Me n my sister going clubbing together ....met friends who were already there . We dressed pretty slutty because we are ***** but daddy forbids it n threatens next time no allowance no car no credit cards he been pissed for a while .only thing step brother caught us by accident said see u at home . **** I told Kim were in for it ..daddy going to be angry . Kim talked to step brother and both agreed step brother to spank with my sorority paddle .kim u know how much that thing hurtzz .no I can't wait to find out I've never been spanked .it sucks . He'll turn us into Rex slaves , ill get used to it I guess .wtf at least we have credit cards still
Pizzapaul Pizzapaul
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 31, 2014

Fair exchange - a spanking for credit cards. You will have the credit cards long after the pain has worn off.

So true