The Tale of a Squirrel Named Bob

So I wasn't really stalked by a squirrel, but sort of. My friend, for a while, believed that he could talk to squirrels. One time I was talking to him and he told me to wait one moment and then I heard a funny sound on the phone, like someone making squirrel noises. When my friend came back on the phone, I asked what had happened. He said that he was talking to his friend Bob - the squirrel. The next thing that I asked was if my friend had taken his medication that day. He said he had and that Bob would be over in a couple minutes to check up on me. Then my friend was going to call me back. So we hung up and no more than 30 seconds later, a squirrel runs up on to my back porch looks around, looks at me through the glass door and then scurries off. A couple minutes later my friend calls back and says that Bob was just at my house and that he apologizes for peeing in my neighbor's yard. I then told my friend that he probably should see his doctor again to readjust his medications. However now I am leery of squirrels and crazy friends.
LoraliSophia LoraliSophia
Jul 27, 2007