In junior school day to day misbehaviour was dealt with by the deputy head, with his size 12 black plimsol, whereas more serious offences were sent to the head master for the cane.

In my time at the school I only recall one person being caned and it was announced in assembly, but slippering were regular things with most boys and some girls getting it on a number of occasions, I did a number of times.

The routine was always the same if you were caught misbehaving by a teacher or dinner lady you would have your name taken down and be given a yellow slip with a number on it. The number was the number of whacks you would get. You then had to report to the deputy head at the end of lunch or after school and line up outside his classroom with any other. Each boy, or girl, would go in one at a time and hand over their slip, they would then be ordered to bend over and touch their toes and would be whalloped the number of times on the slip, it hurt like hell and often would make a boy cry.

Whilst you were stood outside you could hear the others getting it which made you even more nervous.

Once I didn't turn up as instructed at the end of day and thought I had got away with it, I didn't go because I had been given a slip with 12 on it for punching another boy in class and making his nose bleed. The thought of 12 with the slipper was too scary I had only ever had 6 previously. However my name was read out at the end of assembly and I was told to go straight to the deputy heads class. When I arrived there he made his class line up and wait outside whilst he took me into his class where he told me that for trying to evade punishment I would get double, and furthermore I would have to lower my shorts and have it on just my pants. I then had to drop my shorts around my knees and bend over for 24 stinging whacks. By the end I was yelling like a baby and all of his class could hear me getting it.

Sitting down was really uncomfortable after this and I remember my bottom was really bruised.
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That sounds a dreadful experience. We got the cane at primary school.

But the cane is worse than the slipper. I speak from experience, the slipper stings a wider area but the deep burn of a cane stroke is something else altogether.

How many strokes did you get at school?


How did you get them, bending over?

Yes, on my short trousers. They hurt.

As I said I only ever remember one caning in junior school, it was very rare. Unlike secondary school when it became quite common place, and being a bit rebellious and wild I soon found myself getting quite a few hard canines from the housemasters and head.

At primary school I got caned by a class teacher rather than the headmaster, during class time.

I only got the slipper at primary school. The cane was hardly ever used there but my older sister managed to get it.

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