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Weapon Of Choice...

I was born in the 70s in France and my mother was a convinced slippering giver. She always bought flat closed toe mules slippers she wore at home and eventually spanked me with. These slippers were easy to slip off and handy for spankings. I recall many times she was chasing me slipper in hand as I was trying to escape the spanking. Fortunately she couldn’t run very fast with only one slippered foot but unfortunately we lived in a flat so I couldn’t escape her very long. I knew also that the longer she would chase me the worse my slippering would be. So usually I would surrender quite fast hoping I wouldn’t get it too hard thus (mistake most of the time!). She would then grab me by the waist, sticking me against her leg and whack my bottom with her slipper 10-20 times. For more serious offences (rude talking, notes from school, really bad behaviour…) the process was slightly different. I would first be lectured and told I would receive a “good” (good meaning bare bottom in my mom’s mind…) spanking with her slipper. It always happened after my shower once I was in pyjamas (I guess my bottom was easier to bare with the no button /zip pyjama’s trouser). She would come to me a sit on a chair or my bed and lecture me again (I shouldn’t show I was bored by that if I didn’t want to get extra smacks). She would put me over her lap and give me a dozen slaps on my still covered bottom as a warm up. Then she would lower my pyjama’s trousers and bare my buttocks. By the way she would pick up the slipper which was from the same side of my naked end (my bottom placed to her right side meant right slipper and vice versa). Finally she would give 40-50 solid smacks to my bottom with her slipper in an increasing rhythm. I would then be left in my room with a sore bottom and tears rolling on my cheeks until diner time. But my mom wasn’t the only person who slippered me.
When I was around 9 my mother hired a young woman, Anita, to baby-sit me after school and do a few chores in the house (ironing, vacuum cleaning…). Anita went to fetch me the first time at school and when we came back home she produced a brand new pair of slippers from a plastic bag who were of the same type my mother used to wear and punish me with. She put the slippers on while I was wondering if my mother had informed Anita about the way she usually spanked me. At these times being spanked by an adult who looked after you was considered normal if not encouraged and my mother was a real supporter of this concept. In fact Anita wore her slippers to avoid dirtying the floor as she cleaned it when needed. That type of slippers was commonly worn by, let’s say, 40% of the women I saw in slippers. I concluded there was nothing to worry about, even if a few friends of mine had confessed me before they were also slippered by their mothers (my experience taught me later slippering was more used in my country than I expected). Anita was a really beautiful young woman and hormones helping, I began to desire physical contact with her (at this point I didn’t know at all what making love consisted in). Without knowing why, I wanted to touch her legs and her breast, but in a discreet way. Hugging her would be too obvious, so I went to the strange conclusion that I had to be spanked over her lap. I feared spankings but not Anita. I wrongly estimated she couldn’t spank me hard. So I turned into a little demon answering back, arguing all the time about everything, doing my homework the latest possible in order to make Anita mad about me. Anita finally started spanking me but not over her knee to my great disappointment. Usually she would grab one of my arms with her hand and slap my bottom 5-10 times with the other. She was standing up chastising me from behind with a minimal physical contact between us. No way to fall on her lap by accident or suggest the way I wanted her to spank me. But I finally got what I wanted in a certain way. One night Anita’s was spanking me again (for the 3rd or 4th time of the week if I remember) and my mom came home earlier. As she came in the living-room where my spanking was taking place, Anita stopped the instant. My mother asked Anita the reason of my spanking (not to disapprove Anita in fact but to estimate if my punishment was severe enough regarding to what I had done). Anita explained my mother what a bad boy I had been that evening, and the one before, and the one before, well the whole week. My mom seemed to become angrier as Anita was talking to her and I felt I would be soon over Mom’s lap receiving a “good” slippering. When my mom finished her conversation she faced me and told me I was about to receive a good spanking with her slipper in front of Anita in order to show her how to spank me properly. She went to her room leaving me with Anita who was lightly smiling. Still smiling Anita told me that I was going to have what I had well deserved and that she would be happy to witness it. I answer a low “*****” that Anita heard. She stopped smiling as my mom was coming back to the living-room slippered feet but whispered me we would talk about that incident later. Mom sat on a chair, put me over her knee, bared my bottom (bad luck I was already in pyjamas), slipped off her slipper and picked it up. She then forcefully spanked my bare bottom with her slipper. I avoided the usual warm-up but got 70-80 slipper smacks on the bare in exchange. I decided to close my eye during the spanking. If I looked up I would see Anita with her smile and satisfied looking. If I looked down, I would see mom’s feet. One with a slipper on, the other bare reminding me each second that the twin slipper was chastising my bottom. Having finished her duty, my mom put her slipper back on, lifted me up and made me march to my room where I would wait for diner. I was rubbing my bottom and getting my trousers on when I crossed Anita’s looking and smile. As I was going to my room I believed I heard my mother advising Anita to use her slipper on my bottom if I was disrespectful to her again. The next day, I was in a bad mood when Anita fetched me at school. In my mind Anita was responsible for the spanking I had got the day before and I tried to speak to her the less possible. From her side Anita acted as she didn’t notice my mood and seemed rather happy to my great frustration. Once at home my mood went worse and I started defying Anita again just to make her pay a little for what had happened to my bottom previously. To my surprise Anita lost her temper faster than she used to. After the fifth “leave me alone!” I shouted to her, Anita caught me by the arm and sat on the sofa. She told me it was about time she followed my mother’s advice. Before I could react she unbuttoned my trousers and, with a strength I didn’t know from her, pulled my jeans and boxer together in a swift movement. She made me bend over and before I could protest I found myself lying down on Anita’s lap, her left arm holding me firmly. I had achieved my goal but I didn’t anticipate I would be bare bottomed. I started to think I wouldn’t enjoy being in that position as much as I wanted to, and feared about what was going to happen to my buttocks. Anita told me that she was furious about me calling her a ***** the day before as well as my recent behaviour. She would have let it gone if I hadn’t been a bad boy again that afternoon. I replied her by an unconvinced “let me go” and saw her kick off her right slipper. She bent down to retrieve it and told me from now on, she would punish me the way my mother had instructed her. The next sound I heard was Anita’s slipper landing harshly on my naked bottom. She repeatedly whacked my bare bum around 50 times with her slipper. She didn’t spank as hard as my mom but faster. Once Anita had finished spanking me she rested her slipper against my quite red bottom she told me to be nice until my mother would come back home whether she would tell her she had to spank me again. The threat was sufficient to me because I knew for sure that if she told my mother I would be slippered again.
I went several times on Anita’s lap as she kept on baby-sitting me. But only my bad behaviour and not my will made it happen…
This story is dedicated to the group’s banner which reminded me a lot of Anita.
loflamo loflamo 36-40, M 7 Responses Feb 1, 2012

