Late Development

I was very late in my physical development. To be honest my genitals stayed small and hairless until I was in my late teens although in all otherways I was a healthy teenager. I will write about this elsewhere as it was a feature of my childhood and in particular teen years. My parents were aware that I didnt develop at the  same rate as other boys and I think that was why they were happy to spank me until I was nearly 17. As Ive written I always was fascinated watching others getting spanked but hated getting spanked myself.

The occassion in question was when my aunt (my brothers sister), uncle and two cousins came to stay. I would have been about 16. I was been a typical teen being surely and bad tempered. My father suddenly decided he had enough and ordered me over to stand by his chair. I knew what was going to happen but though he would take me to my room but he didnt hesitate, he just undid my jeans like  I was a child and then said to my aunt and uncle 'sorry, so you want the kids to go?' and my Uncle said 'no it will teach them a lessson too'. And without a word he pulled my pants down to my ankles. I went bright bright red and felt sick with the humiliation of everyone seeing me naked and, shortly having my rear spanked. My cousins, who were 6 and 11started giggling and my aunt and uncle were just looking with serious faces and they could see everything. My dad pulled me over this lap so I was lying on the sofa and started spanking my bare rear with his hand telling me if I acted like a 5 year old I got treated like one! He said he knew I was embarassed but maybe that would be the spur to make me behave like an adult not a child. I was bucking around (he was hitting hard) crying out, bright red cheeks, tears in my eyes and completely exposing my little bald penis  and tiny tesicles to my aunt, uncle and my cousins . When he had finished he pushed me over and made me stand in the corner. I am ashamed to say this and I never understood why as I felt totally cruhed and humiliated but I got fully hard standing against the wall with my bottom buring and my aunt, uncle and dad  talking about my punishment and laughing at me...though thankfully no one could  see. My erection just added to my shame and that at any minute he might pull me round and everyone would see which would be the final nightmare,

It was about 4 in the afternoon and my dad bought my pyjamas down to the living room and told me to take my clothes off (everyone was looking  but my  penis had gone down by then ) and change into my pajamas. He said 'early to bed for boys who dont know how to behave'. After I had put my pajama top on I was looking for the bottoms. He said "you wont be needing those son, youve nothing to hide". My cousins thought me having to set the tea table and sit down and eat tea with my  red bare rear and penis on show was very funny and they were giggling and no one stopped them. 

Afer tea I was sent to bed.

There was only one occassion in front of these cousins but it burnt in to my mind and to this day I dont like walking round with just my pajama top on! People have said to me why didnt you just leave but I was bought up when you were respectful of authority I guesss.

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My mother used to bath me, and spank me naked, until I was 12. Though I fournd this embarrasing it had a sexual signicance for me, but not one I showed. Until -- when I was 12 I said to her ""Why do your always ***** me naked when you pounish me- none of my friends get spanked naked?" She said "Perhaps they don't like you to know, but that boy Lawrence who comes to tea is. His mother and I aoften talk about you two naughty boys and she says she loves stripping him naked for all his spankings, just like me".<br />
That was while she was soaping me nude in the bath. I couldn't hep finfing this sexy, and she said "Why is your dicky sticking up?" Drooping I said "I dunno" - but of course I did.<br />
I feel both my mother and Lawrence's mother found sexual pleasure in dealing with us like that.

i was smacked on my bare bottom from when i was very young and i remember i cried alot . as i got older i often had a throbbing peins as my bare bottom was smacked hard. My Mum often said David i think you like me spanking your bottom . the spankings became more often and much harder . i Realized in my teens i always enjoyed my Mum Bathing me and smacking my bare bottom as i stood up in the bath . My Mum was not a fool she new i was enjoying her bathing me as my peins started throbbing . sometimes Mum jerked me of making me *** in the bath . i can stil remember her holding my peins in her hand and smacking my bottom with her other hand and sometimes with the bathbrush very hard

If it's true, she deserves it.

I think this is a wonderful punishment that will last in your memory forever! Haha!

I was an extremely late bloomer. My **** barely grew all the way through high school, and I didn't even get my first pubic hair untii I was 19. You can imagine all of the embarrasment and humiliation I went through. <br />
<br />
Even now many years later, my **** is only a little over 3 inches erect and very thin, with tiny balls and not very much body hair at all. I don't have to shave my face, only have a little hair on my lower legs and armpits, and very little soft and sparse pubic hair. I am always very nervous about getting naked with a girl for the first time.

in the 1950s i was Always Naked when i was a child . Daily With A Red Bottom . i got lots of Spankings from my mum . uncles and Auntys Often Smacked my bare bottom . and in1960s Spankings got Harder as i was Older . in my teens i was often Strapped and Caned Naked . Respected Gent . Age62 years young . Looking Back i Think i Deserved all i got . it did me no lasting Harm Having A Strict Mum . i do think Some of My Uncles Enjoyed Thrashing Me Naked When i was A Teenager . My Peins often got Hard When i was Severely Strapped Across my bare bottom With A Belt .

