A Good Bye Spanking

A couple that I know are leaving to live in Eastern Europe. It is unlikely that I am going to get to see them again. He, his wife, my wife and I have played spanking games together but not for a while. And it was always the women who got spanked when we did.

When i heard that they are leaving, I went over to his house to say good-bye. We certainly got to talking about our spanking experiences and I was kind of hoping that I would get to give her a spanking. She wasn't interested in playing but brought up that she had heard that another male friend of ours had spanked me.

He asked if he could give me a good bye spanking. I didn't feel it would be polite to refuse, so I agreed. He took down my pants and shorts, then bent me over a pile of clothes that were to be given to charity. First, he spanked me with his hand, then with his belt, then rubbed my bottom, gave me more hand spanks and more rubs.

Then he asked his wife where the lube and condoms were. She laughed and said they were put away. I protested that sex was out of the question. He said, "just teasing" and let me up.

Then he said, "If I had known you have such a nice behind, I would have been after you to let me spank you more often."
dlferris2012 dlferris2012
70+, M
May 20, 2012