Dad Spanked My Sister And I On The Way Home

When I was about 8 and my sister was 10, we were in the car on the way home. Can’t remember where we were coming from, all I remember was dad was driving and my sister and I were in the backseat of the car. My sister was just one of those kids that would start fights about the silliest things. Well today was no exception.

My sister started arguing with me and poking me, and then we went at it verbally. My dad asked us to quiet down or he would stop this car and spank us both. I had a sick feeling in my stomach, but a little while later my sister started up again.

I remember dad pulled the car over on the side of the road. This road was a more lightly used road so you didn’t have tons of traffic, but you did have people driving by from time to time.

Dad ordered my sister and I out of the car. He lined us up against the side of the car, and demanded we lower our pants. He lectured us about behaving in the car, and quieting down when asked. Then we heard him undo his belt and slide it out from his pants. He doubled it up, and began whipping my sister’s white panty brief bottom with it. He gave her about 5 hard smacks and she was whimpering. Then my dad walked over to me and whipped my bottom the same way he had my sister. 5 hard belt smacks. The force of the belt moved me forward against the side of the car. My bottom throbbing from each belt stroke. I danced in pain as each stroke was delivered to my white panty brief bottom.

My sister and I must have been a total sight to see, as the few cars that drove by seemed to have slowed down to take a glance at two young girls in white panty briefs getting the belt from an adult man. Dad told us we would get a lot more of the belt if he didn’t have complete silence for the rest of the ride home. He then went back to my sister and striped 5 additional strokes of the belt on her bottom. Then I received 5 more hard strokes which caused me to dance after each stroke to try to mitigate the sting.

We both promised dad we would behave and dad ordered us to pull up our pants and get back in the car. We were prefect angels for the rest of the car ride home. We were very lucky dad did not tell mom about this, or else she would have had us do corner time for sure.
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My dad never cared HOW busy the highway was, he just pulled us out, bent us over the hood and gave it to us just as much and as hard as he would have at home!

A lesson learnt the hard way.

i did that to my 2 boys we went on holiday and they started to play up and fighting i told then over and over to stop but they just kept going in the end i pulled into some services and my wife took the girls to the loo and i got both of the boys out of the car and we went to a bench i sat down and gave them both a good spanking i told them there was services all the way to holiday site and i would stop at every one if i had to they behaved the rest of the way but they got spanked 2 more times on holiday for fighting

Sounds like they deserved it

i have been criticized a lot on here for spanking my kids but when you are driving at 70 mile per hour on the motorway and your kids are jumping around and refusing to put there seat belts back on bashing the back of my seat and distracting me from concentrating its a crash waiting to happen i gave them loads of warnings and threats to discipline them as in groundings but they would not listen so spanking them was a last resort but to me necessary

I was with you up to the words 'white panty'

How so? I dont understand. My sister and I had white panty briefs on. Very common for girls. They were thoses full cut panties for girls.

I used to get a whipping on the side of the road! I got it with a switch though!

Really..... how often?

Often enough!