Most Embarassing Slippering From My Mum

I was Born in 1963 ( yes i know old git) so was brought up on Discipline in a loveing and careing way,
but naughtyness was never allowed or tolerated in those days,so right from a early age smacked legs
as a reminder to behave or smacked hands for touching things that were not allowed to be touched,
and of course vissists across the lap in early days Mum hand (ouch) but when i was around 5ish
was introduced to Mums Slipper,i thought her hand was hard my god her slipper the first time i rescived it,
made my bottom realy hot and burning,and afterwards a spell in the corner hands on head sniffeling.
Any way on the fatefull day i was intructed that we were going shopping and as you know most children,
hate going shopping (unless for toys lol) so was warned to behave myself so we went to the shops,
walking around endlessly,started to get bored,oh why we are here i will get you a new pair of
school shoes so we went into a shoe shop me being me started to play mother warned me to behave myself,
with a reassureing slap to the leg,well i carried on so my mother went to the slipper section picking up,and looking
at various slippers found one she liked grabbed me by my arm sat on a chair was pulled right over her lap
and slippered there and then after about 8 whacks to my bottom let me up went to the counter and said,yes these will do nicely i will take them,the sales woman said good choise,you got to remmeber in those days no one blinked an eye when children
were smacked in public a common sight to see a child smacked,wonder what would happen these days if you went to a local Marks and sparks and done the same thing not so much to your child but to your husband/wife/partner for playing up lol
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My first slippering off Mum was when my sister and I had been taken into town to buy our school uniforms for the next term . For some mischievous reason, we thought it would be fun too hide from her when her back was turned and we hid behind a clothes rack in Lewis' department store, Peeping out, we could see her getting more and more agitated and calling our names but just when we had decided to show ourselves (our mum was frantically shouting out at this point and it had gone beyond a joke we realised) and we were coming out from the clothes rack - we were pounced upon aby a female shop assistant who cried out, "I have found them!"
Oh My goodness" The way in which Mum's relief and delight altered to fury and disbelief and a good sharp crack to the back of our legs - before the fateful words,
"... And just you two wait till i get you home....!" etc etc
the quiet bus ride home, Mum still fuming...
straight indoors - no parcels opened but two girls, lifted up, side by side, across the kitchen table with our skirts up and our knickers down ... counting the moments before Mum returned back from upstairs with her hard rubber soled slipper....She PASTED us!

Ive been slippered in shop changing room before that was embarrassin enough, must av been even worse to get it actually in the shop!!

I got my most embarrassing slippering when I was 15. My mother caught my BF and me in a compromising position. She called his mother who arrived shortly after. We both got a lecture then had to bend over a table and have our bare backsides soundly slippered. I don't know how many we got but we both had trouble sitting for a few days.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed! For your mother I mean, not you.

Lol! I guess if there had been a notice with the slippers my mom would surley had chosen the ones where it would have been mentioned something like "can apply 50 spanking without breaking guaranteed"...

Gosh,,,,never liked the slipper either at school or at home....didnt happen much at home as most home spankings were hand spankings,but if we got the slipper it was normally OTK over our pants... it alway hurt alot esp when they would constantly slipper our sit spots which seemed to happen every time...sitting down afterwards was a no-no for about an hour

<p>My mum, despite the fact she was a convicted slippering giver, never slippered me in a shop. I guess it was because the slippers she used to buy were tied together with a plastic string. She couldn't have slippered me in a satisfying way with both slippers in a hand and she wouldn't have removed the string before having paid for the slippers. However she didn't hesitate, if I was bad, to threaten me in public with typical sentences like "wait until we're home and I have my slippers on" or "you're going to feel my slipper on your backside as soon as we come home". I can also remember this supermarket where I regularly use to go with her on saturday's mornings where you could buy food as well as clothes or footwear (like a french version of M&S). I never liked her buying new slippers when I was there because It was like a premiere review of the the tool she would invariably spank me with sooner or later. I knew elsewhere the newer the slippers were, the more painful they would be on my bottom. Your story made me remind two experiences connecting slippering and shops. <br />
1. One day she had picked up a new pair of slippers and I was cheeky when she was about to pay for them. She told me to stop if I didn't want to taste them on my bottom when we would be home. As I stopped at that instant (feeling shameful to be threaten in public) the woman counter told my mum "you're right, there's nothing like a good slippering to make them behave" (talking with somebody about or encouraging spankings were definitly a 70's mentality in France too). <br />
2. The only time I've been slippered outside a home was in the undergroud car park of the supermarket I described above. As that time I felt it was a tough style to spit. As we were coming to our car I spat on a car parked near to my my mum's one. Mistake! its owner was walking around, saw me and gently asked me why I did it. I didn't answer and ran to my mum. The guy then shouted "hey young boy you could have apologized at least". My mum asked me what I had done and I replied by an unconvinced "nothing". My mum then went to chat with the guy and and I just could hear her telling how sorry she was... She came back to me with a stern looking telling me I was going to get spanked. Without saying anything my mum put the shopping bags in our car's boot and removed the new slippers she just had bought. Angrily she totally ripped the plastic string tying the slippers and put one of them back in the bags. Without even closing the boot she opened the back door of the car, sat on the back sit and pulled me over her lap with my head stuck between her hip and the front sit. she smacked my buttocks about 10 times. It's seemed this spanking wasn't satisfying enough for her (she couldn't launch her arm from a high point because of the small space where my spanking took place). She finally told me "don't you think you're lucky because I can spank you properly you little rascal! I feel so shameful that I promise you'll be you'll be on my knee again, feeling my slipper on your bare bottom when we arrive home. I'm going to teach you not to spit on somebody else's car". Unfortunately for me she kept her promise but I never spat again!</p>

ive had my bum slapped in many changing rooms for playin up whilst shopping so have my sisters!!

good story

My most embarrassing (and "exciting") slipperings were when I was getting it across my bare backside while my kid brother and his friends were listening - and sometimes able to watch.

My mum's slipper made many an impression on my bum too.