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Left In Forest Park Nude

I like walking in forest parks with only soffe shorts and shoes on working on my tan. During one warm day while walking in my favorite park 3 young ladies walked up on me. They started a casual conversation wanting to know about me. This conversation soon turned to them wanting my shorts. I explained that I had nothing on under my shorts. They did not care and began to tug and pull at my shorts. After falling to the ground they managed to get my shorts off. Each one began to tease my penis until I was fully aroused. They then ran off with my shorts leaving me with a full erection. I had a mile walk back to the car having to walk past several people with an erection. This was embarrassing but very exciting. I still do my walks in the park with the same type of clothes on.
mw6432 mw6432 46-50, M 4 Responses Feb 14, 2012

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hopefully ill be the one to pull them down
lol haha


I would have loved to meet you naked in the park...

INSANELY exciting! In my mind's eye, I see one of them laughing as she turns back with her cell phone to grab a snapshot of your danglies for her Facebook page. I'm having a lot of fun 'watching' them ***** you and you desperately trying to make it to your car without being seen. As a guy, you can't do anything violent to stop them from stripping you, like you could another man. And you had to just let them do it - in a few seconds, you were naked with a full-on salute, and any one of them could have called the police telling them you'd just arrived naked, exposing yourself, and you're toast. So you struggle but utlimately have to let them ***** you naked, leaving you there to blush and cover all the way to your car. A very nice story.