Taught Me How To Hit

Being hit as punishment taught me how to hit. Every time my mother took her belt or hairbrush to me it taught me it was okay to hurt people who were smaller than me. So as a child I acted out by hitting other children, and every time I hit someone my mother hit me to show me that hitting was wrong. I acted out in school and became a little bully kid. My behavior didn't start to change until I was in high school and I started getting into Eastern Philosophy. I'm still extremely uncomfortable with my emotions and have trouble coping. But I managed to escape that cycle and it ends with me.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

I agree that being hit teaches children that hitting is ok, it only acceptable if the parent isn't angry and for something when every other option has failed (that is what I think).<br />
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I have read a lot of stories on here of girls who get spanked by their parents and want a boyfriend who will do the same to them. Really isn't it showing that you are ruled by physical pain?<br />
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I wasn't spanked as a kid but I wish I was, because no one ever disciplined me, my dad left when I was 7 and by age 11 I was taller than my mother so when she tried to slap me I hit her back and she stopped after that. In my teenage years I kept acting out hoping for some discipline and boundaries but the teachers would just yell at me. I just wanted someone to show they cared. I think maybe its ok if you are spanked by an adult you respect and they do it out of love but not out of anger and not over the top.