On His Back Deck

We talked a few times oon the internet and agreed to meet. The first time was Ok, a good over the knee spanking with a hairbrush. The second time he had me come to the back door, on it there was a note to take off all my clothes put them in the box and wait. He made me stand outside nake for 15 minutes before he opened the door. Once inside he pulled a chair to the center of the room and put me over his knee for a hand spanking, then told me to stand in the corner. After a while he told to to come out of the corner, he looked at me and said to pick up the chair and follow him. I started to follow until he went out the back door, he looked at me and said you better follow NOW. so i did. His house is on a ,main road so i was able to hear all the traffic even though we were on the back deck.I set the the chair down and he pulled me over his lap and started spanking, to me that spanking could be heard 3 blocks away. when he finished he had me stand with my hands on my head and my bright red bottom facing the back yard for anybody that walked by to see
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7 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Could you be seen easily on the porch?

A little humiliation always ads to the excitement

Nothing like being spanked by a creative person!

Actually no, my bottom was sore and I was too scared being outside like that. But yes I did love it

Mmmmm... and I bet.... while you stood there... you had an erection too.... right?

Great story ! I loved that he did it outside for the world to see !<br />
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outdoor stuff always turns me on