You Want Believe Ths One

A couple of weeks ago, and during a snow storm, I was stopped by a cop? He said, "that the reason he had stopped me was because the light i had on top of my car, was illeagel.  I am a neighborhood Watch commander,an I have the right to the light, it's a scare tacktic.  He thougt I was begin smart *** and then he dicided to frisk me in the process, well I was hurrying home to take a ****, when everything went cloudy in my head, and I **** my pants, as he was  around my waist, and he had put his hands in my groin area as I had released my **** on my pants, I'm sorry about but that's your fault, not mine.  You stopprd me in the process, and in the mean time I had **** in my pants, so whose to blame here?  Him or Me?  Reply!

pepsiboy pepsiboy
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

You go Girl!

Awesome story!! What did the cop do when you **** your pants? It happened to me once in 2008, when I was stopped for speeding because I too, needed to **** somewhere & I wasn't in the mood that particular day to **** my diaper/pants. Not a fun experience I have to admit that day! The cop noticed I **** my pants & he let me go. The cop was disgusted as the poop fell in my pants/diaper & he screwed up his face & acted like a total wimp!