At The Park

For those of you who have read my comments, you know that my mom had no issues spanking us in public if myself or my sisters did something to earn it. Most of the time she took us somewhere semi-private, like the ladies room or a dressing room, but there were times she also spanked us out in the open, as well. This was one of those times.

I was 11 yrs old and it was baby sister's 5th birthday. My father passed when I was relatively young, so mom had to work often to put food on the table and keep us clothed. Because of that, she didn't have as much time to spend with us as she would like, so the combination of it being a beautiful Sunday and my sister's birthday, she wanted to take advantage of it and it to be a special day not only for my sister, but for all of us as a family.

So after getting home from church, she told us to change out of our dresses and into our shorts and play shirts as we were going to have a picnic at the local park to celebrate Stacey's birthday (my sister).

Now, I loved picnics (still do), and when having them with mom we always had a lot of fun. But the difference in this one is I had made plans (unwisely so) with my friend Julie at church to play at her house. You probably are wondering why would I make plans knowing it was my sister's birthday. It is a good question, considering even though we of course had our share of fights (we were sisters), I loved her a lot and would never do anything to truly hurt her. But I was also 11, and when talking with my friend at church, I was focused on going to her house because it's something I truly wanted to do. Nevermind the fact I never even asked my mom if I could go.

While getting ready at the house, I expressed my wants to my mom, about going to my friend's house. She said something along the lines of "No honey, it's your sister's birthday and we are going to the park. Maybe if we get home early enough you can go to her house. Besides, you have always enjoyed going on picnics at the park." Which I nodded and said "Yes Mommy." She smiled and said "Good, now please help me with these sandwiches, sweetheart." I did help her and did not bring up my selfish request again (at least for awhile), but it is when the anger and frustration started to stew.

My sisters were excited, and my mom was smiling, knowing now as a mom myself, in that she was smiling because she was spending some much needed time with her girls. But I was quiet and I was getting more mad, thinking about not being able to go over to Julie's to play. I couldn't just let it go and have fun with my sisters, whom I loved and enjoyed playing with.

My mom, the astute person she was (and is) knew something was on my mind and asked "What is wrong honey?" I am sure she knew, but wanted me to talk to her about it. But instead of letting it go, I just frowned, looked away and crossed my arms. Mom first tried the diplomatic approach. "Sarah, this is Stacey's special day. Please do not do this (she knew why). You will be able to see your friend any day, but your sister's birthday only comes once a year. Besides, I know you enjoy these times together as a family just as much as the rest of us. Please come sit over by Mommy, or play with your sisters on the swings." Now, this was over 30 years ago and I know that isn't exactly what she said. However, it was very much something along those lines. But instead of letting it go and having fun, I continued to act the selfish 11 yr old and just glared at my mom.

Now, my mom has always been the sweetest and nicest person you can know. She always gave us plenty of hugs, kisses and called us pet names like "honey, sweetheart or baby." We knew we were always loved. However, if you misbehaved, or acted silly like I was that day, she could become very firm and 'unpleasant'. This time was no different. "Sarah Ann, you need to stop this behavior right now. If you keep this up, not only will you not be able to go to your friend's home, but Mommy will give you a sound spanking, as well. I've had just about enough of your behavior. You know better than this, you are better than this. Stop right now our there will be consequences."

And I did know better and usually was better than this. I was the oldest sister who usually set the example for her younger siblings, but not today. Today I was the selfish 11 yr old. I just couldn't just let it go and in fact made it even worse. "Mommy! I don't care about this stupid picnic! I want to go to Julie's!" I immediately regretted what I said, and in fact slapped my hand over my mouth and said "I am so sorry!" And I wasn't even sorry for the spanking I knew I was going to receive, but the face my mom gave after I said it. For a brief moment I saw sadness, disappointment and hurt on her face all at once. I felt just awful and started to cry.

The hurt my mom felt only lasted a moment (but was ingrained in my head). Very quickly her mouth compressed to a thin line and her eyes were blazing. She very calmly (and firmly) said, "Sarah Ann ________, I warned you, but you continued to act like a spoiled and selfish little girl. I am just glad your baby sister is over on the swings and did not hear you say that, you know how hurt she would be right now (my heart fell like a stone). You also know you do not talk that way to Mommy that way. I think you know what happens next."

Usually in situations like that, where I would give that level of attitude or backtalk, it would definitely be a spanking. And I knew I was going to get one now. However that kind of backtalk usually would also include a mouthsoaping, as well. But we were in the middle of the park, not really in a situation to mouthwash. I wasn't even sure how my spanking was going to happen, as we were quite a long walk from either the station wagon or a ladies room.

But my mom answered my questions for me. She took me by the arm, standing me up and gave me several hard swats to my shorts covered bottom, which of course got me crying harder. She then called for my sisters to come over to us. They came over hesitantly, not sure what was going on, and I am sure not knowing if they were even in trouble, but they did not say anything. My mom then just picked up her purse and left the blanket, picnic basket and food out and started to walk over to a nearby bench with myself and my sisters in tow. My mind was racing. She had spanked me quite a few times in front of friends and relatives. And there were even other times in open public like at a restaurant or store, but it had been a long time for that and did not think she would be doing it here. Being a Sunday and a nice day, there were quite a few people at the park. I prayed she would just be giving me a quick spanking at the bench, just a few swats...but unfortunately that was not going to be the case.

She took a seat on the bench, and just like at home bared my bottom, turned me over her knee, took out her hairbrush and spanked me just as long and just as sound as she did at home. At least it certainly seemed that way. It was by no means a short spanking like I was hoping.