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Did not know the slipper was popular for spanking in France , I always thought it was mainly used in the UK , I would have loved to have been spanked by Anita at your age though !!

I definitely think the slipper replaced the traditionnal martinet as it went to be considered more as a whipping than a spanking. For my part I've heard about older relatives getting the martinet but I never been spanked with one. I belive th popularity of the slipper was also due to the fact it could make a bottom really sore without leaving the marks a whipping tool.

I think we have both had plenty of sore slippered bottoms over the years , don't you !

If frightens me sometimes when I try to count. In my worst period it might have happen two even three times in a week. That period could have lasted 2 years so It lets you imagine. Should I put in the same count the facts that I've also been slippered twice in a day or buy two people together? The grasp of my mom's or Anita left arms over my back, the noise of their slippers hurting my bare behhind followed by the burning pain, my hands trying desperatly to grip smoething while my foot were kicking out, they were fore sure a part of my childhood!

Do you look back with fond memories of your spankings and wish you were getting the same now !

I think I would love a trip back over Anita's knee very much !

I bet you would too ! so would I

Did you ever grip hold of your moms ankle when spanked over her knee ! to steady yourself if you know what I mean !

It accidentally happenned when she sat on a chair as I was trying to grab the bars of it. Usually I was severely instructed to put my hands down followed by a furious series of slipper slaps. I would get the same if I would grab cushions on the sofa or pillows on beds!

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My gran once pulled me towards her and pulled me against her leg half bending me over and gave me a good spanking with her hand and i was twenty eight yrs old , when she had finished i asked her if she would give me a proper spanking over her knee like she did when i was younger and she said yes , and she did carry on spanking me over her knee for many years after that , it was our little secret i liked it and my gran loved pulling my pants down and spanking me like a naughty little boy like she used to , !

severe and painfull

I use my open hand to give a warming of my kids bare bottoms usually followed with a quick paddling.

I was another frequent recipient of the slipper and hairbrush. A sore bum was the most common form of punishment when I was a child - both at home and school. At home, if I'd done something particularly bad, my knickers came down or off for it but most of the time I was allowed to keep them up.

I was frequently on the receiving end of the slipper too. When I was growing up, any misbehaviour and it was over a chair or table for another dose of the slipper. Dad usually let me keep my knickers on but, if my mum was doing it, it was knickers down.

Thank you for your story. It is curious how we may want something a lot and then be less keen when it happens. I got the slipper but always bending over and only from my mum. I always thought the slipper was used very rarely but it seems it was employed more often than I believed. It is certainly the right implement for a good long spanking.

Indeed I never thought Anita would use her slipper like my my mother did...
I can count about 5 or 6 of people I met after who told me they were slippered by their mothers. For my part I've felt the slipper of my mother, Anita's and my aunt Nathalie's (but not on my bare bottom). I use to receive it from my cousin Caroline (my aunt Nathalie's daughter) and a school friend too but as game play. Caroline wanted to do it on my bare bottom, as she knew my mother did, but I didn't let her (I guess I wouldn't have considered it as a game that way). So it leaves you imagine how common slippering were in my youth as well as in the 70s in France in general. I think the popularity of the slipper as a spanking implement was due to the fact that they were handy and ready to use once they were worn. They were like a paddle coming straight from a foot and not a harsh tool mothers, aunts etc. would have to fetch for a spanking purpose. Their psychological effect was effective too and usually the simple view of my mother or Anita removing
their slipper was a sufficient threat which would make me behave without necessarily a spanking coming after. But not all the times...