I've read several stories and comments lately on the subject of spanking so I figured I would share my story which I believe is a bit unique on the spanking topic.

This began three years ago when I was thirteen. I live with my mom and dad, my 9 year old brother and My grandfather. Dad had a real good job and My grandfather was our live-in sitter. His primary job was to keep the house running smoothly and to look after us. I could look after myself thank you. One morning I did something selfish and my brother almost got hurt. Mom was furious and told me that I needed to be punished. She said she would talk with dad and determine my punishment by dinner time. At dinner mom announced that I was to be given a serious spanking and that My grandfather would administer it. I remember practically begging mom to punish me in some other way but she stood firm. I had never had a spanking and I immediately envisioned a bare behind and pain. Mom said I was to be spanked after dinner the following night. For nearly twenty four hours all I thought about was being spanked. For a very brief period of time when I got home the next day grandfather took me aside and told me he would try to go easy on me but that my mom told him the spanks were to be 'quite firm.'

We ate dinner as we normally do and I actually thought for awhile that mom and dad had quit on the idea of giving me a spanking. Dinner was over and mom was washing dishes. It was then that mom said that after doing the dishes I would receive the spanking and that I was now to go to my room and remove my shoes and pants. I started to cry and mom told me that if I continued to cry granddad would spank me with a paddle rather than his hand. I immediately stopped crying and went to my room. I sat on the edge of my bed in my panties waiting for them.

In came my grandfather and mom. Mom said she was just going to be an observer. He then told me to take down my panties. I was at that point terrified and I said no. Mom stood up and left my room. A few seconds later she came back in holding a slim wooden paddle which she handed to him. Mom said to take down my panties or it would be the cane across the backs of my legs. In tears I took down my panties.They stared at my very hairy *****. My grandfather told me to clasp my hands in front of me and to not unclasp them until my punishment was over.

Over a period of about twenty minutes he then spanked me on first one cheek and then the other for a total of forty times. Several times he rubbed his hand over my butt cheeks. Once mom came over to do the same thing. My butt tingled and it felt real hot but it didn't actually hurt. As the spanking progressed I felt more and more aroused. I had not yet learned to ********** but I knew I wanted to touch myself. When it was over mom got up and examined my butt while rubbing the palm of her hand over both cheeks. I'll never forget what was said next, mom looked at my grandfather and said, 'do you think she needs the more?' and he shook his head.

Mom left the room and I put on my panties and sat on the bed with him. He asked me how I felt and I told him I was fine. I said it didn't hurt. Then my grandfather asked me then how else I felt. I told him I felt funny down below. He told me that he has spanked other girls in the family and that my reaction was typical. After a very long pause he told me that some of the other girls wanted to be spanked again. I told him that I would like that also. He told me that he would work something out.

After he left my room I pulled down my panties and started rubbing the inside of my *****. In a short time I hit my ****. A little while later I enjoyed my first ******.

I have been spanked my grandfather five or six times each year up until the present. The best thing is he now rubs the inside of my butt cheeks afterward. It's the best! The only tricky thing is finding a time when mom, dad and my brother are out of the house. Usually this is Saturday morning. Once he used the paddle but his hand makes the spanking more personal.
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Sounds fun!

A beautiful written story would love to hear more about your experiences

I was spanked by my uncle and molested

Maybe he should have used a leather strap

add me Mandie?

add me Mandie?

You should write more spanking stories

Thanks for the fun stories, Mandie!

Whoa! What a great twist there lol <3

well done... good girl

Lol. Great made up story

Made up yes ..but I don't' remember seeing any stories on your profile...:)

So this is a fantasy of yours eh?

You naughty little girl, Mandie!