The Canal

Got caught one day down in one of the places i was forbidden to go by my mum,she dragged me home along with my friend Graham who we dropped off at his house,where my mum told his mum where she found us,before we could get out of the room..his mum had him over her knee with his pants down and was spanking his backside with a we got home dad arrived at the same time,mum told him where i was and he grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and dragged me into the room where he picked up his slipper,then into the kitchen where he pulled a chair out from the kitchen table and he sat down,he pulled my pants down and told me to bend over his i bent over he held me down and started slippering my bare bum very hard....i cried straight away as he hit me harder and harder,making me scream and howl in pain.....i could barely stand when he let me off his knee due to the pain,i couldnt sit down until the next day
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I remember this painful lesson, too. I was incorrigible and could usually be counted on to get a slippering on a regular basis.
Do you have any idea how long it was before you needed a second slippering, Mukydaz?

A bare slippering was for things that were very bad...mostly i got hand spankings on the bare....if i got slippered it was normaly bare

Goodness! Your poor bum. Poor you.

I can relate, I had been forbidden not to go in unfinished houses/new construction when I was playing with friends, we all were. I disobeyed for a looooong time, when my dad found out it was after a policeman had personally talked to my father along with my friends/neighbors, I got it bad that day. Your dad really spanked you good with his slipper. Always had to learn the hard way. :-(

I agree in the 70'd spankings were more common for punishments and here in UK schools used corporal punishment alot still.<br />
The canal was a forbidden place and at 7 could well have been dangerous to you in many ways, and yes there has been peodos about since the beginning of time! not only that the drowning risk etc and some canals were thilthy and bad places as not like today kept up better, tow paths etc.<br />
I got into trouble going places I shouldn't have done and got a whipping for it growing up, my dad never punished us physically until he was calm as he said to spank in ager was dangerous. Did you get spanked by anything else or just the slipper? Thanks for sharing.

Yes,but mostly with the hand