I am lucky enough to have gone to Mall of America several times with my family. About two years ago, however, my sister and I had a strange encounter.

My sister is two years younger than me and two inches taller. She is all about fashion and makeup and loves shopping. I like shopping too, and so I followed her around to her choice stores - mostly clothing ones. I couldn't find anything I liked, but it was still fun. I was uncomfortable in some of the stores though - I felt like I didn't belong there and that everyone wanted me to leave. I knew deep down that I was being irrational, but I just can't help it. Stupid social anxiety, right? My sister got annoyed that I was too nervous to leave her side, but she understands.

Little did we know that we were about to walk into a store where we REALLY weren't wanted.

I had been annoying my sister all day because I wanted to go to a certain store. I was obsessed with trading cards at the moment, and thought I would be able to find some at Games By James. I kept asking her until she agreed to go with me, and finally we were headed toward the store.

When we stepped into the doorway, EVERYONE in the store turned around and stared at us. I'll admit, we didn't look like the store's typical customers - most were men and I didn't see any other teenagers. It didn't help that my sister's arms were loaded up with bags from Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works. Meanwhile I looked like I'd pulled my clothes out of a dumpster and dipped my hair and face in a vat of grease.

We stood in the doorway, fear-struck for a few seconds, then stepped into the small store. I felt everyone's eyes on me as we walked through the aisles searching for trading cards. It was actually a really cool store - there were model planes, brain-teaser puzzles, fantasy board games, it was like a toy store for geeky adults. But I we couldn't find any trading cards. Then I looked to where the cashier was and saw that they were all in a glass case behind him and the register. I was far too nervous and uncomfortable to ask him for cards, so we left.

So, that's one of the weirdest experiences I've had in a store. How bout you?

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Oh, my... I hate to have that much of attention. (social anxiety too ^-^) If I was alone, I wouldn't even bother to step in... |T_T|. And I would be nervous and uncomfortable to ask '' him '' too. ^-^