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After I graduated from College, I got a job as an Environmental Consultant, and was put on a huge Demolition project for the state, during this time I was befriended by a guy in our company,  he was an older guy pretty cool. We would chill after work at bars or restaurants, he met my wife and i met his. We had a really good personal relationship outside of work. Well I got put on this huge high profile job and was the lead project manager on-site, well it was stressing so after work wed have beers n id talk about all the problems that were going on with the project, well what i didn't know at the time was each time wed talk about work, he would go behind my back n tell my boss, to make me look like an ***. Well what he didn't know was that everything he would tell on me, was already communicated to my boss and he was just repeating stuff that I said. Then my boss told me all of this stuff i mean i seen emails everything, and when i confronted him about it he didn't even have the balls to look me in the eye and admit it.



"Betrayal you can see is trivial, What is truely fearsome is the betrayal you cant see"

Sauske Aizen

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U too huh, i was piised off too i mean i know office politics comes with the territory but actions always speak louder than words

Yep, you can but I think we need to be friends before the whole working together situation.

Interesting quote about betrayal.

There is definitely a line between work and friendship. sometimes you can find a true friend at work but i feel that comes over years and time. you cant trust anyone you just meet at work because a lot of people just want to come up by any means neccessary. until you can trust them and their motives i would keep conversation very basic. I learned that the hard way too.

LOL nahhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah i hear you i just had to learn the hard way, and not unloading problems, If ur my friend regaurdless if we work together then i can tell u anything right???

Difficult to find someone who can relate to what you're talking about, work wise. And yet, it's not recommended either to unload problems on colleagues.<br />
<br />
So, have you started thinking about joining the under the bridge community? We have benefits, too! LOL.