***** Searched

I am at 25 year old female was sent to prison for theft when I was 22, when I arrived I was taken to a private room by a female officer she then said ''I need to ***** search you'' she then unlocked my handcuffs and made me remove all my jewellery and hair clips then she told me to undress first I took my shoes and socks off and handed them to her then I took off my top and trousers and stopped she then said ''this is a full ***** search'' take your bra and knickers off aswell'' I took them off and handed them to her I was standing completely naked in front of her I had never felt so embarrassed and humiliated in my life after she searched all my clothes and underwear she then began to inspect my body she made me run my hands through my hair then made me tilt my head back and looked up my nose with a torch she then said ''open your mouth wide and stick your tounge out '' and shone her torch in my mouth then she said ''lift you tounge up'' and she checked under my tounge after that she made me put my hands out in front of me and spead my fingers she checked my hands from my fingernails to my wrists and made my turn them over and checked my palms after that she then told me to put arms above my head and checked my armpits she then told me to lift my breasts one at a time and checked under them she then said ''spread your legs and spead your vagina''she then got her torch bent down and looked up my my vagina then said to 'keep my legs spread bend forward and spread your bum cheaks'' I bent over and spead my bum cheaks she then looked up my bum with her torch after that she told me to stand up she then said '' I need you to squat and cough 4 times''I squated and coughed then told me to stand up she then checked my feet from my toenails to my ankles she then made me turn round and lift up my feet and she checked my soles and told me to wiggle my toes then then gave all my clothes and underwear back and said ''you can get dressed'' I got dressed she then handcuffed my hands behind my back agian and led me away to my cell this was the most demeaning and humiliating experance I have ever had.
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How long were you incarcerated?

And, if anyone wants to hear more about my rather harmless obsession about opposite-sex nude physical inspections, feel free to contact me through my EP stories-- any and all comments, questions and opinions are welcome and appreciated!

I'd sure like to perfom that thorough sort of a search upon women that I see in public every day. I like to fantasize that some (or most) of them might enjoy being searched naked by a man, just as much as I'd love to be searched nude by females!

And you would like to have it done again?

I, as a man, would be completely disgusted to be given such a search by another man, no matter whether they were hetero or homo. However, I would find it very arousing to have the procedure performed by a woman. In fact; I have two favorite fantasies: 1) I am a professor with a private library who gives every female visitor a total nude body search upon entering and exiting. 2) I am the only male on a women's college campus, and I get searched naked by one or more female librarians.

What did you steal? How was your prison experience?