possibly have gone wrong with their marriage but nevertheless I was worried.

She duly arrived at the appointed time and came straight to my study, we chatted about a wide variety of topics and it seemed we were never going to get to the reason for the visit. Finally I said “Thank you for telling me all these things but why have you really come?” She flushed quite red, pulled the cap off the long cardboard tube she had brought with her. It contained the cane I had given them as a wedding present and it was cracked in the middle. I asked how on earth John had done this and what she had done to deserve such a hard caning. I reminded her that many years ago I had taught him how to cane when he became head boy with a responsibility for caning younger children. She blushed even more and said it was not John who had broken the cane, she had done it! It seems that John had behaved very badly (I asked whet he had done and she politely said this was just between husband wife) he was very contrite, she was ready to forgive him but he insisted she must give him a good caning.

I gathered at this point that the cane was often used for ”play punishments” when they found how much it enhanced their sex life but this caning was for real.
Seemingly this was the first time she had caned John “for real” although she confessed that 2 or 3 times she had been caned “for real”. She told me she was giving him “6 real stingers” as she described it. By the time she had given him 5 hard strokes he was jumping about like mad and instead of making him control himself and stay still she raised the cane even higher, swung it down on his bare bottom but somehow also hit the edge of the chair and this is what broke the cane.

I pretended to be cross because she had broken school property and asked her what happened to any pupil who did this. She looked really scared and quietly whispered “they get their bare bottoms caned”.

I responded by saying “quite correct and that is what you deserve don’t you – 6 of the best”. Very quietly she said “yes but I am not now a pupil, I am a married women” I said “and that is why you are not going to get 6 of the best on your bare bottom, only one person has the right and responsibility to do that and his name is John”. However I am going to give you a good spanking and I may have to satisfy myself that I give you the most suitable replacement cane..

At this stage I pulled her across my knee, lifted her skirt up and espied the briefest most thin pair of knickers I have ever seen. She started saying “I know I have been careless and deserve to have a sore bottom but please don’t pull my knickers down – please not on my bare bottom.”. To be perfectly honest I just could not see the problem because the wisp of nylon she was wearing was virtually transparent and certainly nowhere nearly covered her bottom.. I am still quite good at smacking bottoms as well as caning them, by the time I had given her about 10 smacks on each cheek she was blubbing like a baby and pleading with me to stop. I actually gave her 12 hard smacks on each cheek before I let her get up and wipe her eyes.

I then told her to tuck the back of her mini skirt into the waist band and BEND OVER the chair I had just been sitting on. She did not hesitate for a moment and after bending over and showing how hot her bottom was after her spanking she said “How many?”. I said “how many do you think you deserve” and she replied “maybe just 3 and please do not pull my knickers down, please not on my bare bottom”. I reminded her that now only 1 person was entitled to pull her knickers down and cane her on her bare bottom. I went on to say that even her Father had no right to do that, she said she doubted whether he would know how to do it, he had never caned her or even smacked her bare bottom because he was away so much. In reality it made no practical difference whether I pulled her knickers down or did not they were so thin, very brief and virtually transparent. There were no marks on her bottom, just the reddening which I caused by spanking her. I told her to lift her bottom up and push it out, again she obeyed. I lifted the cane quite high and brought it down smartly on her lovely little bottom. She gave a yelp but stayed quite still. I told her she could get up now but to my surprise she said “give me one more please Sir, I am ready now.”. I raised the cane higher this time and brought it down harder, she cried out in some pain but said “thank you, I deserved that” This was the final time that Juliet was caned by me but I know John caned her whenever she deserved it and whenever she purposely misbehaved. Very quickly I could see the marks from her 2 strokes of the cane appearing on her bottom and a week or so later she phoned to tell me that they just faded.

Just over 2 years after they married she gave birth to a lovely little boy, he was Baptised in St Mary’s church in Ware and I was his Godfather.

Sadly I now have very little contact with them because 4 years after they married they emigrated to Canada.

The facts, events and locations in this story are true but some names have been changed although pupils at the school at the same time as “John” and “Juliet” would certainly recognise them.

