Music Festival

When I was about 16 a friend suggested we go to a music festival in the country. It was about 4 hours from the nearest town and was being held in several fields. So him and I packed our tents and the clothes we were already wearing and headed out. We got there, set up the tent, and went to a really big concert. It wasn't until we got there that we relized that it was out of control. There were no security guards at all. We were enjoying the music until I was shoved further into the 1000+ people crowd. Everything was fine until a really loud and intesnse song started to play. People were grabbing at others trying to get closer and I was stuck in the middle of it. The first thing to go was my shirt as someone ripped in off me to get through the crowd. I wasn't too worried. The next thing to go was the shorts. They ripped off when i was pushed to the ground and peoples feet got caught on them. I was now very worried. I tried to get out but the more I pushed against the crowd they responded even harder. I finally got away from the front but I looked down and saw I my boxers where gone. I looked back and saw them on the hook of someones keys sticking out of their pocket. They were totally ripped. I was now naked in a crowd of more than 1000 people. I finally pushed my way out and found my friend. He was laughing his head off at my situation, but because I was a closet nudist at the time, I was totally cool and laughed with him. As we were heading back to the tent I got several hoots and cheers from passing people. We also saw several other people who were ******** naked by the crowd, they just went back into the crowd and enjoyed the concert. I spent 2 whole days with just my shoes and socks at the music festival. It was the best time I've ever had!
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Sounds incredibly fun!

Wow, cool! Naked by accident but enjoying it!

Metal. It was some pretty heavy stuff.