In The Front Yard

When i was 9 I was playing with some friends from my neighborhood,we were playing baseball in the street and haveing fun.It was my turn to bat and when I hit the ball it flew right into our neighbor's window and broke it,Everyone just started running away but The lady saw me hit the ball and came to tell my mom.I was told not to play ball in the street but i did it anyway,when the lady knocked on our door and told my mom what I did my mom went and got her paddle and came outside in the front yard and sat on a bench that we had in the yard,She took me over her knee with the lady standing there and all my friends watching from the street and pulled my pants and underpants down and paddled my bare butt for like 5-10 minutes.That was so embarrasing because there were girls watching too.
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Mom spanked on the spot. That included out in the open and with my panties pulled down.

When I was growing up, almost all the homes in our neighborhood had large front porches. Back then spanking was not looked down upon like it is now, and actually you were considered a good parent if you did spank. It didn't happen all the time, and it depended on the age of the child being spanked, but it happened enough where a parent spanked an errant child out on the front porch (especially in the summertime), and our home was no different.

But just in general, mom had no issues spanking us in public if she felt it was needed. Most times she took us someplace more private, like a ladies restroom or dressing room, but there were times she spanked us out in the open, as well.

Much different times back then.


You are so right! Though there are about 10 years between us, we grew up in equal eras when spanking was quite common. We were encouraged to use our own imaginations in our play. We would play "house" and "school" and incorporate spanking in them since we were just emulating real life experiences. There was nothing sexual read into it at all; it was just a part of our growth and maturity.
Now, there are as many kids NOT spanked as there are kids spanked. I believe that the spanking issue was triggered by Dr. Benjamin Spock. Now, it is much more of a negative issue than even back then.
My parents never spanked us in public. My dad, however, got a great sense of pride in yelling at me in front of people, demonstrating his authority.
I was threatened with, "I'll pull the car over and spank you," many times. I don't recall a time when he followed through on that threat." Other than that, I was nor spanked in front of anyone but family who just happened to be "in the right place; at the right time!"