First Time With The Belt

I was 9 years old and was talking to my little brother about a TV show that he was all excited to see. When I told him that the show was not a cartoon version of the story he had a fit.... crying and yelling.

My dad came into the room and told me to go to the kitchen and pull down my pants. He then came into the kitchen with a belt in his hand. I was now crying and pleading. My mother came into the kitchen and I pleaded with her, explaining about the cartoon. She said, "You've been asking for this for a long time.

I sobbed and proceeded to take off my pajama bottoms. My dad told me to bend over a chair. As I did my 15 year old sister came in. There I was in only tighty whities bending over for my first strapping.

I bent over the chair, across the seat, and waited.

It wasn;t a long wait. I heard the belt whistle through the air and then heard the crack and felt a stripe of fire across both cheeks. I screamed and grabbed tightly to the chair.

The next stroke came and seared another line of fire... I was in an amazing fire filled world that I had no idea existed.

He continued laying on the belt for what seemed like hours but was actually only six very hard strokes. I was then sent to bed, still not sure why I had just been beaten. but knowing I surely was.
corporalpun10 corporalpun10
51-55, M
Nov 26, 2012