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well iwas 13 we had a cook out earlier in the day i was acting like a *** so mom wanted to spank me i told her im a man you can spank me well after the cook out i took a shower my 300lbs aunt stayed , sisters were there my mom and grandma as well. i put a towel around my waist then went out side to the deck to ask if my clothes were dry well my aunt grabbed my arms held them above my head ripped towel off me as i was naked in front of evryone she said you can spank him and hurt his ego as she saw my penis was like a inch my bottom got spanked till it was bright red i stayed in my room till the next mirning as i came down for breakfast i heard my 17 yr old sis and aunt talking sis said that was funny last night carl thought he was a man but he aint nothing but alittle boy you saw his penis my aunt said yeah i saw they laughed i felt so small inside

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What is wrong with people. I have been punished naked in front of many of my relitives, both male and female, but that is what it was,a punishment. I can't remember a single time that someone commented on my size. People that think that its funny to humiliate you THAT WAY need to be taught some respect.

i was also punished Naked if it was Deserved from when i was very young . i was often across Mom.s.knees having my bare bottom smacked hard until i cried like NaughtyBoys do when it hurts like hell . in the 1950s into the 1960s . my Mum or extended family Punished me . Relitives often smacked my bare bottom hard if i was Disruptive at their house . everyone new my Mum Approved . Home Discipline was LEGAL in the 1950s into 1960s Even into the 70s the cane was used in all schools . British Discipline in Schools was very Painful .i mySelf was Caned at School often . i was Number one BadBoy in School and at home .

I agree. That is just uncalled for.

That's something i don't understand. Several of these stories mention how small his penis is. When i was young, my penis was small to but for all the times a relative saw me naked, i can't recall anyone ever mentioning that. I have seen many of my relitives without clothes and never once thought about size. I have been punished naked in front of a room full of clothed relitives and don't remember anyone saying a word about my size. I feel sorry for people that are so insecure about there own body's that they have to belittle others.

you Should have Mast urbat ed more often as A youngster . i did it everyDay 3 or 4 times SomeTimes in a day . i never had toys to play with

i did ********** alot and still do

yeah it may still been embarrassing if i was big but at least it wouldve been a impressive sight.i was tiny till i was like still small 2 to 2.5inchs soft and barely 5inchs hard u can text me 5703354846 i will sen u pics of me

i No Just how it Feels Being Spanked in front of Extended Family , and by Extended Family Countless Times to . i was Lucky my Pein s Was Big By The Time i was A Teenager i *********** Lots Daily .i Stil did not like it being Spanked and Strapped Across my Bare Bottom in The Livingroom i ALways Deserved it . it was LEGAL Home Discipline in 1950s 1960s When i was Growing up . Respected Trusted Gent . Age62 years young

as a kid that happened ok with it now.i dont talk to my family as much anymore

That was ****** up. Yes, you should have been spanked but not in front of everybody or if it had to be in front of everybody, it should not have been your aunt to make that step. Spanking is one thing, but humiliation is unnecessary and cruel. A man has no control over the size of his penis. Just like he has no control over the color of his eyes. Even though I like men with really big dicks, I refuse to belittle a man who isn't well-endowed.

true very true. im not to small 2.5 to 3 inchs soft and 5inchs hard

think the spankings were ever sort of punishment but kinda hot too for you or your mom

I had a disagreement once at the dinner table when i was a 6'2", in shape cross country runner and model all of 17. We were at my grandparents house and my father was away, but my grandfather was present. I was a little mouthy and passionate thinking my point of view was the right way. My grandfather told me to stop, but when i persisted with some more 'facts', he told me enough and to go upstairs to his bedroom. He followed, ordered me to ***** naked and get on his knee. He slapped me hard for what seemed like 10 minutes. After that he made me get up, looked over my body and left. I cried for that humiliation of a relative with no one in the family to stop it. <br />
Now I actually fantasize and seek out some form of humiliation that includes some kind of restraint and forced nudity.

i can relate my moms whole family is messed up

Wow, how humiliating, I can totally relate. I got exposed and spanked in front of a group of strangers by someone who was a stranger to me. Foster f***ing Parents they were. I don't know who was more screwed up, them or my real parents. I hardly think public spanking is necessary let alone having your buttocks exposed in public. I think this is very wrong and perverted

Cvw, I'm delighted to hear that you moved on. Congratulations.

i am ok at the time that stuff bothered me but i moved on

Ma7,<br />
Again I was must declare that, that kind of behavior from your mum and sister were not just humiliation but also abuse. Expose you in front of her friends and tried to make a fool of you, is the worst educational act that can be done, as well as carrying on with it the next morning.<br />
How do you feel about now?

There are definitely a correct and a wrong way. <br />
Spanking must be done out of love as 1 from of correction. Never with humiliation and never when the spanker is angry!!!<br />
Lol. Best wishes for the future!

yeah ni kiding it was a rough childhood thats why i dont speak to alot of my family they were messed up peoplethey had bad up bringing so they messed mine up im not against being strict on kids spanking our ok but there our way you do it and the reason you do it should be to punish not humiliate and if you get some enjoyment out of the humiliation you should probably not be doing it

I can understand that your childhood was really messed up.<br />
<br />
I'm definitely not against a spanking, but yours falls into a total different category! The humiliation alone was abuse already!

my mom and aunt did it a few times to me they used humilating me as a punishment my childhood was really messed up i'm glad i'm not a child anymore thankfully it was abuse but my family is really ****** up they think all the stuff they did was normal cuz **** happened to them in the 60's and 70's so they did it to me

Althoygh I was never humiliated quite like this my stories in "I Had Relative Sex" should help you see what kind punishment can do for someone. I'd enjoy a comment or two as well?

Yes my friend, that is very mean!!<br />
With what did your mom spanked you and how many strokes?<br />
Did you feel anything erotic being naked in front of females, or was the embarrassing too much??