With The Loopy Johnny

Yes, I received a apanking this morning with the loopy johnny.. I had confessed to my husband a little over a week ago that I had been flirting with a doctor that I work with. I asked him to discipline me because I was feeling so guilty about it. He did. I received a spanking that night with the Loopy Johnny for the first time. The next day he asked me if I had flirted again and I confessed that I did. He spanked me again, this time harder, i felt it all the next day at work. He asked me the next day and I said "NO SIR" but the doctor had left early that day. This morning I got a spanking to remind me through out the day BEFORE I think about flirting again.. I have not flirted yet today, even though he has! :-) 
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4 Responses Apr 8, 2013

I just lookedit up holy **** that looks scary. But would be great for us because we need it quietw/two little ones.

Just looked up a loopy Johnny, wow! I think my wife would faint if I brought one of those home, still might be a good deterrent.

What's a Loopy Johnny? So when you want to become a spanking, you admit you flirted with someone...........

wow, you are tough1 pain before illicit pleasure.Perhaps it is better to do something else like avoiding the doc, what do you work as? a nurse?

ah...panadol won't help you, but a hug and a touch of sunshine to reassure you, that you are alright will do! Perhaps seeing all those in pain makes you want to suffer with them.God bless you my friend!

ha! Ha! Despite your sore bottom you still have a sense of humor!