A Good Lickin' With The Strap

In our family if my dad used his belt for spanking it was always referred to as "the strap"!

After school one day I went off on my own without telling anyone. I was very daring and went to some areas of our town that were off limits for me. I lost track of time and when I got home it was dark. My mom and dad had been very worried and called around to various friends' houses looking for me. But no one had seen me that afternoon.

They were glad when I arrived home safely but were very angry with me. So I was sent up to my room and told to get ready for bed. A few minutes later mom and dad came up to my room. They said I needed to be taught a lesson to not go wandering off without telling them. So my dad pulled down my PJ bottoms, put me across he knee, and gave me a good lickin' with the strap. My hiney felt like it was on fire.

That was the 'warmest' welcome home I ever received.

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I had many of those wecome homes with the Stap myself!

Your mom and dad were just like mine, they wanted us to feel a "warm" welcome when we got home. My grandma always reported it as "when he got home he got his hiney warmed good and proper" when telling other relatives about my escapades.

My dad use to say "I'm going to warm your bottom good"

You mean you didn't just get the hairbrush from your mom? I can relate to the belt that is for sure. :-( And getting spanked for doing something very similar.

My mom did most of the spanking in our family with the hairbrush. But I did get a few good lickins with the strap from my dad.

Which was worse?

Good question... I HATED both the hairbrush and the strap. But in the "worst" category I would put the hairbrush.

With the strap, I didn't get as many licks - it would be between 10-20 and then it was over. With mommy's hairbrush there were many many spanks. She spanked me in what someone recently referred to as the "layer cake" method. She would spank, then pause and scold. Then spank some more, pause and scold. Depending on why she was spanking me, this could go on and on. So when she would pause, I never knew if my spanking was over, of if she was going to give me even more spanks.

Yikes!!! 10-20 licks is still a good amount with a belt! Your mom didn't hold back. I usually knew when mine were over, last lick was delivered way harder than the rest. A couple of times I received more than one of those ultra hard licks because I really got myself into trouble. Some spankings lasted longer than others, it just depended on what I had done. I have categories for mine, had my dad spanked like your mom? I might have just cried every tear out of my eyes till none was left. That sounds horrid. :-(

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I did the same thing once and got a similar welcome, though cane not belt.