There was a very short period of time I was embarrassed, right when she was baring me and turning me over her knee. However, a part of me in a way felt my guilt being assuaged. My thoughts in being something I deserved, in hurting my mom like that. Besides that, just like any spanking, when I've experienced any embarrassment pre-spanking, it is quickly forgotten with my concentration and focus on the spanking itself. How much it hurts and that I just want it to end now, and this time was no different.

I bawled, wailed and blubbered over her lap, just like any other time she put that hairbrush to work. When mom spanked, she spanked long and hard, and this time was no different. The spanking probably only lasted a minute or two, but of course felt much longer. I didn't even realize when it did end at first, not until I finally heard mom saying "Ok baby, Mommy is all done spanking.'s over now." She let me sob over her lap for a bit, and then I realized she was carefully standing me up, pulling my panties and shorts up and then pulling me back on her lap, sitting this time. I remember her resting my head on her chest and comforting me and then apologizing over and over to her. And this apologizing was different, I usually apologized when I was soundly spanked, but I felt even more horrible what I said and did. I just sobbed and bawled into her blouse (making quite the mess of it). But mom, like always, forgave and just continued to comfort me. "'s ok sweetheart. All forgiven, you're Mommy's good girl now. Shhhh..."

After that, I don't remember anything until waking up on the blanket, laying near my mom. She smiled down at me and asked me how I was feeling. I just responded with "Sore." She laughed, didn't say anything but kissed my forehead. I sat (gingerly) with my mom for awhile as we just talked. After a bit I went and played with my sisters on the swings and gym set.

I had a great time that day (after the spanking) playing with my sisters and talking with my mom, albeit being quite sore. And I never did go to Julie's.

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Sounds like your mom was a pretty patient lady and tolerated your attitude for much longer than most. Then again, you were going through puberty, many times choosing friends over family,
I presume you are the oldest in the family yet you didn't understand what your mom went through after your daddy passed.
Did you ever play house with your sisters or other friends and take on the part of the "mommy" and spank them? i was always the spanker and enjoyed the role to the fullest!
We would not usually bare bottoms in private or semi-private places. That went on behind closed doors, in attics, basements and even outside behind buildings and trees and in tall grass. Again, play spanking was considered a normal part of our growth. It was great FUN, too!

you naught girl your mummy's was to make you bottom red

Yes that's how it was back in the days


A great story and well written.

Sarah , Thank you for a wonderful story , Your mother was wise as well as loving woman .

<p>When I was 11, if I had exhibited that kind of attitude, my mother would have handled my misbehavior much like your mother did yours: with a sound, panties-down spanking, probably with her hairbrush. And like you, I would have been a very sore, tearful, sorry young lady by the time she finished.</p><p>One way our mothers differed, though, is my mother would never have bared my bottom right out there in the park. She only spanked me in private. So where you were taken to that nearby park bench, I would have been told, "You are going to be spanked when we get home!" And I would have been forced to wait in miserable suspense all afternoon.</p><p>But if you had been my daughter, Sarah, I would have encouraged you to invite Julie along for our picnic/party. That way you could have spent time with your friend, and I could have had you there for your sister's birthday celebration, with no battle of wills or spanking needed. Win/win!</p>

Incredible story

Sarah thank you so much for sharing this touching story. For sure, it's obvious that your mother loved you and knew that a spanking would be good for you. My mom was just like your mom, and used the hairbrush on my bare hiney now and then to teach me a good lesson.

But after a spanking she always made sure that I felt loved. I remember she would come into my room and hold me on her lap or lay down on my bed with me and snuggle. I would say "mommy that hairbrush really hurts my hiney" and she would reply with "I know it hurts sweetheart. Mommy doens't like to have to spank you but it's for your own good." And those spankings were good for me.

Please add me as I would like to share more of my thoughts and experiences about those spankings we got. :-)

I think both of you hit the nail on the head. Where getting a spanking like this is embarrassing for anyone, the key is the child knowing the parent spanked them out of love. And there was never any question on that from my mom. I could tell her spanking me was the last thing she wanted to do that day. She just wanted to go out, celebrate her youngest daughter's birthday and just and spend time with her girls in general.

And whenever she finished spanking one of us, she always held, comforted and soothed us for however long we needed. This time at the park was no different.


"hiney" was my mom's favorite word and at times my dad used it, too. They also liked the word, "bottom," as well. Mom would always "love on" me with hugs and kisses, but my dad would buy me things to buy back my respect. Little did he realize that he didn't need to buy my love. A loving hug would have meant MUCH more to me as his only son.

Sounds like something my aunt would do

Yeah I know that feeling

I liked this story Sarah. I remember all too well that look you describe crossing your mother's face...the mixture of sadness, hurt and disappointment. Every time I caused my Mom to look like that I immediately regretted it and if I could take back the things I did to cause that look to appear I would do so in an instant.

my mum never punished us out side the house this was a thing that was done in privet but knowing what was to come when we got home was bad as we had to wait and think about it . i always felt sick waiting and knowing what was to come

Thanks for thestory enjoyed reading it :)----

Thank you for posting this, Sarah. Your mom sounds a lot like mine. She spanked hard, even in public, and always made me cry, but then she comforted me and made sure I knew I was loved. I'm glad your sister's birthday went well after your much needed correction.

Jon, it does sound like our mothers are a lot alike. When mom spanked, she really spanked. It is what most would call now a sound, old fashioned spanking. Mom spanked probably a bit more on the sound side compared to other families, but in general that is what a spanking usually entailed back then. None of the a 'few swats on a clothed bottom' and calling it a spanking.

But however soundly mom spanked, her hugs, cuddles, kisses and just letting how much she loved us was far more.