Cousins Got Me

well i was 14 then i was stayin with my aunt.well i got in to an arguement earlier with shelly my older cousin.i also broke my one younger cousin donna's radios cuz she was playing new kids on the block for hour .donna was 12 .well later in the day donna and her younger sister libby she was 11 asked me to play with them it i said if you can get shelly to i will.they got her to.i didnt think she would i was just tryin to get them to annoye her,well the wanted to cops and robbers.well i was the robber .well they caught me then said your goin to jail.they walked me to a tree in the yard shelly said we will have to tie your hands.i said ok but first let me whap mey sweat off my face i took my shirt off and whapped my face then threw it on the ground shelly tied my hands together then tied the rope to a tree above my i was standing there with my hands above my head i said when you our caught by cops your hands go behind your back not over my head.well shelly said ok she then went behind me leaving libby and donna in front of me .then next thing i knew my shorts and underwear went downlibby and donna burst out laughing.shelly worked the shorts and underwear off as donna and libby giggled .donna said "shelly you gotta see hurry its so small".then shelly got in front of me she to started laughin say "oh my god i thought you were 14 not 8"libby then said "i seen boys in gym class that our bigger"shelly then said "you been a bold little boy you need a spanking"she started spanking my butt .durning the spanking my aunt came home with hwer friend and hert friends 12 yr old daughter .they saw me and just laughed shelly said "hes been a bold boy"my aunts friend said as she was laughing "wow i needed the laugh" her daughter chelsee who had a crush on my just continued laughin..for days my cousins teased me and i overheard chelsee talking to donna she said"i wanted to see him naked for weeks now " then she said "i didnt think he think it was gonna be so tiny "they both laughed donna said "i know it was like a inch he it looks like a babys penis ".they started callin me baby pee-pee
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I think all these embarassing nude stories affected you that's why you robbed a store naked. You need to see a therapist, I too have had similar problems

i disagree-- that story is fantastic!

But i know, u enjoyed it.

afterwards i got hard over the whole situation but tat the time no hardon i wish i did

I'm surprised you never got an erection. Did you go away and hide afterwords?

no i never got with her but saw her topless we dont call her by her name anymore she hates it so she calls herself casey now text me at 5703354846 i will send u pic of her

did you ever get it together with chelsee? did you see her naked, ever?

yeah i was alittle old to play it then but did anyways

i dont know if it affected me really at all i was quite a late bloomer as a kid

interesting story. How has that affected you today, can you tell anything?