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I had just turned ten years old. I remember it like it was yesterday. For Christmas that year I had received from my mother a little toy car in a box. I was very disappointed. I wanted a bicycle. I did not play with such toys anymore. My mother had told me that if I came in the first three in the class I would get a bicycle. Well, I came fifth, and I was very proud of myself. I had never done so well before. I had really tried my best.
My mother had a friend, Ante Joan. Her name was Joan Large, and she was large. A big strong woman, with red hair and freckles all over her. She was built like a man. She was at my mother’s house almost every day, all day. I did not like her, and she really did not like me at all. She was a lot older than my mother was, and she had a great influence over my mother, and mother would always listen to her, and did whatever she suggested. She was on my mother’s case all the time to take me in hand. She would tell my mother that because my father was always away working and not being able to teach me, it was up to my mother to teach me, and to bring me up as a hard working man. She said that I would become a lazy good for nothing man if things did not change. I am sure that she put my mother up to giving me that little toy car.
However, Ante Joan was at the house that Christmas morning when I received the gift and showed such disappointment in getting the toy car. It was early, about 7:00, I was still in my pyjama shorts with on top and no shoes. My father was not at home as usual, he was always at work. This gave Ante Joan the chance she had been looking for, and so she started on mother. “When are you going to teach this boy to respect you?”
Ante Joan convinced mother that I should be given a good hiding to teach me to respect her. (I was a bit cheeky to mother). Mother agreed that I should be taken into hand, but was not sure as how to give me this hiding. So Ante Joan stepped in. First she phoned my father and told him that mother was going to give me a big hiding, because I was cheeky to her, and that I had complained about the present she gave me, and does he object. He said no, not at all. Then he said that If mother is going to give me a hiding then I must deserve the hiding. Ante Joan said that my father would give me a real good hiding if mother did not, and so she said that the hiding would have to leave marks for Father to see.
Ante Joan said she had just the right thing to punish me with.
Ante Joan lived only two doors up the road, so off she went home to fetch it. When she returned she had a cane in her hand.
She gave it to mother and told me to ***** of all my clothes. When I refused she hit me hard with the cane across my back and said that she will beat me until I listen to her. I knew she was serious, so I ******** fast and stood naked before them. Then she told mother to give me 6 of the best. I had to bend over a chair, and mother hit me six times with the cane. It hurt a bit, but mother was not used to using the cane. She had only used her shoe on me, and not on a naked bum. It stung a bit but not bad at all. It did not make cry, but I pretended that I was crying.
Ante Joan laughed and said that Father would not be able to believe that I had been given a hiding. I was made to bend in front of her while she inspected my bum. She asked mother if she could show her how to use the cane. Mother said yes, she would be happy to learn.
I was told to bend over the chair again. Joan took the cane and landed a good cut right across my bum using all her force. . It felt like a burning fire had started in my bum. I was running about the lounge rubbing my bum and crying in pain.
She waited a few seconds and then called me to bend over in front of mother. She showed Mother how the mark had started to rise up and turn purple. She told me to bend over the chair again. I refused and said I would tell my dad. Ante Joan did not argue with me, she just phoned my father, and then gave me the phone. “Tell you father that you will not allow us to give you a hiding,” she said to me. I tried to explain to my father what was happening, but he said that if do not allow a woman to give me a hiding he would give it to me double when he got home.
I told my father that I would obey them, and so I bent over the chair again. Ante Joan told mother to give me a stroke with that cane. Mother tried but did not hit nearly as hard. Ante Joan laughed and took the cane again. She told me that if I jumped up and ran about the room like a boy again, the stroke would not count. She said that mother must learn how to cane me, so watching was very important and therefore they cannot have me running about like a child when they are busy. (Remember that I was just ten years old.)
Ante Joan lifted the cane high above her head and then brought it down onto my pail bum with all her force. It felt like it had cut me open, and that I had gone through the roof. I could not help it, I was hopping about the room feeling like I was going to explode.
Ante Joan grabbed me and marched me back to the chair, and bent me over it again, and told Mother to hold me down by placing both hands on my back. That stroke of the cane hit me with just as much force. Mother was not able to hold me, I was up and jumping again. Ante Joan grabbed me again and forced me over the chair. While I was trying to get control over myself, the next stroke struck my bum causing me to collapse on to the floor. I was really crying with all my heart. I felt like my whole body was on fire. The pain was shooting up my spine and into my head. I felt Ante Joan grab me again and I was thrown over the chair again. Before I knew what was happening the fifth lash of the cane sunk itself into my bum. I collapsed again. Ante Joan just raised the cane up again and brought down onto my exposed bum, and I was left to lie on the floor screaming and crying.
Ante Joan and mother left the room for a while. I stood up dried my eyes, my bum felt numb and burning. I was sure that it was cut into pieces. I touched it and it was hot, and it hurt. I looked for blood, but it was not bleeding. I walked out of the lounge and into the dining room to go to my room. Ante Joan and mother were returning and had entered the dining room at the same time as I did.
Ante Joan asked where I thought I was going. I said that I thought the hiding was over and so I was going to my room.
Mother said “ No, Ante Joan is going to help me to turn you into an obedient man”.
I was told to go back into the lounge and to stand with my hands on my head facing the two of them sitting on the couch.
Ante Joan told me that I had just experienced what it is like not to be a child. She told that since I no longer played with toys I was no longer a child and therefore will be punished like a man and that I also need to learn to work like a man.
Starting from now it would my job to ensure that the floors were clean and that the bathroom was clean and that the dishes were all washed and dried and put away.
She told me to remain naked and to start by scrubbing the kitchen floor, and then to polish it.
She went home and left mother to watch that I was working hard.
It was not long and Ante Joan returned with a single tail whip. She came in gave me a few lashes with it on my bum and said that this will be used to urge me to work hard and the cane would be reserved for punishment.
This is how my abuse started.
Every day when I returned from school they would be waiting for me. I would have to go to my room, ***** naked and report to the lounge where they would take charge of me and make me work in the house.
Of course mother started to enjoy having a slave and so the abuse intensified.
As I grew older I too enjoyed being whipped and caned naked. The abuse continued until I was 18 years old. Ante Joan died suddenly when I had just turned 18. I had been working for more than a year.
I moved away from home and started to look for someone to fill the gap.
I found a few, but never found someone who loved to dominate me like Ante Joan.
At 18 I still worked naked for her and mother. I was their slave. I feared them both, but hated Ante Joan. I obeyed them.
Only after her death did I realize that I came to love working naked and to have the cane and the whip crack down onto my naked flesh.

wow thats a long interusting story