I Was Stalked

Once had a boyfriend that I asked to watch me at my window at night. He did and then after some months or so, my dad got a restraining order against him. He still came to my window but he wouldn't talk to me or have any communication with me. Soon after, we moved and I lost contact with him.

I was always signing in my room at night with the blinds open and the window slightly open. Night after night, I saw an outline of someone standing by the window and they were wearing all black. But in the right light, sometimes I saw parts of their face or their arm.

I would take a break from singing and listen to the radio. I was holding a picture in my hand and had tears coming down my face. The DJ was announcing something with great excitement in his voice. It went something like this, "This weekend, there's going to be a concert and it's going to be great." Then, he stopped talking. Everything became silent. Then when he talked again, his tone changed. He talked with a concerned tone of voice and said, "whats wrong?" He paused and then again he said "What's wrong?" I didn't respond to it all. After another short pause, he just went back to what he was saying before as if it had never happened.

A different night, I was driving to school and I was driving on my own for the first time. The DJ was talking like normal but then changed. It was like this, "Coming up next, we got Toni Braxton....GOOD JOB DRIVING... and then we will be listening to Celine Dion.

In front of the window, I mentioned how we are moving and I stated what city it was. When my family and I went to visit my grandparents, I talked to a friend of mine that was a family member of the boyfriend I use to be with. The friend told me that the boyfriend was moving back to this city where the friend lived and the same city I had mentioned.

A short time later, my parents found work in a different city so it turned out we were not going to move to that other city afterall. I stated this in front of the window (both times, the window was slighly open). When I got to talk to the friend again, he told me that the boyfriend is not moving to that city. I asked why and he said the boyfriend didn't say why.

After speaking with the friend, I always believed that the person watching me at the window was the guy that use to be my boyfriend. Later, when I got the calls all the time (my other experience), the wasp spray, the "sorry," the guy singing at the mall, I can't help but wonder if it's all linked to the boyfriend.

Has anyone had this happen?:

PnkBlk PnkBlk
31-35, F
Dec 2, 2012