******** And Left Naked Along The Road

i was walking home from the grocery store when a van pulled up next to me and one of the boys asked me where i was going and if i would like them to give me a lift . i told them that i was headed home and didn't need a lift because i only lived just around the corner. so as i continued to walk home and with only a half a block to go to reach my house. i payed no attention to the boys in the van and coninued on to my house. when all of a sudden the the van returned and the rear doors opened and two more boys jumped out of the van;grabbed me by my arms and pulled me into the back of the van. i was gagged and a blindfold was tied over my eyes so that i couldn't see where i was going or what they were going to do to me.i suddenly felt my clothes being removed and hands all over my breasts as they were being groped and molested and then my nipples being pulled and tortured and something being clamped to my nipples. then i felt hands feeling me down between my legs. then fingers inside my ***** lips as they were teaasing my **** and penetrating into my vagina. i felt fingers going deep into my vagina and moving inside of me in fast and rapid movements causing me to ****** very quickly. then i felt something very hard being pushed up in my vagina .they had pushed a piece od pipe into my vagina and was now starting to torture me .they moved it faster and entered deeper in my until i started to bleed. they finaly stoped and removed the piece of pipe from my vagina and stopped the van along the road and removed me from the van and left me along side of the road. when they left me somewhere along the road to walk home i was left there naked to walk home that way. i now have to walk home in the middle of the day in public view completely naked to get home before anything else happens to me. i am left along side the road with nothing to cover and protect my 46c breasts and my body from all the hands of every homeless person from groping my breasts and ************* me in my ***** and my vagina.
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Pretty hot fantasy, I enjoyed most of it. <br />
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