Naked At The Store

Well, this is what happened to me aged 17. I went to the local department store to check out some swimming trunks I chose the brand I wanted to try - Speedos - went into the changing room and undressed completely before putting on the trunks. I came out of the cubicle and showed my girlfriend the trunks, she said she liked them but suggested I tried another colour - so I took off the trunks in the cubilcle and waited for her to pass me the new pair. I made the mistake of coming out of the cubicle before she had found them and then found that the cubicle door had locked itself from the inside so I was totally naked in the store. I called out for my girlfriend - she turned up and just started laughing at me !
I had to call for the store manager to find a way of opening the door to the cubicle - this tool at least 30 minutes by which time a small crowd had gathered,,,

Yes, it was truly the most embarrassing moment of my life !


euc131 euc131
36-40, M
Jan 9, 2013