How Stupid Was I?

My best friend since 7th grade recently stabbed me in the back. Now this friend of mine has a tenancy to act like a bit of a ****. I love her though, she is just like a sister. Our problem seems to always revolve around guys. just recently at a halloween party, she made out with the guy I had been making out with all night. This was a pretty big deal. But we got over it.
She crossed the line by having sex with my ex. It wasnt just my ex, it was the guy who out me through hell, took my virginity. I thought I loved him. I though he loved me. We were "taking" again and I was never happier. Thanksgiving rolled around and I went ti the beach with my family like every year. Now my ex hadn't talked ti me in a few days, and I wanted him to know I wasnt at his every call. So I told my best friend to let him know I was going to a part with some other guy. He began to get jealous abd started taking to me everyday again. Abd I was so happy. I came back into town and went to my best friends house. We decided to hang out with my ex. On our way over there her mom called wanting us to come back. Her mom found her diary and it seemed she was hiding quite alot.
As we sat on her couch she began to read over her diary. My curious eyebegan to wonder to the page she stopped on. written in huge letters across the page:I'm not pregnant with _________ _______(my ex's name)'s f-ing baby. They both lied to me. I felt heart broken, back stabbed. I wanted to die. He lied about it for weeks. I couldn't stand it. Turns out she wasnt pregnant. I dont understand it at all. I still dont and it's been months. I'm so stupid.
Jeanlouise21 Jeanlouise21
Jan 3, 2011