Conversely my brother haired up in the 5th and me in the 6th grade so that my age 12 I was well into puberty as was my several years older brother. My parents I think actually stepped up the spankings when we reached this age i suspect in part in an unconscious desire to keep us thinking we were still small and thus not really men. Adding to that I had a penis that to me looked small, esp compared to my brother's large organ and bull balls. Even today while I top off at six, it looks small bw my legs and is on the thin size. I realize now in my 40s that my interest in spanking is somehow tied to my obsession with my penis size in some way.

I was not good in study since my childhood and I want to be musicians instead of studious scholar. So since my childhood I have got bad marks in mathematics and science. And my mom –dad always wanted good marks from me. So when I was child I got spanking on bare bottoms every year for my study. But the worst thing had happened with me when I was in 9th class and my age was 14 years. My younger sister was in 7th standard and she was good in study and had got good marks. When my result of 9th class had declared I became failed in mathematics. I was afraid of this and did not want to tell anyone. But my sister was on the same school so she came to know about my results. And she told to my mom. When we both returned to home. Unfortunately on the same time my aunty who lives in same town had come in our home with their two kids. She asked our results from mom and mom told her with anger and agony. Then suddenly mom said that she is going to teach me a lesson. And now she would give me a bare bottom spanking in front of everyone. And then she asked to me to take off my all clothes one by one. I did not want to do that but my mom and aunt both shouted on me and I removed by shirt and pants but I did not remove my underwear. My mom shouted underwear too but I pleaded mom for not doing that. But mom was in very bad mood she asked me that if I would not did that than my father would do that in evening and it would be more severe and worst for me. So I had taken off my underwear too. But due to shame I had covered my genitals this made mom furious. She shouted remove your hands back. So I did that and I became nude in front mom, sister, aunty and their kids. Every one is watching my nude genitals and then my mom asked my sister to get her a wood ruler and then she spanked on my bare butts many time. But after that my aunty gave the stick in hand of my sister and asked her to spank on my butts. And my sister spanked on my nude butts a few times. After that she was smiling and I felled so humiliated and embarrassed after spanked by my younger sister in front of aunty and mom

My aunt caught my girl cousin and I playing doctor. She made us ***** and marched us out to the barn to be spanked. She was a strong woman and we were both sobbing hard with throbbing bottoms when she finished. Unfortunately, I got an erection so she gave me a "repeat performance" the next day. You guessed it, another erection. She then tried a punishment enema but no matter how hard I tried I kept getting hard ons.

i been there to i was spanked naked in front of female family members by my aunt and uncle

i been their to not spanked but naked in front of family

I was very sheltered which made me very nieve and kept very much at bay during my early to mid teens. My dad was a very strong diciplinarian , often times very mean, and after his death I was also controled and manipulated by my mom and aunt. Although I did develop quite early, and very well at that, I was kept as a little boy by being shaved so as to appear like a little boy and not allowed to do or be anything even remotely "manly." I don't remember so much the humiliation (I guess I really was nieve) because I was so submissive and did not have much of a rebelious spirit. What I experienced was what I thought was normal. See my story "I Have Had Relative Sex" and comment. I'd like opinions concerning my experience.

To be honest I wasnt so worried about bare bums it was my bare privates parts on show that worried me!

so i know what its like to be a late bloomer i started at 12 but stalled for the next 4 years i only had four hairs till i was 16 my penis was almost 3.5 inchs hard at 13 it stayed that way till i was 16 i got anither inch add to it so i was up to 4.5 hard and 2 inchs limp i didnt reach my current size just over 6inchs hard till i was 19 so i fee4l ya man

i had the same when i was 13 i thought i was a big man my family brought me down i told my mom you cant spank me so we left it at that we had a family cookout my mom told my aunt about what i said to her. which i did not know till it was to late well most people went home my mom 3 sisters baby brother grandma 2 cousins and aunt stayed i went took a shower after i was done i wrapped a towel around my waist i went out of the bathroom and out to the deck in back as i stepped out on to the deck io was only goona ask if the clothes were dry well my aunt who is 6'4 300lbs grabbed my arms held them above my head which had me on my tippy toes she the pulled my towel off she said ok you can soank him now and hurt his ego all in one shot everyone looked over at me and some gigled others just stared my mom spanked me till my butt was bright red i stayed in my room the rest of the night then as i was going down stair i heard my older sister and aunt talking my sis said that was funny what you did last night carl cant act like he's a man now he nothing but a little boy you saw his penis was small it was like a inch i'll say my aunt said yeah i saw too it was funny but he's still young he may get bigger well he better hope for his sake they joked i felt little to

Thanks for your comment. Interested to hear more about your experiences but cant answer your message due to something about tokens. When I was much older I said to my dad how very humiliating I found his punishments in my teens and the way he exposed me and he was genuinely suprised and said I was just a kid. Anyway he said I had a choice not to misbehave. I think if Id grown normally down below may would have stopped earlier.

I was also a late bloomer. I didn't get any pubic hair until I was about 15. When I was 14 I looked 12 with my clothes on and 10 with them off. I'm sure this contributed to my parents willingness to continue spanking me until I was 16.